Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Ram decides to burn Pinky


Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 9th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun asking why did you betray me and asks if partners betray? Pinky says I tried to tell you, but. Arjun says I had asked you to think before doing something and says you have done a childish act. He blames her for breaking his trust and says you are nothing for me, from today. Pinky asks him not to say this and tells that there is nobody to support her, only you had stood by me and says if you leave then I will break fully. She pleads infront of him for not to say this and tells that she can’t bear his hatred. She says I am ready for punishment, but don’t tell about leaving me, I can’t bear it. She says I know that I have done wrong, but I did that for Nandu. Arjun says it is impossible to get forgiveness for your mistake. Pinky asks him not to say this and tells that she is bearing everyone’s hatred and says if you turned your face then where will I go? She asks him to trust her once and tells that I will bring Nandu back. Arjun says Nandu is not with me, because of you, she can’t return to me because of you. He says you are asking me to forgive you. Pinky promises to make everything fine. Arjun says you have done this and saying that you will do everything fine. He holds her shoulder and tells that the tears in his eyes is because a friend has betrayed him. He says if our relation is breaking then the reason is you, just you. He pushes her and walks inside his house. Pinky sits down and cries.

Ram apologizes to Vikas and his parents and tells that Pinky’s engagement can’t happen with Vikas now. Vikas’s parents take him with them. Asha tells Ram that Vikas has taken their other daughter also. Nalini apologizes to Ram and tells that she was not aware of her real marriage, she don’t know why she hid this from him. Ram brushes off her hand. He recalls his words for Pinky and Imarti. Nalini brings kerosene oil and tells that she has no right to live. Asha tries to stop her and calls Ram. Antra tells Ram that bhabhi is trying to give her life. Pinky comes inside and sees Ram asking Nalini to leave the kerosene oil can. Nalini says let me die. She says when Ananya got married to Arjun, I thought you was wrong, but now I understood that it is my mistake that my upbringing is wrong, I have no right to live. She says let me die. Ram takes the kerosene can again. Pinky comes to Nalini. Nalini asks her not to touch her and blames her for everything.

Pinky says I didn’t tell you as I don’t want to trouble you. Asha says you had thought what will happen when you are exposed. Antra asks her not to make an issue and tells that Pinky married Arjun for Nandu. Asha says pinky shall break her relation with Arjun. Antra says she can’t break this alliance. Ram asks why? Pinky says no more lies now and tells that she likes Arjun and that’s why she don’t want to break this alliance. Ram says stop it and takes her out.

Arjun and Sunny come to Seema’s NGO, but the guards don’t let them go inside. Arjun asks why Pinky has done this with me. Revati comes out with Nandu. Arjun turns and looks at Nandu. He gets happy. Nandu runs to him and hugs him. Arjun says my child…and asks if she is fine. Nandu says yes. Arjun asks how did she bring Nandu out. Revati tells that she had pleaded infront of Nandu’s real mother. She recalls giving money to Kalyani and tells that she can go anywhere, but don’t show her face in the city. Kalyani says first you made Nandu go far from your son and now …..Revati says situation is bad and tells that Pinky has gone against her family for Nandu. She says I have to take Nandu to Arjun to get my son back and don’t want my son to love Pinky. Fb ends. Revati acts and tells Arjun that nandu’s mother agreed to her and she gave her gold bangles to her. Arjun thanks her.

Ram tells that even she is dead for him like Ananya. He says he is feeling ashamed of being her father today. Antra tries to stop Ram as he puts kerosene oil on Pinky. Nalini says let him do this, even I shall get burn with him. Asha holds Antra. Pinky asks Ram to burn her. Antra shouts no. Pinky says if you get peace by burning me then burn me. Antra says no, Pinky has not done any mistake. Ram says she did a mistake, by marrying him and loving him. Antra says you can’t do this. Ram says I heard enough. He lights the match stick. Nalini faints.

Precap: Ram takes the match stick near Pinky. Pinky closes her eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Surprised as to what is happening in show. Just can’t wait to see what happens on the last episode which is 30th. Hope there is a happy ending to this show with and Arjun and pinky together.

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