Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky reveals her identity

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 8th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asha asking Arjun where is Imarti? Nalini says she will not come. Just then Imarti comes there and greets everyone. Arjun smiles seeing her. She asks how is everyone? They say good. Imarti tells that she was not coming here, but someone called her with love, so she came. Arjun thanks her for coming. Pinky thinks how to tell him that she came for the last time. Nalini asks her to stop herself. Pinky says don’t stop me maa, whatever I am doing today is for myself. Sarthak asks everyone to welcome Imarti and claps. Everyone sits…and says hello hello mic testing. She says she starts comedy and entertains everyone. She says she doesn’t know why people talks about love, tells that she gets indigestion with it, and tells that it is said that one gets pain on the way to love and that’s why she is thinking to open medical store on the way. She tells that there is no true love and it ends when pressing phone’s black button. Antra says you will find your true love/ dream guy, if search him with determination. Imarti says love is greedy and says it is said that sapnon ka rajkumar, and don’t say sapnon ke mocha. Sarthak says what did you say? Lakshman tells that he don’t forget what he sees and calls Asha as Asha behen. Nalini asks do you love someone. Imarti tells that she gets sleepless nights in love. Antra says you might have witnessed true love?

Imarti says those people are lucky and need a good destiny. She says such people get love and their watermelon doesn’t turn out to be red. Ram appreciates her and tells that he didn’t know about her talent. He claps. Imarti gets emotional and thanks them. She says she will go and asks them to sit. She goes out. Arjun comes behind her and asks what happened? He asks why you was talking like that and do you think that true love can’t be found in this times. Imarti talks in Pinky’s voice and says she wants to talk to him. Seema comes there and tells Arjun that she will not give him Nandu. He asks why? Seema says you got fake marriage with fake girl and named her Imarti. Arjun asks what are you saying and presents Imarti infront of her. Seema tells that the address which she gave her, was not correct. She shows the real Imarti on her mobile and tells that she is 80 years of age and stays in the village. She scolds Arjun for doing fake marriage and says your marriage and wife are both fake. Arjun asks Imarti what is she saying? Seema says I can’t give you Nandu. Revati comes and asks what happened? Seema says he got fake marriage with fake girl.

Arjun tries to stop her. Imarti asks her to stop and looks at Antra and Nalini. Antra nods her head. Imarti says neither Arjun ji’s marriage is fake nor his wife. She tells that she has signed in the court herself. Seema says you are not Imarti. Arjun looks on. Imarti says she is not Imarti, but Lavanya Kashyap. She takes out her specs, fake mole, artificial teeth and wipes her make up. She takes off wig from her head. Everyone is shocked to see Pinky. Antra smiles, while everyone gets shocked. Ram gets angry. Arjun stands in shock. Pinky tells Seema that Arjun ji is not a fraud, and Nandu will not go anywhere. She says she is Lavanya Arjun Venkataram, his wife and Nandu’s mother. She says neither this marriage was fake nor this relation. Asha says I told you Bhaisaab that Pinky was going to sit with Arjun on the mandap, tells that she couldn’t do a big mistake and was not wrong. Seema claps and says you both shall be applauded for a big fraud. She tells Arjun that she had told him if she finds any loop poles then they will can’t get Nandu. Pinky asks her to understand and says whatever she has done is for Nandu. She tells that Arjun and Nandu can’t stay without each other. She says what I would have done, I had to sit on mandap as the girl whom Arjun was marrying didn’t turn up. Revati says so you have done real marriage with him by mistake.

Pinky says real marriage happened by mistake. Ram and Nalini are shocked. Revati says ok. Seema says listen to me now and tells that you will not get Nandu now. Pinky asks why and tells that she has bonding with Nandu and she is her mother legally now. Seema says your way to get her was wrong and that’s why I can’t handover Nandu to you. She says who knows that your marriage is real or not. Pinky says marriage is not fake, but real. Seema says I don’t trust you and leaves. Nalini asks Pinky, why she didn’t tell her that the marriage was real. Ram says you knew about it. Antra says we shall think to get Nandu back. Asha says she has risked everything for this. Nalini gets upset and goes inside. Revati asks Pinky if your sister was not enough that she is behind her son. Arjun asks her to leave them alone and walks to Pinky. He recalls his words that if he gets betrayal again then he will break and shattered. He asks did you play the game and got the happiness. He says you have done this to get Nandu back, but did you realize that you was playing with my emotions. He says Nandu was the one who used to give him happiness. She says when you came to know that our marriage is real then you would have told me once. She says you came to my life as Imarti and would have supported me as a friend, when you have become my partner, you would have told me and asks why you have betrayed me. He asks if Partners betray each other. Pinky looks at him.

Precap: Ram tells Vikas’s parents that this marriage can’t happen. Asha suggests that Pinky and Arjun’s relation shall break. Antra says Pinky can’t do this. Ram asks why? Pinky says she don’t want to break as I love him. Ram pours kerosene oil on her head and says you are dead for me like Ananya. He lights the match sticks and looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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