Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Arjun calls Imarti for stand up comedy

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 7th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun telling Imarti that only you have supported me and stood with me without any motive. He thanks her for that and gives his Dadi’s kamar band in her hand. Imarti looks on. Arjun says I don’t know if anyone will come in my life or not, but this thing might not mean to you, but it is…Imarti takes the kamar band and goes from there. Revati is talking on phone and sees her leaving. She calls her Rasmalai and tells that Seema ji is on call and asking. Imarti tells the address. Revati is on call with Kalyani and asks her to go and find out. She says Nandu will come here in 15 hours, this Imarti’s chapter shall closed before she comes here. Kalyani says she is going now.

Imarti/Pinky thinks of Arjun’s words and comes to her house in Imarti’s clothes. Nalini comes infront of her. kalyani calls Revati and tells that Imarti is here, but the woman is 75 years old. Revati says my doubt was right, asks her to send old imarti’s pic and video and send her. Kalyani says fraud Imarti will be not be proved fraud, but Arjun will be proved fraud. She tells that she will send the photo and video to Seema and she will not know who has sent them. Kalyani says how can you do this with your son. Revati says Nandu will be out from Arjun’s life. Kalyani says you are a vamp. Revati asks her to do as she said.

Pinky tells Nalini that she is coming from Arjun’s house. Nalini asks why did you go and says marriage was fake, then why you goes there. She asks her to decide who is important for her. Arjun or her. She asks her to end Imarti’s identity and tells that her engagement is after 15 hours. Pinky says you are more important to me. Nalini asks her to burn Imarti’s stuff and stop listening to Antra. She asks will you agree to my sayings. Pinky comes to the backyard of the house, says you came in my life suddenly because of Janu, I took this avatar to help Papa. She thinks Imarti’s character gave her Papa’s love. She tells that she got many relations and had witnessed friendship, love and much more. She thinks she don’t want to get separated from her, but she has to for her parents. Antra comes there. Pinky tells that she couldn’t tell the truth to Arjun. I couldn’t make Maa happy also and calls herself inauspicious. She says when God was writing my destiny, he was in a hurry, I am incomplete, my relations and my love…are all incomplete. She says she was very happy as Imarti, as she got Papa’s love, friendship in Maa and love from Arjun ji. She says Imarti has to go else I will lose all my relations. She thanks Imarti for making her happy and for coming in her life. She says you will be remembered always and hugs her stuff. She then throws Imarti’s clothes behind her in the fire. Antra looks on.

Later Pinky gets ready for her engagement. Nalini comes and tells that my daughter is looking very beautiful. She asks her to get ready fast as Vikas’s parents will come soon. Vikas and his parents come for the engagement. Arjun tries to help Nalini, but the latter refuses him bluntly. He calls Seema and asks her to bring Nandu few hours before, as her Maasi’s engagement is happening. Seema says ok. She comes to her car and finds the envelope kept by Kalyani. She reads about the fake and real Imarti and gets shocked. Arjun tells Pinky that he had called Imarti for her engagement, but she didn’t come. Pinky asks him to forget her and tells that she will not come there. Asha asks Arjun to call Imarti for the stand up comedy here. Arjun makes a call to Pinky/Imarti and tells that today she is getting a chance to do stand up comedy. Imarti says she can’t come as she is busy. Arjun insists her to come.

Antra asks Pinky if she is going or not? Pinky says no and tells that she has burnt Imarti’s stuff. Antra tells that she has rescued Imarti and asks her to go and live her dreams. Pinky says no, I don’t have any rights to see my dreams. I have never chosen the food from the menu and never selected my clothes. Antra says Arjun made you saw the dreams and asks her to meet Arjun once.

Precap: Seema tells Arjun that she can’t give him Nandu as his marriage is fake and Imarti is fraud. Imarti says neither Arjun’s marriage is fake nor his wife. Seema says you are not Imarti. Imarti says she is not Imarti, removes her wig and tells that she is Lavanya Arjun Venkataram, Nandu’s mother. Ram, Asha, Arjun and everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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