Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky decides to tell the truth to Arjun

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 4th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Antra asking Pinky to go to Arjun as he needs her now. Pinky goes from there. Revati asks Sunny to tell in detail. Sunny says what to tell you and tells that Nalini aunty got angry and shouted at Arjun. Revati says how dare she to shout at my son, I will teach her a lesson. Arjun comes there and says you will not go anywhere. Revathi says that lady insulted you and I can’t bear your insult as I love you a lot. Arjun says if you care for me then you will not go there. Revati says this is not fair. Arjun says I knew that Ananya’s Papa hates me, but I never thought that her mother will hate me too. She says I always regarded her as my mother and asks what wrong did I do? Revati says there is a difference in regarding someone as mother and real mother. She says Nalini can’t give you love, like I can give you. She asks him to forgive her once and forget everything for once. Arjun goes to his room and recalls Nalini’s harsh words. He gets message from Imarti and she tells that she took 2-3 hours to read his message and asks if he is fine. Pinky keeps her phone after sending him voice message. She says Maa got angry on him. Antra says a husband had broken his wife’s fast. She says if you marry Vikas then three lives will be ruined. Pinky tells that nothing will be ruined as Imarti and her one sided love will end. She says she will end Imarti’s character and will start her life with Vikas, this is the only way to make everyone happy. She says nobody will know that I had one sided love. Antra says if Arjun comes to know about this and asks her to atleast tells Arjun, tells that he loves Imarti and misses her. She says Imarti has become his support. Pinky says he doesn’t miss Imarti. She gets Arjun’s message asking her to meet him. Antra says this is his message and asks her to meet him.

Ram makes Nalini drink water and looks at her. Nalini says why are you looking at me like this. Ram says I never saw you angry like this and asks if there is some problem? Pinky comes there. Nalini asks her to go. Ram asks her to let her mother rest. Pinky gets Arjun’s message again, and he tells her that he asked her to meet him, but knows that she must be busy. Pinky says you had said right, I think I shall tell him everything, atleast he will not be dependent on Imarti. Arjun looks at Nandu’s pic and smiles. Imarti comes there, pushes the door and falls with Arjun on the bed. Arjun smiles and tells that your entry can’t happen with falling. Imarti asks him to get up and tells that she can’t bear his weight. Arjun laughs. Imarti asks why you are exhibiting…..Arjun buttons his shirt and gets up and tells that she makes him laugh. He tells that there are many things which he didn’t share with Sunny, which he shared with her. He says he has grown bonding with her and feels dependency on her. He says after Ananya left, you are the one with whom I got so much comfortable. He says I want to ask you, if you will come and meet me sometimes, after Nandu returns home. Imarti looks on. Arjun says my question is wrong, I know that you will be busy in your life and will have work, I understand. He gets teary eyes. Imarti asks if you are fine? Arjun turns towards her with tears in his eyes.

Antra asks Nalini why she wants to separate Arjun and Pinky and says you got very much angry on him today and asks if it was needed. Nalini says I got very angry and tells that she is worries for her daughter’s life. Antra says you are saying wrong and tells that you are saying this as Ram’s wife. She asks her to think as Pinky’s mother and asks her why she wants to push Pinky in an unwanted marriage. Nalini says I have lost my one daughter and can’t lose another daughter. Antra says you don’t know the full truth. Nalini says even Arjun doesn’t know and asks if Arjun will accept Imarti/Pinky.

Arjun gets emotional talking about his childhood and tells that he couldn’t get love from his parents, but after Ananya came in his life, he got Nalini maa’s love, but …..Imarti says I want to tell you something. Arjun says today I am laughing on myself and my destiny. He thanks God for writing his destiny like this, in which he got just betrayal and loneliness. He says if I get betrayed again, then I will shatter. He gets up from the bed and tells that you might be thinking what kind of man, I am as I am crying. Imarti says even man has a heart and says once Nandu comes here, I have to go my way. Arjun says I know, I got selfish a bit. He asks what she wants to say? Imarti says nothing. Arjun says but I want to tell you something and thanks her for everything. He says he never thought that Pinky will make him a good person who will become his good friend. He asks can I? And holds her hand. He says life snatches so many things from us, but gives us something. He thanks her for standing with him and supporting him. Pinky thinks he trusts Imarti so much, how to tell him the truth.

Precap: Nalini asks Pinky to decide who is important for her, Arjun or her. Pinky says you are my everything. Nalini asks her to burn Imarti’s clothes. Pinky throws Imarti’s stuff in the fire. Arjun tells Pinky that Nandu is coming soon and tells that he had called Imarti in your engagement and asks why she didn’t come.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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