Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Arjun’s pleasant surprise for Imarti

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 31st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun calling Sunny and asks him not to bring Revati home until he asks him. Pinky comes to Arjun’s house in Imarti’s disguise. She finds the door open and calls Arjun ji….She asks him if he is playing I spy game with her. She walks inside, and is about to fall down when Arjun holds her. He holds her hand and takes her to the surprise which he arranged for her. Imarti sees microphone and the stage set for her. She sees her poster behind her. Arjun says I thought what to give you and tells that you have everything except one thing ie, your dream. He says this is the dream which you have never seen till now. He tells that the way you tells joke and make everyone laugh is called as stand up comedy. Imarti says she doesn’t want to do this. He asks her to walk forward and show the world who is she? He claps and asks her to show the world who is she? He plays the people’s recording cheering for Imarti. Imarti sees Pinky telling her that someone gave her a chance to prove herself and asks her to move forward. Imarti is still tensed. Pinky says I will become your voice and words. She gets inside Imarti and comes to Arjun, thinking to tell Arjun about her feelings. She comes to Arjun and recalls everything. She thinks I didn’t know anything till now, but I have understood now. She tells that she tried to run away, but failed. She tells that she loves him very much….and says I love you Arjun ji. She hugs him. Arjun reciprocates the hug and says I love you Ananya….This turns out to be Pinky’s dream. She thinks if I told my feelings to Arjun ji. She gets tensed. Arjun asks what happened? Why are you sweating? Imarti gets emotional and goes to room.

Arjun asks her to open the door and says sorry if he has done wrong. Imarti jumps down from the window and goes out. Revati scolds Sunny for spoiling her outing and sees Imarti getting down through the window and going out. She thinks where did Imarti go? Pinky comes home and cries hugging Ananya’s pic. She says I am sorry didi, please forgive me. She tells that she herself doesn’t know when she got these feelings for Arjun. She cries and tells that she learnt love from them only, and questions herself how she can develop feelings for Arjun. She says whatever I try to do, I do mistakes. Even this time. Antra comes there and asks why are you crying? Pinky says you was right, I love Arjun. Antra says it is good. Pinky tells that she has betrayed Ananya and feels bad. Antra asks her to think what she had promised Ananya that she will take care of her husband and home. A childhood flashback is shown. Antra says Ananya must be feeling good that you are taking care of Arjun and Nandu so well. She tells that Ananya used to get hurt to see you away from home for 8 years when she got married to Arjun. She says now it is your turn to love him. Pinky tells that Arjun loves just Ananya and she can’t take her place and can’t stand with Arjun.

She cries and tells that one shall not keep gold in copper utensils. Antra asks her not to have bitterness for herself and tells that you loves him and didn’t do any mistake. Pinky says I have stolen Didi’s groom and did a big mistake. She tells that she did a big mistake as neither the pandit was fake nor the rituals. She says my marriage with him was real.

Precap: Antra asks Pinky to choose Arjun, but Pinky is adamant to marry vikash and challenges Antra that she will stick to her decision. Antra accepts her challenge.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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