Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Antra tries to bring Pinky and Arjun closer

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 2nd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pinky getting Arjun’s message on Imarti’s phone. She is about to go to him and thinks of Antra’s words that she is the first girl who is challenging not to get the happiness. She goes. Next day, Pinky wakes up and finds Arjun standing outside her room and getting the decorations done for her engagement. Tu nazm nazm song plays….She gets ready. Arjun looks at her from the window and shows thumps up. He signs her to apply black tika behind her ear. Pinky applies tika behind her ear. He signs her to wear bangles. Pinky wears her bangles. Antra looks at them. She wears necklace. Arjun signs it is not good. She takes it off and wear some other necklace. Arjun signs her good. Antra thinks she will do something which will force her to accept her love for Arjun. Pinky gets Meher’s call and begins talking. Arjun looks at the iron which is switched on and asks her to move her hand from there, but she couldn’t listen to him. He comes inside running, saves Pinky and pushes the iron. Pinky falls in his embrace. Nalini sees them in romantic pose and gets upset. Arjun keeps back the iron and asks where is your concentration, thank you didn’t burn your hands. He gives her water and asks her to drink. Nalini comes there and tells that Pinky is keeping Teej’s fast today, tells Arjun that he is not her husband as Vikas is her would be husband. Arjun goes. Antra asks Nalini why she is getting angry on Arjun. Nalini says this is happening because of you. Arjun calls Imarti and Pinky’s phone rings. Nalini gets angry hearing the ringtone song. Pinky switches off her phone. Arjun wonders why Imarti is not picking his call.

Nalini comes out and asks Sunny to take the list, tells that everything shall be done as per their Brahmin customs. Sunny says I know. Arjun says I am sorry, if I had not saved her then her hand would have got burnt. He asks did I do wrong. Nalini says I don’t want anything wrong to happen and asks him to get the stuff which she asked Sunny to buy. Antra comes there and asks Arjun not to feel bad, as bhabhi is keeping fast and she might have gas problem. Sunny says but you are not angry, as you are fasting too. Antra says she is always fresh and nothing can upset her. Arjun says he needs a favour from her and says if someone gives a gift to a girl and if she goes without telling him, that what does it mean. Antra asks him to tell in detail. Sunny tells that Bhai’s wife is not picking his call since yesterday and he doesn’t know how to convince her. Antra asks him to do as she says and says your wife will come back to you. Arjun smiles. Antra says I will go now. Arjun says ok. He asks Sunny to take the corridor decoration and collides with Ram. Ram asks him to get the change the decoration outside and taunts him.

Kalyani goes to Imarti’s address and enquires with the people there. She comes to know that Imarti doesn’t stay there and calls Revati. Revati asks her to go to another address.

Antra asks Arjun to give a rose to Pinky for her happy married life. Arjun comes to Pinky and gives her rose and says it is for your successful marriage life. He says bua ji asked me to give it to you. Pinky recalls her challenge to Antra. Arjun handovers rose in her hand and goes. Pinky looks on. Nalini asks Antra what she wants to prove by calling Arjun here. Antra says Arjun is right for Pinky. Nalini says Vikas is right guy for her. Antra says her first marriage broke as that relationship was not right. Kalyani informs Revati that both the addresses are wrong. Asha asks Antra what they were talking about. Antra tells that she was telling her about Hartalika fast. She asks Pinky to sit. All ladies sit to do puja. Nalini says first light the lamps. Antra tells about the Hartalika fast katha/story and importance. She says Har means sacrifice and Alika means woman friend. She says when Narad took Vishnu’s alliance to Parvati’s father, he agreed, but Parvati got upset as she had accepted shiv as her husband. She says her woman friend sent her to tapasya so that she gets Shiv. Asha appreciates the katha. Antra tells that one shall not help the needy only when he/she asks for it. Nalini says this story is of God and not humans. Antra says this fast is kept to get the husband as wished. Antra asks the ladies to keep their husband’s stuff in the plate and do puja, so that they can ask for their husband’s long life. She asks Pinky what you will keep in plate as you have no stuff of Vikas, asks her to keep the flower in the plate and do her husband’s puja. She makes her keep the flower in the plate. Pinky and all the ladies close their eyes and pray for their husbands’ long lives. Antra says our puja is completed now. Pinky opens her eyes and sees Arjun. Arjun calls Imarti and keeps his phone back in the pocket.

Precap: Pinky and Shraddha dance with everyone. Pinky faints. Antra asks Arjun to make her drink water. Arjun makes Pinky drink water. Nalini gets angry and asks why did you break her fast, as her husband should have broken her fast.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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