Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 29th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky catches Kalyani and realizes Arjun trapped in a big mess


Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 29th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kalyani telling Arjun that she was kneading flour and that’s why couldn’t pick the call. Arjun knocks on Nandu’s door and asks her to open the door. He thinks it is going to be 5 pm, I have to go to bank. Kalyani says I will call you just as Nandu opens the door. Arjun asks her to make Nandu have food and asks her to call him. Kalyani says Pinky shouldn’t have written to Nandu that you are not her Appa. Arjun says it is my personal matter and you shall not tell anyone. Nandu comes out of room and asks where is Appa? Kalyani says your Appa left you and gone, he didn’t wait for you to come out. Nalini and Pinky come out of house. Nalini asks what we will tell your father if he calls me. They see Arjun going in his car. Pinky and Nalini sit in the car and asks the driver to follow him. Arjun gets a call from unknown number and he picks her call. His Amma is on call and tells that he don’t pick her calls and that’s why she called him from unknown number. She says you talked to my nicely last time. She says she is holding his childhood pic. Arjun says you never hugged me with your wish, must have hugged twice or thrice. He says you never cared for me in my childhood. His mother tells that you had taken revenge from me and married that Ananya who couldn’t give you a child, that’s why you have to adopt Nandu. Arjun says you calls me beta, but you have snatched all happiness of my life and tells that Ananya met with an accident as you told her about Nandu’s truth. He ends the call. His mother thinks once Nandu is out of his life, she will get him married to Aishwarya and then you will have your family and kids.

Pinky follows Arjun and comes to him. Arjun blames her for telling the truth to Nandu. He says you then wrote letter to her saying that I am not her father. Nalini asks if you are not her father? She asks Pinky why did you hide from me. Arjun says you knows that Nandu is my everything. Pinky tells that she didn’t keep any letter in the bag. Arjun asks if the letter came by itself. Kalyani calls him. Arjun asks him not to let anyone come inside, not even Pinky. Pinky tries to clarify him, but he doesn’t listen to her. Nalini asks Pinky if this is truth that Nandu is not Ananya and his daughter. Arjun says yes, this is truth and asks if Pinky haven’t told you. Nalini says yes. Arjun says I have an urgent work and needs to go. Pinky tries to tell Arjun. Arjun tells Nalini that he had asked Pinky not to tell anything to anyone. Nalini says Nandu is our grand daughter.

Pinky tells Nalini that she has done a big mistake, and shouldn’t have let Kalyani work in Arjun’s house. She says I didn’t keep the letter in the clothes, so how did it come? She says Kalyani has done this. Nalini asks her to call Poonam, Arjun’s old Servant. She asks her to be alert while talking to Poonam. Pinky says sorry to her for telling her Nandu’s truth. Nalini says you and Amma are one team and I am part of your team now. She says you will get punishment when the right time comes, and you can’t refuse then. Pinky calls Poonam and asks her to tell from where Kalyani came? Poonam tells her that when her hand broke that time Kalyani came to her house for work. She says she knows her house. Pinky tells Nalini that they shall go to her house. Kalyani’s husband calls Arjun and asks him to bring the money at the said address. Arjun says ok. Pinky and Nalini come to his house and follows Kalyani’s husband. Kalyani’s husband comes to the travel agency and gives Nandu’s passport. He asks to get job for Nandu. The travel agent says that she will get the job if she is healthy and can speak English. Pinky and Nalini hears them and understand the plan. Arjun calls Kalyani and asks if Nandu is fine. Kalyani says yes. Nandu asks did my Appa call you? Kalyani says no and tells that fake fathers are like such. Pinky makes a call to Kalyani and tells her in changed voice that her husband met with an accident and asks her to come to the place to see him for last time.

Kalyani comes there and looks for her husband. Pinky and Nalini catch her and asks why she wants to ruin Nandu’s life. Kalyani says I am her mother.Pinky says you are her mother and asks where was she, when she had abandoned her. She says you wanted to take Nandu to Dubai and make her work. Kalyani says yes. Pinky threatens to call Police. Kalyani says what do you think that we are doing this for money and says the real bomb is about to blast now. Pinky calls Arjun and hopes he picks her call, but he doesn’t pick her call. He comes to the said address and sees Kalyani’s husband. He gives him money and tells that he will give him more, but let Nandu stay with him. Just then a lady from child organization comes there. Kalyani tells Pinky that when Arjun will be caught red handed while trying to give money to my husband, then he will get rid of Nandu. Arjun tells the lady that the man is blackmailing him for money. Kalyani’s husband tells that Arjun has kept his daughter illegally without adoption and now offering him money. The lady tells Arjun that they have to take the girl from him for keeping the girl with him illegally.

Precap: Kalyani and her husband take Nandu with them forcibly. Arjun breaks down and cries. Sunny suggests Arjun to bribe the watchman and take Nandu from the building where she is taken.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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