Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 28th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Gagan stages a drama to take Pinky back

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 28th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun’s father asking him why did he bring them here? Arjun says what I could have done, you saw how Ananya’s father got Ananya’s boutique broken? Appa says if your mother comes to know then? Nalini comes to the bathroom and washes the clothes. Asha comes there and tells that Pinky has ruined their name. Nalini asks her to go. Asha asks her to wash her clothes as well. Asha’s daughter comes there and tells Nalini that letter came for her. nalini takes it and reads. Asha asks her daughter why she didn’t read. Amma asks Pinky to keep her clothes in almari. Pinky says we will not stay here for many days and asks her to give her phone. She says we will go to PG rooms. Amma says from where to get money? She tells that she will not do Cabre….Pinky asks her to get ready to do cabre. Amma smiles and asks what you will do. She asks her to divorce Gagan. Pinky says she has taken 7 rounds with Gagan and she can’t divorce him and can’t ruin her Papa’s name.

Nalini reads the letter written by Pinky and asks her to meet her at 9 pm on the terrace. She comes to the balcony and looks at Pinky hiding. Pinky looks for her and goes inside. Nalini cries. Pinky goes to the boutique and tells that papa got the place broken where she used to go and cry. She thinks the one who try, never fails. She goes inside and sees Arjun crying holding Ananya’s photoframe. He wipes his tears. Arjun wipes his tears and tells that something went in my plan. Pinky pinches him and asks him to cry openly. She says men are taught not to cry. She asks him to cry and turns his face. Arjun says its ok, you can look at me. He says I feel that manpower don’t go if one cries. She says sorry and says Ananya’s last memory is destroyed because of me. Arjun says Ananya’s last memory is Nandu whom you have saved. He asks how come you are here? Pinky tells that she came here to cry, but changed her plan seeing him crying. He says he will turn his face and asks her to continue. Pinky says no.

Arjun and pinky come to his house. Pinky tells Arjun that as he brought them here, Papa will not leave him. She says we will not stay here for many days. Gagan comes in his car and gets angry seeing them together. Asha tells ram that they are with him. Gagan comes inside and says even I am with you. He says this is the plan of boutique land and tells that he heard that Pinky went to Arjun’s house. Ram says if you have taken good care of Pinky then this wouldn’t have happened. He says if you haven’t had any relation with Megha then this wouldn’t have happened? Gagan says he went to megha as she threatened him. Ram says I know everything and asks him not to lie. He asks him to save the marriage.

Amma asks Arjun to convince Pinky for divorce. Ram asks Gagan to convince Pinky to take her home. Gagan says it will be done, but my way to do your work will be different and I need your support. Ram smiles. Nandu tells that she is very happy today and asks Pinky to tell some story. Pinky tells a joke. Amma asks him to sleep. Gagan acts to be drunkard and calls pinky.

Ram makes Nalini wear headphone and hear bhajan. Nalini hears the bhajan. Ram looks outside and sees Gagan’s drama. Gagan breaks the pot in Arjun’s house. He says my wife is in someone else’ house. I want my wife. Sarthak, Asha, her daughter and Lakshman come there? They see Gagan breaking the glass bottles. Pinky comes out. Gagan acts and thanks her for coming. He says I can’t live without you. Pinky asks him to go. Gagan hits his head on Arjun’s door. Arjun asks Nandu to go inside and sleep. Nandu says Maasi. Arjun says nothing will happen to Maasi. He calls Police and asks him to come fast. Amma says I will see him. Arjun asks her to let Pinky fight her own war. The neighbor asks Pinky to agree to Gagan. Arjun tells Amma that he won’t let anything happen to Pinky?

Precap: Ram asks why Pinky needs her certificate? Nalini says for job. Gagan says he will not let her work.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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