Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky feels touchy hearing Arjun’s concern for Imarti

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 28th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pinky thinking that she will not accept about Arjun and her…She imagines Arjun there and asking her to hold his hand and make him reality. She holds his hand. He dances with her. Pinky feels shy. He runs behind her, lifts and swirls her. They continue to dance and spend some romantic moments together. It turns out to be Pinky’s dream. She opens her eyes and asks herself to control. Sunny tells that he will walk and thinks of an idea. Arjun asks him to think what to gift Imarti, and says you had many girlfriends before. Sunny says I never gave costly gifts to any girls, and nobody got married to me to save my child. He then asks him to gift her a car. Arjun says she doesn’t know driving and not having driving licence. Sunny asks him to gift her toy car. Arjun says no. Sunny asks him to gift her English speaking course so that she learns to sign in English. Revati hears them. Arjun says I will think and asks have you ordered veg biryani for her. Sunny says ok and tells that he seems to be concerned for her. Arjun tells that once Nandu comes here, then Imarti will leave. Arjun asks him to keep contract file in his room. Sunny comes out of room. Revati tells that she was searching dark chocolate, cham cham. Arjun says she is Imarti and she had gone to her Papa. Sunny goes. Revati thinks she couldn’t hear anything and calls Kalyani. Kalyani says Nandu is coming in just 2 days. Revati says Sunny was telling Arjun to give English speaking books to Imarti as she is uneducated. She recalls Imarti asking her to walk properly seeing the wet sign board. She says something is wrong, I have to find out what Sunny wants to give her and ends the call. Sunny keeps the file in Imarti’s suitcase.

Antra asks Pinky if she didn’t go to Arjuns house today. Pinky tells that she doesn’t want to talk about him. Shraddha comes there and tells that Vikas jiju has come. Sarthak asks Pinky to make Vikas have the laddoo. Pinky gets uncomfortable. Antra plays music and gives their hand in each other’s hands and asks them to dance together. Pinky thinks of her imaginary dance with Arjun. Antra thinks you are here, but your heart is not here. Asha asks Pinky not to leave Vikas. Sarthak says she has chosen him herself. Antra comes to Pinky and says you couldn’t hold his hand whom you will be all life. Pinky says I will come back in sometime and goes out. Sarthak says I will bring her. Antra says let her take breath, she will come back. Sarthak and Shraddha search her. Pinky hides. Arjun pulls her behind the other side of house and asks if she is playing this way. He asks her to thank him. She says thank you. He asks about Imarti. Pinky says may be she didn’t have the courage to see you. She says leave her. Arjun says he wants to gift her something as a gratitude. He says I want to ask you what to gift her. Pinky says gift is not needed, once Nandu comes then she will go. Arjun says she has done so much for me, although we have no relation, she is a good human and I….Pinky asks what? Arjun tells that he never thought that he will say this, but feels like he got habitual to her. He says when she came to my house, I was like who is she, but just as the time passed….Sarthak comes there and calls Pinky. Pinky hides behind Arjun. Sarthak asks did you see Pinky Didi.

Arjun says she went to Madras. Sarthak asks him not to be smart infront of him. Pinky rests her head on Arjun’s back. Arjun turns and asks what I was saying? Pinky says you was telling about Imarti. Arjun talks about Imarti and says don’t know whom she is marrying, as he is asking dowry from her. He says I will ask her not to trust anyone as marriage is a relation of lifetime. Pinky says you think so much for her. Arjun says yes, as she has done so much for me and I will feel good to do something for her. He asks what to gift her. Pinky says give her something which she is not having and which she needs it. Arjun says what it could be? He gets an idea. Pinky asks what? Arjun says I will tell her only and thanks Pinky.

Revati comes to room to search the papers. Sunny takes her out making an excuse. Pinky thinks of Arjun’s words. Vikas comes to her and keeps hand on her shoulder. She calls him Arjun. Vikas says Arjun. Pinky says she was thinking about Nandu. Vikas thanks her for agreeing to marry him and says now we will fulfill all our dreams together. He goes. Antra tells her that Arjun messaged her on imarti’s phone. Imarti sends her voice message asking her to come home in 10 mins.

Precap: Pinky tells I love you to Arjun. Arjun hugs her and says I love you too. Pinky tells Antra that she loves Arjun as her marriage with Arjun is real.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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