Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 27th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky gets suspicious about Kalyani

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 27th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarthak coming to Arjun’s house and calls Pinky, says Tau ji called you. Kalyani asks her to go and says she will make Nandu sleep. She thinks once Pinky goes from here then she will take away Nandu from here. She tells Nandu that she will stay with me today. Sarthak asks her not to take her. Pinky says Arjun is unwell and emotionally blackmails Nandu to come with her. Nandu agrees and tells good night to Arjun. Arjun says good night. Pinky covers Arjun with blanket and makes him sleep. Arjun asks her to take care of nandu and sleeps. Pinky locks the door. Kalyani says bhaiya is inside. Pinky says they can’t leave him alone and asks her to go. Sarthak asks Pinky to hurry up. Nandu says if I come with you then will Nanu scold you. Pinky says no and asks her to come. Ram is upset with Pinky. Pinky comes there and tells that she wants to tell something to him. She says today I had gone to help Arjun and tells that she cooked food for his party order as he was unwell and she brought him home also. She says like you had said, that we shall help the person helping us. She says she is ready for punishment. Ram says it is good that you told me everything, now go and take rest in your room. Asha says you have forgiven her, but she brought Nandu here. Nandu comes inside and promises Ram that she will go tomorrow. She forwards her hand to give him rose. Ram takes the rose in his hand and keeps hand on her head.

Kalyani gives Nandu’s passport to her husband and tells that they have to do the work fast. She says when she got the passport, Pinky took Nandu to her house. Pinky and Nalini get happy. Nalini says Nandu came to stay in our house, we shall make kheer. Kalyani’s husband tells that he is going to travel agent and books the tickets. He says they have to tell Madam when are they going to Dubai. Ram asks Nalini to ask everyone to pack her bags as they will go to Kanpur and stay there, until her relation gets fixed. He says if we stay here then Pinky will never stop worrying about that family. Kalyani’s husband tells Arjun’s mother that they will go in 2 days. Pinky tells Nandu about Ananya’s comic book. Just then she finds Kalyani’s Adhaar card details and realizes she lied to her. She recalls her husband was not handicapped. Nalini calls Pinky and asks why are you going to Arjun’s home. Pinky tells that she will not have any feelings for Arjun. Nalini asks her to promise her. Pinky says it again and asks what happened? Nalini says your Papa has decided….Nandu comes there. Nalini asks her to sleep. Pinky asks Nandu to go.

Nandu sleeps. Someone comes and makes her smell chloroform. Nandu faints. It turns out to be Arjun’s dream. He checks in the room and finds Nandu not there. Arjun searches her everywhere in the house. He reads the letter left by Pinky informing him that she is taking Nandu with her and drink lemon water kept in the fridge. She asks him to have breakfast and then only call her. Arjun smiles. He takes the clothes kept by Pinky. Arjun’s mother calls him, but he ignores her call. Pinky gets Nandu ready for school and asks her to have lunch. Kalyani comes and takes the keys from Pinky. Nandu says bye to Pinky and Ram. Ram smiles. He says one day you will send your kids to school like this. He says they are going to Kanpur tomorrow. Pinky says she don’t want to go as she wants to do something. Ram thinks of Gagan’s words. He says the truth will not change that you are a divorcee, and says once you get married, then people will respect your work also. Pinky asks if they are going tomorrow. Ram says yes.

Precap: Pinky calls Arjun and tells that Kalyani made you inebriated using sleeping pills. Kalyani is on call and provokes Arjun against pinky by reading fake letter. Arjun thinks Pinky has written it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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