Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 25th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Amma and Pinky leave Ram’s house

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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 25th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram calling Pinky on stage. Pinky apologizes to Ram and says she can’t act anymore. The people in the meeting say snide remarks on Pinky. Nandu hugs Arjun and asks him not to go. Arjun asks her to start earning, and then they will chill and sit at home. Nandu asks him to go. Arjun sits in his car. Pinky comes home crying, but Arjun doesn’t see her and leaves. Pinky comes to her room and laughs aloud.

Asha asks why you are laughing? Pinky asks what to do then? I was wrong to think that Papa will understand me. She says when he didn’t leave Ananya Didi, who was his favorite. She tells that she was nothing for him. She cries and asks Nalini not to send her. Asha says marriage is not a game and tells that he takes decision which we can’t think of. Ram calls Sarthak and asks if Taxi came. Pinky asks Sarthak why is he packing Amma’s stuff. Ram asks Sarthak to drop Amma to Kanpur and return home. Lakshman asks him about his decision. Ram says you shall not interfere. Asha says whatever he does is right.

Sarthak’s sister bring Asha’s stuff. Asha is shocked and asks why you’re sending me. Sarthak asks her to go. Dadi tells that she will not go. Ram takes her out forcibly. The neighbors gather outside and asks what is the new drama? Ram tells that she has given more importance to his values and societal prestige and says if his mother and daughter aim at his prestige then he will not bear. Pinky agrees to go to Gagan’s house for Dadi’s sake and asks him not to send her anywhere. Sarthak asks Dadi to come. Amma slaps him. She tells Pinky that she will not stay here and asks her to decide if she wants to live suffocated life or live life with prestige. She says if you go now then your son will kick you out after 50 years, and asks her to come.

Pinky leaves her hand and goes inside. Ram laughs at Amma and tells that Pinky is not ready to stand for her, for whom she was against her son. He laughs. Pinky calls Amma and asks if she will leave alone. She says I will also come and brings her baggage. Nalini says I will also come with you both. Ram says you will not go and tells Amma that Kanpur’s house is his. Amma says I know since I held you for the first time and tells that she will live life with self respect now. She walks out with Amma. Nandu sees them going and crying. She calls Pinky, but she doesn’t hear her. Nandu tells her Dadu and calls Arjun.

Nalini is shocked and cries. Lakshman tries to pacify her. Ram comes to Nalini and asks do you want your daughter to break her marriage. He says he kicked out Ananya, but didn’t break her marriage. He says he will not let Pinky’s marriage break. He eats apple while talking. Asha tells that both of them can’t bear hunger and will return home soon. Pinky and Asha are sitting on the road and having tea. Pinky makes Amma laugh. Amma asks where we will go? Sarthak is spying on them. Pinky shows the keys and says it is the key of our happiness. Sarthak is about to follow them, but a car comes infront of him. He scolds the car driver and finds them gone. He thinks where did they go? Nandu is riding on her cycle and finds the boutique door open. She gets inside and looks at them.

Asha scolds Lakshman for taking his Amma’s side. She tells that she has given birth to a son, but she is unnoticed by Ram. She argues with him.

Nandu tells her Dadu that they shall help them. Pinky brings banana and tells that she earned it. She says she will get vegetables tomorrow. Amma gives her money and asks her to get whatever she wants. Pinky says it is your first and last salary money, I will not spend it. Nandu and Dadu go to help Pinky, but Sarthak snatches the things and throws on ground. Arjun comes there and makes him fall down. Sanju asks him to go inside and says he will see who stops him. Arjun threatens Sarthak and gets inside. Sarthak comes home and informs that Pinky and Amma took shelter in the boutique and Madrasi family is helping them. Ram tells that he will get the boutique broken and asks him to call the bulldozer to demolish it.

Precap: Ram is getting the boutique demolish, while Nandu is still inside and shouts for Maasi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Verma4

    Ram is seriously a low grade scum. He is a real disgrace to the name of Ram. It is Amma’s fault for giving him this name. f**king dick breath cock sucking wanker. Just venting my anger. Breath in, breath out. Why doesn’t Asha keep her opinion to her f**king self.

  2. Shesha485

    Enjoying the show. But at the same time, still people are there with egotic intentions even with family persons. Hope Pinky and her granny should not return to Ram’s house. Arjun should thrash Sarthak.

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