Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Ram hires Arjun as Pinky’s wedding planner

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 1st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nalini coming to Pinky room. Pinky gets scared. Nalini asks why you are tensed and what was wrong. Pinky says nothing Maa. She tells that she was getting nervous as she said yes for engagement. Nalini tells Pinky that if Ram comes to know about Imarti’s drama then….She asks her to end this drama right here and asks her if she has anything in her heart for Arjun. Pinky nods no. Nalini says thank God. She takes her out to shows the dress which Vikas’s mother has sent for her Teej Fast. Antra says she will tell her about the fast. Nalini goes to kitchen to make sweets. Antra sends Shraddha to help Nalini. She then asks Pinky if that thing was right which she told inside. Pinky nods her head. Antra asks are you mad to give your approval to marry Vikas. Pinky tells that Nandu will come after 2 days and then everything will be fine. Antra asks why she is going against her destiny. Pinky tells that she is already bearing the burder of a broken relation and will bear this burden too. She tells that her destiny is like upset boyfriend who never calls back. Antra asks her to see the call of Arjun and asks her to talk to her. She says he is your husband. Pinky rejects his call and says after two days, Imarti and this relation will be over. Antra asks her to think again and says it is not late. Pinky takes the clothes sent by Vikas’s mother. Antra thinks she is Amma’s daughter and will make Naati Pinky ki Lambi love story successful. She shares her plan with Lakshman and he smiles.

Sunny asks Arjun not to think him bad and asks if he touched Imarti impropriately. Arjun says I am not like you. Sunny says you are a man though. Antra calls Arjun to her house. Sunny tells Arjun that he will not let him go alone and tells that he will also come with him. Revati comes to the room and searches for the proofs. She finds marriage contract papers and thinks if their marriage is right. Antra and Lakshman ask Ram to keep wedding planner for Pinky’s marriage. Ram says it is good. Lakshman says we shall hire Arjun. Ram gets upset with him. Antra calms him down and gives him candy. She tells Ram that they shall hire Arjun as she saw Imarti stressed today. Ram says we can help her financially. Antra says no, we shall hire Arjun. Nalini says you are not doing right. Antra says she is doing right for Pinky.

Pinky is making pakodas in kitchen. She imagines Arjun there and asks him to go. She brings pakodas to the dining table. Arjun tastes it and says you shall have added more chilli. She says I am closing my eyes, go before I open the eyes. She opens her eyes and finds him gone. Arjun comes there in reality. Pinky says you came again and asks him to go fast, tells that she is closing eyes for last time. She opens her eyes and finds him standing there. Arjun asks if your screw is lose. Pinky thinks to drenched her dream and throws water on Arjun. Antra asks why did you throw water on Arjun. Pinky asks can you see Arjun ji here. Arjun asks her to get herself checked and says that’s why you agreed to get engaged in a day. Antra tells Arjun that Ram is waiting for him. Ram finds him drenched in water and gives him towel. He says Antra told me that your work is very affected due to lockdown and that’s why I want you to handle Pinky’s engagement work. He says even though I don’t wish to take your help. Arjun says even I don’t wish to do this work. Antra asks Arjun if he will not do this for Pinky. Arjun says Pinky has done so much for me, and that’s why I will do this work. Ram asks him not to interfere in their matters. Arjun asks him to treat him as wedding planner only, I will leave and your work will be done on time. He leaves.

Nalini asks Antra why did you give Pinky’s engagement work to Arjun. Antra says when God has united them, then why are you getting upset. She asks her to chill. Pinky comes to the kitchen and asks Antra why is she doing this? Antra tells that she is looking on to make Malpua. Pinky says it needs to be made. Antra says someone has to play game, lets see what happens to game. Pinky says I have the habit to lose since my childhood and tells that her decision will not change with this. Antra says decision will change, your marriage is real with Arjun. If he stays infront of you all the time, then only your decision will break. Pinky challenges her that she will not change her decision. Antra says I accept your challenge. Pinky shakes hand with her.

Precap: Kalyani tells Revati that Imarti’s both addresses are wrong. Later Pinky keeps the fast and Arjun comes infront of her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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