Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 1st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Arjun strikes a deal with Ram

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 1st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pinky coming home and tells that Pinky has come, but she is half as her soul is with Arjun, body is just here. Nalini gets tensed. Pinky says I will go and meet Papa. She comes to room and asks how are you Papa? Ram says you are here? Pinky says why you haven’t told me that you are so well. She says she has signed on the divorce papers. Ram asks really? Pinky says you are like a God to me. She says when you send me to Kanpur, I thought that I have some problem, but when I returned home, you didn’t hug me also. She says once I agreed to my heart sayings, but it was not fruitful as your blessings were not with me. She says you don’t want Arjun ji and my relation, I have broken it and asks him to accept her now. Ram looks on. Pinky says she will try more to become his dear daughter. She gives him tablets and asks him to rest. She goes out of room and says Arjun ji might be thinking she is sad to go and return, but this time I will stay here only. She tells that she will not go from here. She says this time she has become of someone and can’t go anywhere now. She will stay here only and cries.

Arjun and Pinky come out of their houses. Pinky says everything is finished., after few days Papa will bring some alliance and then…She requests him to tell the truth inside him, asks can you tell and express your feelings to me, can you tell me that you love me. She says I will never ask you for anything in my life, just say it once. She is about to go, when Arjun calls her and holds her hand. He says I love you so much and can’t love someone else like that, but what to do, I can’t be part of your life and can’t support you. Pinky keeps her hand on his mouth and says let her live in this dream today. Arjun says even I want to live in dream so we shall live this dream. He opens his arms wide and says may I….Pinky hugs him and cries. Arjun also cries.

He says don’t know if we will get this chance again or not and asks her to tell something which makes this moment memorable so that I can live my life with this memory. Pinky jokes and he laughs. Pinky tells that their destiny is the garbage which is stuck in the stream. Arjun says what kind of destiny we have…Pinky says it is like a rotten tomatoes. Arjun says yes. They sit together till the morning. Paro comes to them and asks what is going on? Arjun says nothing. Paro says lets go and do packing. She says we are shifting to Chennai after marriage. Pinky gets sad and walks inside the house. Antra tells Nalini that she has done wrong by separating Arjun and Pinky and says you have snatched Nandu’s mother from her. Pinky asks Antra to do her work. She sends food to Arjun’s house with a letter for Paro. Paro reads that Pinky is sending food for Nandu so that she feels good. Antra leaves after feeding food to Nandu. Nandu also goes to her room.

Paro tells that she doesn’t like Pinky and her bua to come here. Arjun says it is a matter of few days and tells that Pinky has signed on the divorce papers. Paro says you didn’t sign on it and tells that they will marry tomorrow itself. Arjun says I will sign it today itself and goes to Ram’s house. He says atleast you are covering because of our sacrifice. He tells that he will sign on the papers if he lets Pinky become a stand up comedian. Ram gets up. Arjun asks him to think from a father perspective. Ram agrees to his condition. Arjun gets teary eyes and signs on the divorce papers. He then gives papers to Ram and says I am leaving this city very soon, so that he and Pinky don’t have any problem. He says Pinky can get guys like him, but he can’t get girl like Pinky. He says you always think that I am a bad person, but I am not. He says take care of Pinky, as I left her for your happiness. Pinky comes there and hears them. She says nobody asked about what I want and tells that even she has a condition. She tells Ram that she has sworn to get Arjun and Paro married, then Papa will get her daughter and Arjun ji will get freed from me. She tells that she wants to help Arjun dressed up for his marriage and asks if they will let her small dream come true. Ram says ok, I agree to your condition. Arjun looks on.

Precap: Arjun says before his pheras Pinky will perform a stand up act. While performing, her dress catches fire. Arjun runs to save her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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