Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Arjun convinces Pinky to return home

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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gagan’s mother taunting Ram that his daughter is enjoying with Arjun on the road. Ram asks what are you saying? Gita asks him to ask Amma if she is with Arjun or out. Arjun and Pinky sit to have food in the restaurant. She orders gulab jamun for him and he orders kadi chawal for him. The waiter tells that 15 mins will take to make the order ready and tells him that his entry was of hero and bhabhi ji fought with the goons well. Arjun asks him to hurry up as they have to leave. Pinky tells Arjun that she is not going anywhere and tells that Gagan doesn’t need her and her Papa don’t want her to return in his house. She says she is unwanted in the house. Arjun says your Dadi and Maa love you so much and asks her to start dhaba here. He asks her not to go far from her family who loves her. He says you doesn’t know how it feels to love someone. Pinky says even I lost Ananya di and asks about the dhaba business. Arjun says I have left taxi and we will not get taxi or bus now. Pinky tells that they shall to their Kanpur now and tells that kaka takes care of the house. Arjun says he will book the tickets and teases her.

Amma gets worried thinking what Ram will do now. Ram comes there and taunts Nalini for telling that she understands Pinky well. He tells that whatever he is today is because of his parents’ upbringing. He says he used to give liberty to his children, before Ananya went against him and married a different caste guy. He says I don’t want Pinky to die for me and asks them to let him handle Pinky’s matter. He leaves for Kanpur. Nalini and Amma also go with him. Sarthak asks Asha to make Shraddha scared with her and keep control on her. Asha tells that Shraddha is not stupid like Pinky and is very understanding. He asks her to control her. Asha says I trust my children fully.

Pinky comes to her kanpur’s house. Kaka comes there and greets them. Pinky says we have to attend the flight tomorrow so we will stay here. Kaka says he will bring milk and make tea. Arjun gives him money. Pinky comes inside and recalls her childhood with Ananya. He asks if the pic is of Ananya. Pinky says Papa never let her enter her Delhi house, so I used to call her here and we used to had a great time. She says Didi used to say that she will search such a guy for me, who will not let me step down on the ground, but Gagan pulled it away from her foot. she says I stayed here in this room after your marriage. She shows Ananya’s diary. He asks can I read? Pinky asks him to keep it. Arjun gets emotional reading Ananya writing about him. He asks what did you say that Ananya got convinced. Pinky says I told that this guy is tall and can be used for many work, have a good body and is macho, will show damad’s attitude infront of Papa. She says he is having attitude and swag, will make others have kerela juice and says so didi agree to marry him. kaka hears and laughs. Arjun asks from where she got the talent? He shows what Ananya has written about her.

Gagan comes there and asks what are you doing here? He pulls her hand hurting her. Kaka tries to stop him. Gagan pushes him on the door and he gets hurt. Arjun asks what is this way to behave? Gagan slaps him and beats him. Arjun gets angry and beats him too. Gagan and Arjun have a big fight. Pinky tries to stop them in vain. Ram comes and asks them to stop it. He asks Arjun how dare you to raise your hand on my son in law. Arjun says I can do something, but didn’t do. Ram tells that he will call police etc. Arjun asks him to call and tells that he will take this cheap man to jail. Ram says if you say a word more? He is about to slap him. Arjun holds his hand.

Precap: Arjun asks Pinky to tell Gagan’s truth. Ram says she is my daughter. Gagan threatens Pinky.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Verma4

    Gagan’s mother is a real b*t*h and is covering up for his wanker son’s short comings. Ram needs to change his f**ken attitude , a*sh*le. Ram thinks his way is the right way and the rest are wrong. The dirt’s in your f**ken head. Sarthak is dumber than a door knob. Nothing to say about looser Gagan.

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