Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 15th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Ram speaks up the truth, Pinky gets divorced from Gagan

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 15th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun and Pinky are seated for the marriage and Ram shooting at Arjun. Arjun falls down injured. Pinky as Imarti removes her ghunghat and finds him injured or dead.

Few days ago:
Arjun and Pinky are dancing in their house, while Sunny records their dance in his mobile. Pinky says it is enough. Sunny pushes her to dance with Arjun. Arjun says you came with your wish to act here. Sunny says he has to do something to bring them closer as they are following social distancing. He showers flower petals on them. Pinky says Papa is watching us. Arjun says that’s why we are acting. Ram recalls Swami ji’s words, but loses his cool and asks Arjun and Pinky to stop it. They come inside Arjun’s house. Swami ji tells Ram that he can’t believe that his upbringing is so bad. He says he can’t believe that Pinky would have an affair. Gagan asks Swami ji to say what Pinky is doing. Ram says this is not true and tells that Gagan is guilty. He says Pinky is acting so that I speak the truth that Gagan had pushed Arjun down the terrace. Nalini also says the same to Swami ji. Arjun thanks Ram for understanding Pinky and tells that they were doing drama. He asks if he will call police or shall he call him. Gagan says why Police, I want to talk to Pinky and goes near her. He then holds knife on pinky’s neck and asks Arjun to record the video and say that whatever happened on that day was an accident and he didn’t push him from the terrace. Ram asks him to leave his daughter. Pinky gets shocked. Arjun tells that Gagan didn’t push me from terrace. He gives mobile to Gagan and catches him. Sunny and Sarthak beat Gagan. Gagan tells Ram that he will leave from here and go far from here. Ram says I was blinded and wrong to protect you, but now you have to bear all the punishment. Gagan asks Pinky to understand and forgive him. Pinky slaps him and says this will be your condition. Gagan bends down on his knees and asks Arjun not to call Police.

Arjun says I can leave you, but you have to give mutual divorce to Pinky right now. He says you have to free Pinky for your freedom. Gagan takes the papers and signs on the papers. Ram and others just look on. Gagan leaves. Arjun smiles and looks at Pinky. Pinky goes out and calls Gagan. She says if something bad happens in someone’s life then good thing happens too. She says she was tied in a bad relation, but met her Papa due to him. Ram comes there and says I wish God don’t make us meet. Gagan says time will tell this and asks why you can’t see Arjun and Pinky’s chemistry. He says your fear to lose your daughter for other community might come true. Ram looks at Arjun and Pinky. Amma tells that she is feeling proud to be Ram’s mother for the first time. Swami ji tells Ram that after seeing all this, he has decided not to ask him to resign from this post. Ram thanks him from his heart. Swami ji leaves. Ram asks Amma to come to their house. He says your son is requesting you to come home. Nandu says she will not let them go. Amma tells Ram that they will come tomorrow morning and will make Nandu understand. Nalini says we will wait for you. Ram says ok.

Arjun asks Pinky to apply ointment to her injury. Pinky thanks him for making everything fine. Arjun says its ok. Pinky says you have always boosted my courage and thanks him. Arjun asks her not to thank him. Nandu comes there and asks Pinky not to go. Arjun shouts at her and asks who taught her stubbornness. Pinky asks him to be quiet and says she will talk to Nandu. She says she is going to the house nearby her house and tells that she will come whenever she calls her. Nandu asks who will tell me story and who will hug me? She asks Arjun to marry Pinky and asks Amma to get them married. Arjun asks what are you saying and is about to slap her, but Nandu runs away. Someone (may be Gagan) spills oil on Arjun’s stairs. Nandu comes running, steps on the oil and falls down, she shouts. Arjun and Pinky rushes to her. Nandu tells that her Appa is bad and she wishes to have some other Appa. Someone is recording their video. Arjun says what did you say? He recalls and some flashes are shown. He says you are my daughter and you will stay with me. Pinky asks Amma to make Nandu understand. Amma takes Nandu to tell her story. Arjun is in shock with Nandu’s words. Pinky says why you have shouted at Nandu, she is a girl and not Gagan. Arjun says how did she say that she wishes to have other Appa and will leave me. He gets hyper and says he can’t let Nandu taken away by anyone. Pinky asks what are you saying, if there is something. Arjun says I didn’t say anything. He says you want to go tomorrow, pack your bags. Pinky couldn’t understand his behavior.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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