Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky catches Gagan with Megha in hotel room

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pinky hiding under the bed. Gagan and Megha come there. She likes the decoration. Gagan says what could be the better day than valentine’s day. He says you are always worried because of Pinky. He tells that he don’t like her. He tells that he don’t like her smell and his head starts paining when she comes near him. He says he is not interested in him and just loves her. Gita calls Sarthak and tells him that Arjun’s daughter reached there. Sarthak tells Asha. Arjun comes there and asks Sarthak where is his daughter? Sarthak is about to tell him, when Asha tells that they don’t know and asks him to leave. Arjun calls him chirkut and leves. Asha says we shall show him chirkutpanti and tells that let him search his daughter. Sarthak appreciates her plan. Lakshman hears him. Gita takes Nandu out of the house. Nandu tells that she will not go without meeting Pinky and runs, she gets hit by the car.

Arjun sits in the car and is about to go, when Lakshman comes and tells him about Nandu. Arjun leaves. Gagan tells Megha that God must be in a very bad mood when he made Pinky and tells that he hates her to be called Pinky as his wife..Pinky hears him and cries badly. Megha says nobody can know that you are cheating her seeing your face. She says you can tell infront of Pinky, but can’t infront of Ram. Gagan says he is a big foolish and tells that he will become desperate to leave Pinky at his house for his fake customs. Pinky couldn’t bear anything against her father and scolds him for telling that Megha is his boss and interested in him and he is not interested in her. She tells that she will tell the truth to Papa and you don’t know what he will do with you. Gagan pushes her down and says you will expose me. He says your father has sacrificed your happiness and tells that this mangalsutra is your identity now, says even dog will not like you. Pinky says she will not bear his kuttapanti. She bites on his hand and is running, when Megha holds her. Pinky pushes her down and runs away. She walks in shock and is in tears. Naina song plays…..She recalls Gagan and their moments. She takes water from the waiter. Waiter says it is of someone else. Pinky looks at him. He says sorry and goes. Pinky washes her face and walks out of the hotel.

Gagan comes home and tells Gita that Pinky saw Megha and me in the hotel room and left from there. He asks shall I call Ram? Gita says if he comes to know then? Arjun comes there. Nandu is fine and hugs him. She says she came to show trophy to Pinky. Arjun asks her to sit in the car. He asks Gagan where is Pinky and says you gave proof for your cheap things.

Door bell rings. Shraddha opens the door. Arjun comes there and asks where is Pinky? Sarthak asks why did you come here? Arjun asks him to call Ram else he will beat him. Nandu says yes. Sarthak calls her 25 paise. Arjun asks him to call Ram. Shraddha calls everyone. Amma and Nalini come there. Asha says it seems Pinky did something. Arjun asks where is Brahmin samajh head. Amma says he is in meeting. Ram tells the men that they shall respect women and they shall talk on this topic. The men ask him to invite his daughter and son in law. Ram says he will invite them. Arjun comes there and asks him to ask where are they?

Ram asks why did you come here? Arjun says I had gone to her house and she is not at home. He says he don’t want Amma and Nalini to get worried. Ram takes him to hall and asks how dare you to say that Pinky is not at home. Arjun says Pinky has caught Gagan red handed with Megha and left from the hotel. Ram says I will prove that she is at home and calls Gagan. Gagan gets worried. Gita asks him to take a long breath and pick the call. Gagan picks the call and says hello Papa ji. Ram asks him to give call to Pinky. Gagan says she went to market with Maa and tells that he has sent ring selfie to him. Ram says ok. Gita asks what he will do now. Gagan says my destiny can’t betray me. Ram shows the selfie and tells that she is smiling and he can’t become her worry. Ram asks Sarthak to keep eye on Arjun. Amma asks Arjun if he is saying truth? Arjun says he is not lying. Nalini gets scared. Amma says Pinky is not weak and will return. Nandu says I got trophy because of her. Arjun asks Nandu to come. Sarthak stops him. Arjun pushes him and leaves. Gagan asks what to do, police complain? He says no. Gita hopes Pinky’s accidental death. Door bell rings. Gita hides. Ram comes there and tells that Nalini sent some stuff. Gagan tells that his mother went for a shopping with her. He calls Gita.

Gita asks him to tell that Pinky is in trial room. Gagan asks Ram to go and tells that he will bring her to his house. Ram says clothes can be trial, but not relations. He asks him to find out where is Pinky else he has to give trouble to everyone. He says Pinky and you have to come for my yearly program. He says if anything happens against me then this house has to bear. He leaves. Gagan gets scared. Gita comes out and sits on sofa, says it is good that he didn’t find out what happened? He asks what are you hiding? Gagan falls on his feet and tells that Megha called him to hotel room for the valentine’s day. she threatened me of job. Ram says why didn’t you do tell truth before. He then scolds Gita politely for not teaching good values to Gagan. He asks Gagan not to think that he didn’t understand anything. He asks him to search Pinky. Pinky thinks if she shall go home. A car driver stops and asks where you want to go? Pinky says my home. She then thinks of Ram’s words and says I can’t go home. She says my condition is like that dhobi ka dog, who doesn’t have house or ghat.

Precap: Pinky tells Arjun that the people has stolen her jewellery and calling her thief. Arjun asks her to beat them. Pinky beats the goons.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Badiya hain pinky ko gagan ke bare main patta chal gaya i hate gagan i am only love arjun and pinky

  2. Arjun pinky hi badiya hain acha hain pinky ko gagan ki sachai pata chal gai

  3. Arjun pinky

  4. Verma4

    Gagan is a real f**ken wanker bigger than Pinky’s father. (didn’t wanna use Ram in a degrading manner). Why did Ram call Gagan rather than Pinky , dick head. I want Arjun pinky pair. akhir bakre ki maa kab tak khair manayegi. Gagan just shit in his pants. I don’t think Ram bought any of that BS.

  5. Yvonne Codner

    I salute you Pinky for your bravado! That Gagan is so cheap and also to be saying those mean and cruel things about Pinky to his mistress! Shame…Nanduuuuuuuuuu you are awesome. Can you imagine, Arjun, Pinky, and Nandu, together….awesome threesome!!!! Tonight’s episode was wonderful!!!

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