Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Arjun’s Amma creates problems

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 14th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram telling Imarti that he accepts her as his daughter and that’s why if she has any problem in life then come to him without any hesitation. Imarti gets emotional and touches his feet. She goes. Ram asks Nalini about Pinky and tells that vikas came to meet her. Nalini says she is in her room and quite unwell. She says she must be coming. Pinky recalls how Ram made her wear bangles and accepted her as his daughter. She gets emotional. Nalini comes to Pinky and tells that she was shocked to see her imarti. She says if your Papa and Arjun come to know that you are Imarti then what will happen. Pinky says Papa loves Imarti a lot, he never speaks with me nicely like that. She says how it will be, if he loves me same way. She says if I get Papa’s love as Imarti then I will be Imarti. Nalini says even I felt good to see your Papa’s love and her. She says he made you wear these bangles with so much love. She says this is shagun and I wish everything will be fine. Pinky cries. Nalini hugs her.

Pinky recalls her marriage with Arjun. She comes to Vikas and says sorry. Vikas says I made Ajwain water for your upset stomach. Pinky says I got late as I met Imarti. Vikas says your face is showing that you are very uncomfortable and asks her to remove her heels. He tells that marriage doesn’t happen with heights. Ram tells Nalini that Vikas is a good guy and asks her to talk to Pinky, so that he can get their engagement done. Asha takes photo of Pinky and Vikas and tells that both of them are like cut wings. Shraddha says the guy is good. Asha says he is second hand guy. Vikas tells him about his divorce and tells that she used to like a different guy altogether. He says I could come out of my first marriage with great difficulty, I can’t bear another jerk. Pinky thinks he is a pure gold, but I have to hide this from her as I am doing this for a girl. She gets the pictures sent by Arjun and thinks why she feels some vibration in her body.

Arjun’s Amma tells Kalyani that the marriage is fake, and the kala jamun doesn’t stay in the house. She says she will bring out the truth infront of everyone. She says she will do workout. Vikas shows exercise to Pinky, Ram and Asha. Asha tells that her hand is locked. Vikas says your hand will be released. Ram asks her to concentrate on Yoga. He asks her to do some light exercise in which someone else takes the breath. Amma sees Arjun and asks Imarti to give her water. Arjun says her name is Imarti. Amma says if she has not returned till now and asks if someone from NCPCR comes home then? Pinky sees Seema coming to Arjun’s house while she is doing yoga with Ram and Vikas. Arjun sees Seema and asks her to come inside. Seema says she came to get the photos. Amma tells that she is Arjun’s mom and he called her from Chennai. She asks when our doll is returning? Seema says you didn’t tell that your mum stays with you, says you will get Nandu soon. Amma tells that her bahu is sweet and asks him to call her bahu. She then asks Arjun if bahu went outside. Just then they hear some sound and go to the room. Amma asks ras malai you are here. Imarti says she was cleaning the room and the things fell down. Seema asks how are you? Imarti says beautiful. Arjun asks her to have something. Seema says she will just take pics. Amma asks if she can come for tea in the evening and asks her to meet bahu’s parents also. Imarti coughs. Amma says if Seema ji meets her parents then she will give us Nandu soon.

Asha calls Pinky and asks her to open the door, as she has brought her iron clothes. Nalini comes there and asks Asha what happened? Asha says Pinky is not opening the door. Nalini says Pinky is sleeping and takes clothes from her hand. Arjun asks his mother if she is mad to do this? amma says so that I can make Nandu go far from you. She asks him to trust her and tells that whatever she did is to show Seema their family bonding. Arjun asks since when you started thinking this way. His mother says you have made fun of my emotions also. Arjun says where did this emotions go, when you used to leave me with maid. I couldn’t see your face for weeks, when I started making my friends, you made them go far from me.

Arjun asks his Amma if she ever wanted to know what he wants to become. His Amma says if she wants him to become a doctor then it is not wrong. She taunts him asking what is he doing? He tells that he was waiting for her during his birthdays, but she never attended his birthdays. He asks her not to show her fake love to him. She shows him kamar band and says you was searching it since years, I kept it safely. Arjun asks her to keep her emotional drama with herself and says it will not work on me. Amma looks on.

Precap: Pinky tells Arjun that if her father comes here then he will shoot you and you will die. Arjun asks then what to do.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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