Naamkaran 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Saisha gets pregnant

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Naamkaran 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with KK sitting in puja. Kamini asks pandit to do puja and save KK from bad influence. Neil, Avni and DD come there. Avni holds KK’s collar and asks where is my Saisha, I will not leave you, she is missing. Kamini says how dare you misbehave with my son. Avni says your intentions are bad, where is my Saisha. Kamini says she must be trying to trap someone, go and find her, I won’t tolerate anything against my son. Neil says your son is also involved in this case.

Kamini says KK is with us, if he loved KK, he would have been with Saisha, go and find that characterless girl. Neil asks KK to say where is Saisha. Kamini signs no to KK. Avni says you people are sick, you are not concerned for her, I will never let Saisha come in this house. She scolds KK.

Kamini says get out, you have no idea who I am. Neil asks KK to say if he knows anything. Saisha says where are you KK, please come soon. Pandit says its late, we need to close the temple, maybe your fiance won’t come today. She says he will be coming. He says we will wait for him, maybe he is coming. Kamini stops KK. Neil says tell me where is Saisha, you lost her and me too, you are a very bad person, don’t ever say you love Saisha. Neil and Avni leave. KK cries. Kamini says don’t be so weak, they will find Saisha, we can’t be involved with cheap people, you are a superstar.

Mitali says you didn’t get her, this news shouldn’t spread. Avni says she is not in this temple and marriage court, don’t know how is she. Neil says please calm down, relax. Avni gets a call. Rahil says listen to me carefully, KK told me about Saisha, he was meeting her at the temple near park, sorry for whatever happened. Avni thanks him. They leave.

Saisha wakes up and smiles. She sees Neil and Avni. Avni asks are you fine. Saisha asks where is KK, you can’t see me happy, why are you after me. DD and Mitali look on. Saisha says you don’t love me. Avni says KK hasn’t come because…. Saisha says you didn’t let him come, go and get my KK. She faints. Avni asks what happened. They hold Saisha. They come home. Avni says Saisha will get fine soon.

Bebe asks what did doctor say. Avni says its due to exertion, doctor has done all the tests, reports will come soon, we will have to take good care of her. Sunehri says its good we got to know Kamini’s truth, KK is just her puppet. Avni says we know this, not Saisha, we have to bring this truth out. Mowgli and Pinky fight for one chocolate. Avni makes them share the chocolate and says sharing is caring, you pushed Pinky so you will get a smaller share. She sends them.

Sunehri asks why do you give less share to Mowgli always. Avni says because he is younger one, I balance it out, I teach him how to adjust. Mitali says I need to talk to you. Neil says thanks for everything. She says I couldn’t apologize well, I did wrong with Avni, you know its reason, I had fallen in love with you, I m your friend, I m not a bad person. He says I know, you are a nice person, but I m disappointed with this. She goes. He gets down the car and goes to her. He says you haven’t eaten anything right, I know. She says you don’t know how sorry I m, I promise I will consider you only my friend. He smiles and says fine, you will have to eat something for the sake of our friendship.

Kids show get well soon cards to Saisha. She smiles. Avni gets doctor’s call and says maybe reports have come. Doctor says reports are out, Saisha is pregnant. Avni gets shocked and drops the phone. Shweta asks what happened. Bebe asks Avni. Sunehri sends kids with Sitara.

Saisha asks what happened. Avni slaps her. Shweta asks what are you doing Avni. Avni cries and says how do I tell what happened, she ruined everything, she is pregnant. They get shocked. Avni says I was wrong about Saisha, why did she do this. Saisha cries. Avni says I failed today. Saisha says sorry. Avni says you didn’t think of me even once, I thought I m making you strong, but no I was wrong.

Bebe says you have done wrong, pregnancy before marriage, you should have thought once. Shweta says Saisha has done a mistake, we should think what to do now. Saisha says I just love KK. Sunehri says society doesn’t understand this love, you don’t know what they call an unwed mother. Avni says I m not able to achieve what I want. She goes. Shweta hugs Saisha. Bebe says you broke Avni’s trust. Shweta says we need to think what to do next. Bebe prays. Saisha says please forgive me, I made a big mistake, I have made Avni’s life a hell. Avni says I slapped Saisha today, where did I lack in raising her, I couldn’t teach her right and wrong, there are two options left now.

Saisha says I don’t know how will I raise this child alone. Avni says come with me to the hospital. Neil stops Avni and asks have you gone mad. Avni says my decision is right.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ayesha_malhotra

    Horrible episode ! And the best part was when Avni slapped that chuhi’s daughter saisha . And I liked when Neil asked Avni to calm down . why the hell Neil forgave that mithali but not Avni ! And in Precap not Avni but Neil has gone mad ! Now in upcoming episodes Neil will do saisha’s kanyadan . I seriously want to kill KaIsha . I prefer watching IPL

  2. Sana.

    disgusting episode. avni deserves it for rising that chudail chuhi’s daughter up. sayesha like her mother chuhi get pragnant before marriage. upcoming that khathas will get married and neil do kanyadan for that khadha. whats the need for kanyadan for a pragnant lady, she is not kanya now na?anyways this cvs will fall to any doubt may be they will make mogli also avneil’s son and may bring any twists as they made young girl like avni’s daughter got prangnant before avni. don’t get angry on me guys for saying like this. now i don’t have any trust on this cvs and i get to know that they will fall to any extent.

  3. I don’t like today’s episode at all. I think my decision of not watching nk is right but I heard in one of the spoilers that nk is going off air and zain Imam is pleading adiza fans to watch nk only on TV and not on online as online trp of nk good. So for his wish I watched today’s episode only on TV and for his words I have changed my mind and will watch nk only on TV but the day they make kaisha as the leads I will stop watching this serial forever. Anyways plz guys continue to watch nk only on TV only for Zain’s request even I too decided to quit nk from today but after hearing zain’s request I think we should try nk might be some miracle will happen and CVS will remember that avneil are the leads and they will kill that saisha and kk. Anyways not interested in this serial at all just watching for adiza as I don’t want their hard work to get ruined like CVS already spoiled their talents.

    1. Thank God adi I am seeing this show for same reason.i don’t want their hard word of avneil go waste.

  4. Upcoming: Neil will get emotional seeing avni’s bleeding hand and will aid her lovingly. There will be a moment between avneil. I think now only makers realized that this show is nothing without avneil.

    1. Sana.

      you’re right adi. i’m also watching nk for adiza 3times a day eventhough i hate this track.

  5. Is Mowgli Avni and Neil’s son

  6. Sana.

    the way saisha scold avni, if i was present there i would definitely slapped her left and right continuously till i get tired. anyways guys i made a solid plan to kill that khatha and want you guys to help me in executing this plan. my plan is i wish to give electric shock to that khatha[kaisha] like chuhi gave to bebe as per adi’s plan then we should put their half death body into big kadaai and we guys dry them together as per ayesha’s plan and finally we should throw their burnt body into ocean by tying a big stone on their body so that they won’t get over of it. what you guys are saying about my plan?pls share your opinions to kill them.we all should have to do it quickly.

    1. Ayesha_malhotra

      Whatever the plan is I’m with you sana

    2. Yes sana I am with you whatever may be the plan I only want that Katha to die soon but not so easily we have to first torture them for ruining adiza’s hard work and talents and then only we will kill them. Just call me also when you are going to execute the plan…….

  7. Oh God what the hell is NK showing.
    Where is it’s uniqueness.
    Only this was left showing this bl**dy Saisha pregnant.
    Was waiting for the slap.
    Quitting Naamkaran
    no offence to anyone.
    But no NK

    1. Guys plz watch it for avneil zain particularly begged us to see this show on tv so that it doesn’t go off air

  8. Hey I am new on this page:-)
    But I would like to point out something. There is some serious age miscalculation here.
    I should have posted this a long time back but still see if u find something wrong .
    At the beginning when Avni grew up, they too k a 15 yrs leap. Before the leap we can take Aman’s maximum age to be 1 yr. After the leap he cannot be more than 16 yrs of age, still they had shown that he goes to college. How?:-|
    Next before the 10yr leap we can take Mishti’s maximum age to be 6 yrs. Then after 10 yrs leap she should be of maximum 16 yrs. And they recently celebrated her 18th b’day. How?

    1. Sana.

      you’re welcome evelyn

      1. Ur r right Niel says 5 years then MISTI age was 4 years na how mistis age after 6 months 8 years. Without knowing us story takes 4 years leap there na

    2. When Misti didn’t came in avni life that time she is 6 years old.when the show took a 6 montbs leap that time Misti is 8 years old when avneil again rescued her from vidyut.
      According to age Misti 18 years now you should calculate properly she has correct age.aman age may be wrong but Misti has correct age.

      1. Sana.

        after 6 months she must be 6yrs and 6 months na how she can be 8? show took 6 months leap and not 2yrs then how can it be?

      2. Yaar sana I will
        Take Misti minimum age 6years when she was vidyut
        At the time avneil must come to know about her she must be 7.
        And at the time avneil again rescued her from she must be 8
        Add 8+10.
        She has correct age.

      3. I know 6 months logic is bit confusing but when they can show 1 day for 1 week then 6 months can become 1 year too according to their logic.if we see logic here we all will go mad for seeing this show.

    3. Ayesha_malhotra

      Welcome to this page evelyn

  9. Guys, I saw one saisha pic in instagram . she is standing with bebe and pinky ,in that pic saaisha wearing mangalsutra and keeping sindoor and also I saw one video from YouTube in that video Neil is doing kanyadan it means Sasha get married with kk . it confirmed and sana did I you are right I am expected more in last friday

  10. Mitali made Neil are again friends. But Mitali should know her limits.
    Pregnancy track. So bad……

  11. Uh I just hate that freaking shaisha why the heck is her drama going on
    me literally rolling my eyes seeing her acting! oh my gaawwwd….

  12. Worst episode ever.
    sorry adi suggested you you can take a break if you want but see atleast once because of trp.

  13. Disgusting episode

  14. I think avni should tell misthi the truth about her father now n send her ass back to him

  15. What the hell is NK showing.
    Where is it’s uniqueness.
    This bl**dy Saisha is pregnant.
    Only this was left to show now first showing her getting intimate to a man of her father’s age now this.
    But was waiting for the slap.
    Saisha was looking so bad in temple.
    No NK now not even once.
    Tolerated it a lot for Avneil and trp but no more.

  16. I use to look at this series when the late Reema Lagoo was on It seem like ages since I have watched it a lot has happened since then what happen to Avini’s mom and dad?

    1. Late Reem logo killed her father when he found out that she killed avni mother

    2. Ages, that’s right so much has changed since then the show got their favorite couple avneil and all worked out.when was your last episode you watched.

  17. Sry guys for disturbing can I ask you something watching nk in HD can increase the trp or not? Bcoz in our TV there are HD channels also if trp will increase then I can watch nk for 6 to 7 times as in HD channels the show is one hour late……

    1. Sana.

      I think it will increase even I used to watch it 6 times when we had HD channels but now we have only set up box so I’m watching it thrice.

  18. Sana.

    Upcoming avni is chased by goons and neil came to save her. I think they will fight together with that goons.

  19. Thank u Sana for telling and yeah I also saw one video on YouTube in which goons are running behind avni and Neil holds her and will save her after that I think there will be pool romance also as in another video I watched that also.

  20. How did the b*t*h became pregnant so soon!!??

  21. Firstly i dont understand that ho these serial doctors come to know that a gal is pregnant within a week its been hardly a week that they were kidnapped then they were back n in 2 days they were getting engaged n on hardly 5 or 6th day they r running away to get married n now in a week or 2 dr. is telling them that Saisha is pregnant Wow. the mistake of avni was she saved Juhi n Vidhyut’s child n raised her up with love n now Saisha is making Avni’s life miserable

  22. I dont like this episode..

  23. Man in these series a doctor can even tell what the gender of the baby is without you even one consummating their marriage yuh think is joke na is real thing they are psychic lol

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