Naamkaran 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Ali fails to escape

Naamkaran 8th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil asking Avni did her stealing habit not do. She cries and asks why does he not ask Shweta, who wants her to leave the house, she can hide the pendrive, she was always a case for her, she is a sympathy case for him now. Neil says you are misunderstanding. She says I still have a heart, I get hurt. He holds her and says its tough to understand you, I don’t trust you, you won’t be involved in this case, sorry, is that clear. She says I just want to prove my friend Ali innocent. She goes.

Shweta taunts Neela and asks what happened now after truth came out, Avni is roaming like Shani here, Ali is after my son’s life. Avni asks Shweta to stop it, this footage is tampered, I will believe when Ali tells this to me. She gets Ali’s video. Ali says I have always loved you and can do anything to get you, I did bomb blast and tried to kill Neil in hospital, I did this for you, I tried to kidnap you, but Riya got kidnapped by mistake, don’t try to find me, you can’t find me, you are just made for me, I can do anything to get you. Ali tries to leave. He sees a phone.

Avni says this can’t happen and stumbles. Neil holds her. She says Ali can’t do this. Ali tries to call. Fatima says Ali can’t do this and cries. Amol thinks Avni will break by Ali’s lie. Ballu takes phone from Ali. Ali gets caught. Shweta asks Neil to promise he will get Ali punished. Neil asks her to go and rest. Avni leaves in an auto. Neil asks her to stop and calls her.

Neil says just talk to me once. She disconnects the call. Prakash says I can’t believe Ali can do this bad thing. Shweta asks Neil does he believe Ali is after his life. Amol smiles and goes. Neil says no. Meher says I told you this man will try to run away. Ballu says you got him caught. Pandit ji will be happy, tell what to do with him. She says I just did what I felt right, you think what to do. Ali asks why do you want to trap me, you have… She says be quiet, its impossible to run from here. Ali thinks why is she doing this when she helped me.

Neil says I know Ali loves Avni and he was upset with our marriage, we can’t record such statement, Avni believes him, maybe someone has forced him to say this statement. Ballu praises Meher. A man says Meher, pandit ji called you in jail. Avni is at Ali’s cafe and sees their childhood pic. She says I promise I will save you. Her old friends come to meet and say they found about Ali. Neil checks footage again and says I should talk to Avni.

Avni gets a car number from her friend. Neil calls her. She doesn’t see the call. Her friend says we need police help, you talk to your husband, he will do something. She thinks how to call him, I blamed him, he may think I m using him, what to do. She sees Neil’s call and answers. Call disconnects. She calls back. Neil answers. She says I need your help to find Ali. He asks where are you. She says I m in his cafe. Amol talks to Dayaben and says Neil and Avni are finding Avni. She says yes, but we need a weak link, Neil’s life is Avni, if she disappears, Neil will find him. He says it means we are going to kidnap her tonight. She scolds him. He says I got Neil and Avni’s divorce papers. She says you did right work now, listen what you have to do.

Neil passes water to Avni and asks her to say. Ali tells him that she found about some car taken on rent. He asks her the source of info. She says many things are happening with us, I feel its connected. She tells about the girl she met and inviting her home. He says you are thinking a lot, we can’t reach any conclusion without proof. She says we will find any proof if we find together. He says I will try. He calls DD and asks him to trace car quick.

Gurumaa talks to Meher. She asks you got that guy caught, are you playing any game. Meher says no. Gurumaa warns her against cheating. Meher says I care for my life. Gurumaa asks her to leave. She asks Ballu to keep an eye on Meher. Avni cries seeing Ali’s pic. Neil holds her tear in hand and tries to wipe. She turns. He says car address is found. She says we will go together. He says let police do the work. She says but Ali is my friend, he needs my help. He says I don’t know those people, I can’t risk your life. She says I don’t trust police. He stops her and asks her to understand. He handcuffs her. She says this is wrong. She asks him to open the handcuffs, you want to know what I feel when you stare at me, I feel you keep an eye on me as I m a thief for you, you don’t trust me, you stay as ACP Neil Khanna, not my husband. Neil goes. She shouts to him.

Avni looks around and hears someone coming. DD says Avni is not here. Neil thinks did anyone kidnap her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I didn’t expect this from naamkaran.mein toh gar mein sab see ladkar naamkaran tv per dekhne rahi hu taki trp achi rahe. Lekin aaj kada epi mujhe dissapoint kardiya

  2. Ohh an divorce bhi hoga….. Aur kya kya shock denge yeh 🙁

    1. Neil ka pehla pyaar juhi dono ek horahey hai

    2. Neil ka pehla pyaar juhi aur Neil best hai Ali deserves avni.

      Divorce kya kehrahey ho aap

  3. Juhi and Neil❤️

    Neil is good With Juhi come on pls give Neil to Juhi

  4. Faltu episode…actually this track itself is faltu,worst….I wanna ask cvs what more they gonna do to separate avneil…can’t they write tracks where Avneil are together……trp low hone ki badh bhi sabak nahi mila unko…..I think I should stop watching it for few days and watch kundali bhagya…it’s amazing that’s why it is ruling trp chart from beginning…..sorry,if I said much….what to do this cvs is making my bheja fry

  5. Hi! Friends…khyti same to you plead for remote or fight for remote

  6. Syamala Ranganathan

    I thought when Namakaran replaced the slot of Diya aur bati hum, it is going to be a nice serial. There are too many negative characters. Violence and cruelty has increased. It is not nice to see amol succeding in all his bad activities.The producer has disappointed us.

  7. This show started off good after the leap but suddenly gone to worst . How in the hell can 2 ladies in jail conduct such activities and wear regular cloths & even step out stupid . That Riya & idiotic Aman with that smirks on their face as for Swetta she is the biggest B—ch As for Avni why tolerate all this crap in this house why did you return to the house . And why bring this Juhi character like Avni doesn’t have enough haters in this show Will she ever see any happiness ever in her life Absolutely pathetic all this happening under Neil’s nose in his house and can’t figure a thing some kinda cop he is Avni seems to figure it out better than hubby????

  8. total bakwas always only devil wins in this serial from first episode….negativity violence

  9. What is this yaaarrr!!! Why is the cvs doing things like this….so divorce bhi hoga… Naamkran was the best but its very bad now… They are doing many things to seperate avneil …… I heard that meher is just only someone who look alike juhi…. Hope it’s the truth… And waiting for Monday…. I amnot at all understanding the track of juhi helping Ali…

    Anyone please say what is the confession. And the ten days time…????

    I don’t know what it is… Juhi’s track is very confusing

  10. JV…u right…ACP Neil acting zero…n avni what is she trying to accomplish….is it a must to b liked by shweta??? Its bcom disappointing n disgusting…star plus u portraying deyas no law or justice…unbelievable

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