Naamkaran 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mitali rescues Jeetu

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Naamkaran 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mitali saying time up, your aide has spoken up, you won’t keep any demands now, tell us where did you keep Jeetu, if you help me, I will appeal for your punishment to get less. Kamini says fine, I will cooperate, then I will make a call. Mitali comes to Avni and tells about three address. Avni says we have no time, Jeetu is in trouble. She checks addresses and says I heard that man telling about the godown, I think Jeetu is there. Mitali says you can’t come alone, you trust me right, I will update you on time. She goes. Kamini calls someone and says just run, police is reaching there. The lady prepares to leave before police raids. Mitali says there is no one here. The couple takes some kids in a van. Avni prays for Jeetu.

Mitali stops the van and gets the kids. Avni hugs Jeetu and says I won’t let you leave like this again. She thanks Mitali. She says you are an angel for them. Mitali says thanks, you told me about godown. Neil comes and says Mitali told me, you got Kamini arrested. Mitali says yes, Kamini wasn’t saying anything, its good lawyer told the truth. Neil says why did Kamini do this. Avni says to take revenge from me because I got Saisha married to KK. Mitali says Avni would have got framed, its good Avni helped police. Avni says I can’t think Kamini would fall so low. Saisha cries and says sorry, Kamini did bad. Avni says its not your mistake, you have warned me about Kamini. Saisha says Mowgli should stay with you, none can love us more. She hugs Avni.

Avni asks Jeetu why isn’t he eating. He gets sad. She says those people were bad. He says we have no time or parents, will just bad happen with us. Avni cries. She says I was also a little kid like you, I didn’t had a home and family, but I know I was special like you all are special, one who has no name can decide on own, we become what we want, we will play a game today, you can become anything you want. Bum bum bole….plays…. Avni and kids dance. Avni’s lawyer asks her to be careful, opposition lawyer will try to hit on her weakness and prove her wrong. Avni says he will question on my leaving, I will appear wrong. He says we have to be prepared. She stays hopeful. Its morning, Neil’s lawyer calls Avni for questioning.

He asks where did you stay with Mowgli. She says Kashid. He asks what did you do for son’s security. She says I used to get donation at orphanage, I used to give tuitions also, Mowgli has seen me working. The lawyer says kids should get the right environment. She says I m running my orphanage from Mumbai now. He asks were Nail and you divorced ten years ago. She says no, it happened few days back, but we got separated. He says Neil thought his wife died in the fire accident, he felt it was his mistake, so he left his police duty, you stayed in a lovely beach house and ran an orphanage.

She says I wanted to save them from a wrong man. He says you are saying about Vidyut, he died in the hail, right upbringing is needed for a kid, I want to know more about you, you are Ashish’s daughter. She nods. He says Aisha was Ashish’s unwedded wife, you know what are such children called, you are Ashish’s illegitimate child. Neil looks on. Avni cries. Her lawyer tries to defend. Neil’s lawyer says its about a child’s life, Mowgli has to deal with it.

Avni says you are right, society has a right to give medal, I have learnt the meaning of illegitimate word, Aisha has raised me well, Neela came in my life after Aisha’s death, she raised me like her own child. Neil’s lawyer says you have a police record by Ananya’s name, when you got free from these cases, you got Vidyut in your life, he fell love with you, he wanted to marry you, this was not possible without your encouragement, there is no fire without a spark. Avni cries.

Neil’s lawyer insults Avni. Neil goes after her. He looks for Avni. He thinks where are you Avni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Deeyaana

    I want to kill that stupid lawyer again neil made me wait for 2 days …… feel really bad for Avni.

    1. AryanBhattacharya

      Deeyaana will you please say me why many persons are giving “telly update awards” in profile pic?

      1. Deeyaana

        Check my wall there you will see a post i had posted on the wall of TUawards 2018. Visit that member and scroll the activity wall. you will find 21 different links to vote in 21 different categories. vote fast, today is the last day. enjoy ur voting right as a tu member

    2. If Naamkaran show reaches top 5 it will get an extension.

  2. Pavithra1616

    Epi was not so good nor not so bad.. First half was good as avni succeeded… Second half was so bad actually! How dare that lawyer speak so badly to avni.. And did u guys see Neil khanna’s expression each time the lawyer said against avni. Neil will win the custody case now.. And actually where did avni really going the precap? What all the lawyer said reminded me about the old avneil.. And the last part was so bad.. Neil’s expression was no words to say.. Hats off to zainu.. Now just 2 weeks to go..and avneil will be a memory.. Waiting for Monday’s epi eagerly.. Neil came to the orphanage and said she can ask anything to him.. Oh!Neil khanna! U r on the way back to our Neil khanna.. But I don’t think uwill reach there as u was that much worse.. Luv u avneil…??

  3. AryanBhattacharya

    I liked today’s precap very much

  4. AryanBhattacharya

    Hey friends!!! A good news…. Naamkaran is back in top ten list of BARC ?

    1. Deepi

      Its a good news…..?

  5. Today’s episode is not so bad. Plz star plus naamkaran ko off mat Karo yaar plz I beg u. It is in top 10 now then why don’t you reconsider your decision for god sake.

    1. Deeyaana

      dii i couldn’t send you request because we students are not allowed to use fb according to school rules. i can send you frn request when my holidays will restart…

      1. Ok deeyana I am waiting.nd when ur holiday s start. You still didnt got Ur holidays.

  6. Sana.

    Avni got only humiliation in return for her love.its all because of Neil only and Avni should not forgive him for this.neil ass doesn’t deserve Avni at all.i just want to kill him.for him Vidyut is far better.because of him only Vidyut entered into avni’s life and the lawyer saying that Vidyut fell in love with her with her encouragement ohh really Neil only provoke Vidyut to fall in love with his wife.neil is characterless and Neil’s lawyer wants prove Avni characterless.avni can prove that Neil is going to move on with Mitali then how can they take care of her child why can’t she prove that she can but she didn’t as she can’t fall low like Neil why he is searching for avni? Avni Kahan he Usme unka kya Lena dena he? Why can’t he leave her alone for sometime why can’t he let her live peacefully.really he is asking Avni if anything she needs she can inform him ohh really then why he doesn’t want to give mogli to her thats the only thing she asks from him.then why he is asking her what she needs as he knew already that he cannot give to her? All humiliations Avni got made me to cry and also hate Neil a hatred towards him is unmeasurable.he is totally a womaniser.such a disgusting degraded character is Neil he is degraded than vidyut.vidyut even trapped his lovable mom for Avni but this Neil….he is degraded than anyone else in the universe.even villain didn’t want to see avni’s humiliation but this Neil is the main reason for her humiliation.he is a cheater husband,betrayer and degraded man in the universe.

    1. U r really correct he is ass he is cheater husband and doesn’t deserve avni at all

  7. I feel bad for avni

  8. Hi everyone today my 1st post. I like avni and feel bad for her.

  9. Ashithaammu

    The epi was not good enough.The first half was okay.I want to kill that lawyer when he spoke so badly to avni.same precap again….waiting for mondays episode..Luv u avniel…???

  10. You dumb idiot ….bewakufff……rascal…… Neil…..what type of a husband you are and what kind of man you are idiot….you don’t know meaning of love…. congratulations CVs you people totally destroyed Neil character like anything in today’s episode…..WE HATE YOU Neil…

    1. Sana.

      He doesn’t know the meaning of love as it’s only his pretention.he never ever loved a woman truly.he loved chuhi then after moved on with Avni and at once said that he didn’t love her in one episode I think in which Neil got suspended during rang Mahal he wants to move on with Mitali siding Avni and saying that he doesn’t love her now in future he will repeat the same to another girl as he is a flirt,womaniser, cheater,deceit,disloyal, characterless moreover he doesn’t deserve any girl’s love.i wish him to pay for his actions but it seems like that it won’t happen at all as they are upto shut down the show with happy note.i don’t want this to happen Neil should pay badly for his actions.

  11. Rockingangels

    I cant do anything except roll my eyes @ this bullsh*t going on ???

  12. This Neil khanna??? What happened to him? ??

  13. Deepi

    Avni & kids dance scene is just lovely.And the court scene is disgusting?.I am really feel for avni& that Neil is so irritating…….but I am happy that avni is so strong on behalf of this stupidity & Neil’s behavior. Love u Avni

  14. I didn’t like the way the lawyer spoke to Avni, I won’t blame him cause he is working for his money. Beside he wouldn’t have known all about Avni if not for Neil.
    For me Neil stoop so low to expose his ex-wife. Vidyut wouldn’t do that. And Avni wouldn’t do that if tables were turned because she is too intelligent.

    Base on episodes that i have watched Neil doesn’t even deserved her. If I was to be in Avni’s position I will erase him from my life completely.

    After telling the lawyer nonsense he his shouting at him, why did he tell him in the first place and why did he go looking for her? That’s the part I don’t even understand.

    I’m only watching cause I’m waiting to see how they will reconcile.

  15. I heard that naamkaran is going to end.
    Is that right what i heard?

    1. Some say it is going to end Nd some say it timings are going to change. So we all are confused. I think they want to end the show.

      1. This may 18 on zains birthday

  16. Superb episode. It’s so sad that the show is ending?????

  17. after watching today’s episode Avni should have married vidyut instead of saving Neil and his family. Too much humiliation for her!! My heart goes out to her 🙁

  18. I think Neil should let avni go n marry mitali he doesn’t know what he wants

  19. I am new hi everybody. I also like to see better for Avni,from childhood she treated so badly as “ najaesh” I hate this word so she has to out of this word and stay normal life.please written this sereal do something for Avni.

    1. hai India welcome to this page. Ur real name is India too atleast u could have kept any other name. Just a suggestion I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.i am sorry if I did.

  20. I don’t no why Neil is giving so much pain to avni & also I think this is the right time to reveal the truth about neela mom’s murder.I don’t like this mitali she always coming between avni & neil.

    1. Everyone wants that truth to come out Sara.

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