Naamkaran 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Saisha upsets Avni

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Naamkaran 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni saying you all are my life, you call me Jaan didi, I have taught you all to say truth, you that you can live with pride always, I care for you all, I want to bring a small change in this world, this word illegitimate shouldn’t be a bad word, person is known by work, not name, my dream’s destination is this Sukoon house. Samrat says Jaan didi chose this life for us, so that we all stay happy. Saisha cries and hugs her. She says I m really sorry, I love you, please forgive me. Avni says its okay, always remember one thing, you will make a name for yourself, work will always be remembered unlike name, I love you so much, even your mum wouldn’t have loved you much. Saisha hugs Avni.

Neil says KK tell me clearly, what do you think about Saisha. KK says she lied to me. Neil asks didn’t you lie to impress somebody, she did this for you, she is not selfish or calculative, she is a simple girl, she helped you when you needed, you didn’t help her when she needed you, that was wrong, there is a reason behind her lie, Saisha is just 18, she is immature, I feel she should get one more chance, don’t forget what all she faced because of you. KK says you are right, I didn’t take a stand for Saisha. Neil asks will you leave Saisha now. KK says no way, I love her a lot. Neil says then talk to your mom. KK says its difficult, you think she will agree after this, I have an idea, it might work, I will talk to her, I need a favor from you. Neil nods.

Avni asks what does KK want. Neil says KK wants you to adopt Saisha, she will get the name of my family, as we both are still husband and wife, Kamini will agree only if Saisha gets a surname. Prakashs asks will things sort out by having a surname, didn’t you see how Kamini insulted Saisha. Avni says no, her identity won’t change, she is an emotional fool, Bebe you told me once you don’t care about my last name and accepted me, why can’t Saisha get such family. Bebe says everyone is not like us. Avni says my world is like this, Saisha will get such family, someone like Neil who love her. Neil looks at her. Bebe says yes, she will find them. Avni asks Tara and Sitara to make kids ready, we will leave today, Samrat talk to Saisha.

Shweta says don’t leave, I won’t be able to hold back my tears. Bebe says don’t go, we are smiling after ten years, you are our smile, don’t take away our smile, why don’t you stay here, they will be like my great grandchildren, I will be able to get peace. Shweta says talk to Saisha. Avni says Saisha cried all night, she reminded me of Aisha, she used to cry like that. Saisha comes and says I spoke to KK, he asked you to adopt me, then his mom will agree for this marriage. Avni says I already gave you my name, you forgot my principles. Saisha says once I get surname, Kamini will agree. Shweta says like Dayaben didn’t let your dad do. Avni says I love you more than anyone. Saisha says then adopt me, its a formality.

Avni says I thought you are blindly in love, you are still believing her, enough now. Saisha says its not about Kapoor family, I don’t want to live as an illegitimate child. Avni says I lost today, you are accepting the injustice of the society, because of KK’s small demand, I got to know you are not what I thought. Saisha asks why won’t you do this. Avni says you don’t understand what love is. Saisha says you know what love is, so you left the person who loved you unconditionally, I think you don’t know love or you didn’t love him ever. Avni raises hand. Neil shouts Avni. Avni stops. Saisha gets angry and goes.

Bebe and Shweta go after her. Avni cries seeing her mangalsutra tied to Neil’s wrist. She says I don’t care about the world, I know you are angry with me, I have snatched ten years of your life, I know you won’t forgive me, I can’t express my love in world, just my heart can understand this, you will understand that I did this for your love’s sake. He turns to her and goes. Avni calls KK and says I have to meet you. Bebe consoles Saisha. Shweta says you should have not talked to Avni like that, you don’t know what she went through. Saisha says if she has seen much pain in her life, why can’t she see my pain, she lied and went away from you all, I don’t think she knows love. Bebe says Avni loves Neil. Saisha says Nilanjana killed Avni, I know Nilanjana. She will never understand this, I will lose my true love because of her. Sunehri says enough, Avni would have stayed here with Neil with all comforts, but she forgot everything to save them, you don’t know how she lived, I have seen her, we have seen her pain, stop crying, don’t say anything about Avni. Neil comes and says Saisha, come with me.

KK says I was waiting for Neil, I got hope when you called, so will you adopt Saisha, I really love her, I m ashamed that I didn’t take a stand for her, nothing like this will happen again. Avni says its not late, I feel you are saying what your mom taught you, how does it matter if she has father’s name or not. He says my name will never agree, Saisha is an orphan, media will make news everyday, if you adopt Saisha, this will end, trust me, this will be better for your and Neil’s image too, I know the truth. Avni says image is subjective, you can say you don’t care for Saisha’s surname, love happens with person, not name, you can’t go against your mom, sorry, we have to cancel this alliance.

Reporters ask Avni about Vidyut. They say you should be punished for this lie. Avni gets arrested. Neil looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ayesha_malhotra

    I didn’t like the episode except for khanna family scene . This K.K is another ashish . He says he loves saisha but he can’t go against his mom . And Avni should have slapped saisha . I don’t know why Neil stopped Avni . From this I can see that k.k and saisha don’t love each other truly . Precap is horrible .

    1. Sana.

      you’re right. this kk is another ashish. history repeats once again and for god’s sake pls don’t compare saisha with ayesha ma. now avni will be like neela ma and will get that saisha married to a person like neil so that they can become main leads or else they will make her become pragnant and kk will like ashish won’t support saisha and she will give birth to illegitimate for this you cvs better shut the show instead of repeating the same things.

      1. Ayesha_malhotra

        Hey I won’t compare that stupid saisha with Ayesha ma . Saisha is so annoying . I hope AvNeil doesn’t adopt that saisha

      2. Sana.

        you’re not comparing but avni compared her with ayesha ma in today’s episode. i forgot to share this in my comment. once i read your comment in which you compared kk with ashish i remembered it. thats y i shared my opinion on your comment itself i’m sorry.

      3. Ayesha_malhotra

        Hey Sana why are you saying sorry ?? and I hate that fact that Avni compared that stupid saisha with her Ayesha mom

  2. Sana.

    oh really neil wants to adopt that stupid saisha and the way he is lecturing kk wow, its just like a person who himself won’t follow what he preach. wow. he asks kk to give sayesha a chance as she lied to get him only then what about avni?he is not at all giving her chance even though she revealed that she did it for him. saisha one time saying i love you jaan di next time i hate you. what a mood swinging nature of her?thank god avni refuse to adopt that blo*dy saisha. how dare she questions avni like this? she is saying that she fight for her love wow? amazing. why neil stopped avni when she was about to slap her. she deserves hundred slaps. the way neil act today proves that he doesn’t deserve avni. why neil is in angry with avni supporting that blo*dy saisha. it looked like the way he stayed calm when chuhi misbehaved with her in the hospital when avni brought mishti back to mumbai, and he even stayed calm when chuhi told avni that she didn’t ask her right from neil.the way neil stay calm while they were arresting avni is unbearable.i hate u neil to crores. swetha and bebe understood her but this idiot neil…he should pay for it all. now i must say she should have married vidyut instead of keeping the promise she made to neil. then he must have understood her value. i must say vidyut is somewhat better than neil who stand against his mom whom he loved most. I HATE YOU NEIL A LOT….YOU ARE LETTING EVERYBODY EVEN A SMALL GIRL RAISE FINGER ON YOUR WIFE…WOW WHY DON’T YOU THINK ABOUT YOUR WIFE WHO INCREASED HER CRIME CHARGES AND WENT TO JAIL INORDER TO PROTECT YOUR REPUTATION SO THAT NO ONE CAN RAISE FINGER ON YOU. think about it you brat.avni don’t forgive this neil who doesn’t deserve you.just moved on in your life. don’t adopt that blo*dy sayesha at any cost.

    1. Sana why I said I hate Neil you people supported Neil because he is doing everything to save avni from vidyut but today you are hating him remember he doesn’t know whole truth and he still angry because avni left him for ten years I know you people will say because avni wanted to protect him and his family we know that but Neil doesn’t remember when he comes to know the truth he he will realise what avni has gone through..let’s wait for that day when Neil understand and accept avni.

      1. Sana.

        i didn’t supported him that time too. because of him only avni behaved like a psycho hurting her ownself. if you have doubt you can check my previous comments. i scolded him for not telling her truth. but avni tried to find out the truth and found it also but when it comes to him he is not at all ready to understand it even though he know she did it for him. now he is lecturing kk but he himself not following it.such a dumbo who couldn’t take avni’s side while saisha was scolding her. he twists his fist in angry with avni.

    2. Sorry then my bad i thought because i am still angry on him for sending avni to because I don’t know the reason behind he is doing that.
      When avni could have gone away Ike before leaving khanna house.but neil got avni arrested right before she is leaving khanna house forever. That is making me suspicious.

      1. Sorry I thought u are supporting neil now.

  3. Pavithra1616

    Oh gosh! What is this? Everything should have an end,na? They are just dragging this.. And omg! Avneil scene.. What was it? Avni’s dialogue was ekdam perfect! But what do u think Neil,huh? After what all has happened,u r still angry with ur wife? When she left u, u were so down and depressed and now when u got her back, I know she cheated on u but u can start a new life again. I know everything will be over after Neil knowing the truth why avni left him.. But when will it be? And this sayesha, how dare she talk like that? How dare she talk about avneil like that? She has no right.. And precap was so bad.. I knew about this.. But I don’t understand why Neil is standing like a statue when his love was arrested again infront of him. And I know he will bail her out.. But what’s wrong with him? Why are u behaving like this Neil? And avni, pls tell him the truth… Where is that Prakash?? He was the reason for all these and we cannot even see him anywhere! Episode was not so bad or not so good.. I liked those avneil scene though.. Precap,can’t wait! When avni said this alliance has to be cancelled, I gave her a thumps-up.. I said,u said it! The CVS showed avneil love story so perfectly and if they are showing kaisha as a lead couple or even parallel couple, why don’t they show some eyelocks and all.. So that we could atleast adjust to this stupids.. Fed up of this Kayesha.. Can’t wait for twm for the clock to strike 9:00… Luv u avneil??

    1. Sana.

      are you want the eyelock of that stupid kaisha? what happened to you dear? we can’t tolerate their eye lock. here after i will call them khatha instead of kaisha. even ass look better than them,and their jodi.

    2. Guys not Prakash uncle but avni left Neil because vidyut was threatening her it not Prakash uncle mistake you know. Don’t blame him for no reason.i thought we don’t care about saisha why are we talking about her whether she behaves well or unwell.according to us we should not give importance to her.
      If we give importance to saisha again this love story of kk saisha will start.

  4. Sana.

    i read an article in which kaisha is missing again.

    1. Saisha is not missing she went to meet kk in temple or I exactly don’t know where but kk will not come. Upset saisha will faint with that shock.

  5. What to say good episode.plz koi maar do Yaar saisha. After all avni done for saisha she should be thankful to avni, instead she is asking avni to adopt her to get khanna surname.
    ‌Stupidity just for surname saisha and kamini making issue.saisha don’t want to be called illegitimate child but saisha is illegitimate child if she agree or not. kamini only god knows who’s stupid thought was that to make kamini villain.i thought this story is focusing on Avneil but today it is about naamkaran. Do people really can’t survive in this world without surname.i don’t think so, many people are there in society without surname and they survived this world discrimination and also done wonders without any surname. A surname is not all for a person. Surname should not be given importance.

    1. Sana.

      come on hiyori. let us kill saisha together…she has no gratitude like her mother. avni risked her life to save chuhi but she created problems to avni after all saisha is her daughter. what we can expect from that blo*dy saisha?she will be like her parents only. even i don’t want avneil to adopt saisha. she don’t deserve khanna surname. she only deserves that vidyut’s surname.

      1. Like partners in crime. Right.

      2. But what is the use in doing that too if we leave kk alive in this show.

      3. Sana.

        Then let us kill kk also.

      4. Ayesha_malhotra

        Guys even I’ll join you both. Fed up with this KaISha track

      5. Sana.

        Of course you can also join us ayesha. Those who all want to kill kaisha do come and join us.

      6. Sana.

        Of course you can also join us ayesha. Those who all want to kill kaisha come and join with us.

      7. So all are in for the job what’s the plan.

      8. sana. add me in the list too. i am also fed up of saisha and kk. lets make a superb plan to kill them.

  6. Now a days they are showing only kaisha track . then they will reunite avneil? Stupid CVS

    1. Who knows saffran I think we should wait until neil knows the whole truth.

  7. Now a days they are showing only kaisha track . then they will reunite avneil? Stupid CVS . anyways luv u avneil

  8. Zain said that naamkaran is all about avneil but I can no longer see that….zain looks like a supporting actor more than a lead…
    Sorry but I didn’t sign up for this…no interest is left whatsoever. .naamkaran is doomed!
    No wonder the trps are low..

    1. Sana.

      you’re right

    2. I wish I could punch that Zain in the face,when he comes face to face he always says such things but don’t happen in this show.

  9. In upcoming episodes…
    Sayesha will run away and she’s going to faint so for sure they’re heading towards teenage pregnancy drama

    1. I can’t see that someone poke my eyes before that.

  10. Ayesha_malhotra

    The CVS is spoiling neil’s Character . And yeah Neil was explaining to everyone that Avni left everyone for this and that and why he’s not accepting !

    1. Neil will remain this way until something happens to avni infront of his eyes something dangerous the only person to save avni that time is only Neil or until he knows the whole truth.

      1. i completely agree with you. i want that vidyut comes out and in rage of anger tells neil the whole truth and then he should try to harm avni and then neil will save her and realize his mistake.

  11. I don’t like today’s episode as there were more saisha and kk scenes than avneil. I don’t understand why this CVS is not throwing that stupid saisha out…..I think I have to go to nk set and throw her out or kill her. This is the only solution to get rid of this choti chuhi. Now I think I will prefer vidyut’s track than this saisha. I wish vidyut would return and take her along with him. Day by day I starts hating her more don’t know the reason behind it. She always goes to my nerves. And one more thing I dont understand why avneil is always thinking and talking about saisha. They themselves have many things to sort and instead of talking about themselves they are talking about that worst saisha who is good for nothing neither she understands the pain avni went through these 10 yrs bcoz of her even after knowing her sacrifice nor she thinks about avni. She is so selfish she only wants herself and kk and I don’t understand why Neil is supporting her……Anyways felt bad when avni was about to slap her but Neil stopped her. She requires a tight from avni and many from me???????. Anyways precap seems something which I was looking for. Hope they will not disappoint me by spoiling it more in the upcoming. Lets hope for the best and tomorrow is trp days so what guys u think trp will increase this week???

    1. Ayesha_malhotra

      I don’t know what to say adi . If They continue showing this KaIsha track TRP will definitely not increase

    2. Sana.

      i also wish to go to nk set and kill saisha by throwing stones on her. neil is a brat who lectures kk but when it comes to him not at all following. after watching this episode i wished i could have slapped neil while he was not supporting avni when saisha was badmouthing her. saisha deserves not one slap she deserves more than hundred slaps.

    3. Adi I know you are disappointed all of us who sees this show are too.stop thinking about saisha if she gets on your nerves, think about happy things that are going to happen in this show like Neil saving avni from media isn’t that nice of him even though he is angry when he learn the whole truth he will realise what avni done for him. I know they are focusing on MISTI more than themselves because before they did this same for juhi too.
      We should not speak about saisha at all maybe if we give less importance maybe CVS may understand we don’t like saisha kk at all.
      So don’t worry ok. We may see avneil scenes Tomorrow.

  12. Palak Tripathi

    One who cannot stand for his love is not true person. He is like Ashish ,who did not have the to stands for his love. And Saisha is like juhi who showed her selfishness.

    1. True palak and what about the one who loves her to the core but still showing anger on her.

  13. Why they arrest avni n where Iis vidyut I hope she cancelled the alliance with kk I love you hi k he is using Saisha for his own aim

  14. Show mein abb chota Ashish aa gayaa i. e. KK… ? and don’t know why Neil stopped Avni while she was going to slap Saisha… When they will unite yaar??

  15. I’m seriously getting irritated day by day bcoz of this saisha n kk. Avni should have left that misinthi she would have led an happy life:(

    1. Sana.

      Yo’re right aishwarya.

    2. Same here guys, all people are fed up i thought vidyut track is horrible but this kk saisha track it is three times more horrible than that track. It is better to have a villain than seeing this.

  16. Sana.

    shocking! in upcoming saisha leaves the house and returns back and her health is not ok she is pragnant and lying on the bed avneil and entire family is in tension. neil refuse to say what is exactly happened to her in an iv. he said that she ran away and everybody was in tension then she returned back home and she is sick and said that he won’t tell what exactly happened to her that we fans should watch on tv.

    1. Ayesha_malhotra

      I guess CVS have gone crazy . Seems like we have to admit them in mental asylum

      1. Why are they thinking we are still interested in saisha and kk.

    2. news says saisha is going to die in upcoming episodes maybe that is the twist neil is hiding.

      1. i will be the most happy if its happens so. hiyori may it come true.

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