Naamkaran 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Avni saves Mowgli

Naamkaran 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with man calling Kamini and saying Mowgli is playing with everyone in garden. She asks him to do as she said. Mowgli goes to get ball. The man stops him and says I m not a stranger, I know all the kids. Mowgli says then come with me. The man gives chocolates to him. Mowgli thanks him. Avni says I spoke to lawyer, we have to make argument stronger. Sunehri says Mowgli will be with you. Avni says I fall weak in front of Neil and his pain. Sunehri says his love is hidden behind his pain, I know you too love him. Avni says there will be love, but we can’t unite, Mowgli is my world, where is he.

She calls him out. The man catches Mowgli. Mowgli kicks a ball. Avni sees him. She asks the man to stop. The man drops Mowgli and runs. Mowgli gets scared. Avni says don’t worry, mumma is

with you. Samrat asks mumma? Avni says we can’t stay here, come. The man says I did a mistake, Avni came when I was running away with Mowgli. Kamini scolds him. She says Avni will get distracted, I have to ensure that Avni stays out of adoption matters. Mowgli asks why was that batman catching me. Avni says you bravely fought with him, you are strong, you will become superhero. Sunehri gets cake for him. She feeds him. Avni thinks of the kidnapper. She says who can do this, everyone knows Mowgli is an orphan. Sunehri says did Neil do this.

Avni says no, he knows to fight for truth, he never backstabs on enemies, if he was there today, he would have not left that kidnapper. Sunehri smiles. Avni says these feelings have made us fight, he loves Mowgli a lot, don’t doubt on him, he is very trustworthy, there is someone who wants to kidnap Mowgli, we have to find who is he. They see the news of child trafficking rackets. Sunehri says was this man from this racket, they sell kids. Avni says we have to be careful, don’t let kids go out. Tara comes and says all kids are asking why Mowgli called you mumma. Avni says I will talk to them, sorry to hide this from you and Sitara.

Tara says its fine, we understand. Avni comes to the kids. Samrat asks is Mowgli fine. She says yes, I m Mowgli’s mumma. Samrat asks why didn’t you tell us. She says I didn’t wish to give special treatment to him. She hugs them and says I will love you all more. The kids go to sleep. Saisha calls her and asks where are you. Avni says sorry, tell me what is it. She thinks of Saisha’s words and says I will meet you in morning to talk something imp. Its morning, Avni meets Saisha. Saisha asks about Mowgli. Avni says everything is fine, I want to ask about Kamini.

Kamini comes. Avni says someone tried to kidnap Mowgli. Kamini says you had earned enmity all life, stay in limit, mind own business, its better to be safe than sorry. Avni says I will find out my new enemy. She tells Saisha that she is always with her. She goes. Kamini calls someone and says Avni may appear strong, she is scared about Mowgli, complete the work, Avni won’t know when her life got completely ruined. Lawyer comes to Neil and gives an envelope. He says this decision is done, I will wait for you outside. He goes. Neil checks the paper and sits down. He cries. Mowgli asks how do I look. Avni says you look like a hero. Sunehri comes and says Neil has come to meet you. Mowgli says I won’t come out. Avni says fine, relax. She goes to Neil.

Neil says its court orders, our divorce got final. They think of each other. She cries. He asks can I meet Mowgli. She says Mowgli is here. Sunehri comes and says Mowgli isn’t here. He says I know he is inside. They go in and see Mowgli hiding under the bed. Avni asks Mowgli not to get scared of his dad. Neil asks can I talk to Mowgli in private. Avni and Sunehri go. Neil asks him to come out. He says we were friends before, come out, you don’t need to be scared, I m your Papa, I love you a lot, I will never make you away from mumma, I want to spend time with you. Mowgli asks why can’t I, you and mumma stay together like other families live.

Mitali comes to Kamini and says we came to take you for interrogation, we doubt you are behind the disappearance of Sukoon house kids. Avni looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pavithra1616

    Thank god.. Such a supeb epi after a long time.. A quality epi.. First half was really superb! Mowgli is totally safe.. Avneil scene was superb.. For the first time, I didn’t crty hearing hamari adhuri kahani.. They way they looked t each other.. Precap awesome! After a long time, I didn’t cry for these three epi of this week! Congo! Today, I found our old avni or ananya Verma.. And Neil was really back to that Neil khanna now.. I think its just for this epi.. And Mowgli’s question hurt me… Oh! Such a cutiepie he is.. Neil should answer the question.. He said he won’t take him away from avni. Thank god.. Divorce finalized..anyway, waiting for tomorrows epi.. Luv u avneil…??

  2. Pavithra1616

    Kindly read this comment..
    Neil khanna,once again I remind u. She is not the only one who broke the mangalsutra, u also broke it.. Even though, u did it to protect vni, she was suffering in jail.. She broke it for ur happiness… She was correct in her way, u didn’t love her and u didn’t want to live with her and why u keeps the mangalsutra.. So only the mangalsutra and Mowgli was left as a nishani of ur love.. She did it because she wasn’t u to have a good future..and she levung u for those 10 yes, their eis responsible reasons and her helplessness.. You was the one who supported her and now she needs someone else to protect her from u.. I know,for u, she did wrong by keeping Mowgli away.. But what is the need of this drama for snatching away Mowgli from his mum whom he cannot live without.. That’s where u r wrong.. And ye yaath rekhna.. You said, she broke llthe promises but you are wrong.. Till this moment, she hasn’t broken one promise yet that she will always love u. That’s the biggest promise.. All the other promises she broke because of her helplessness.. U r talking though that u didn’t break any promises.. U r the one who broke everything.. U broke the mangalsutra, u wiped away her sindoor, u killed ur memories, burned those beautiful pictures, broke each and every promises made to her.. And now,tell me, who shoulder support? You or her? Who is wrong? You or her? Who should we the and who should we love? You or her?

    Tell me ur opinion guys..

    1. Sana.

      Neil is a no 1 duffer this is the only thing I can say now as I’m fed up of him

  3. Sana.

    neil only demanded divorce then why he pretenting to be sad. mogli asked a good question to neil but neil won’t understand at all as his brain died before 10 years itself na. he is disloyal to both avni, mitali and mogli now.he betrayed mogli and avni by did his engagement with mitali that too after knowing that he has a son and now betraying mitali as he said that he would forget avni but now thinks about her. why he is pretending to be sad,he is a hypocrite. he is telling mogli that he won’t separate him from his mom ohh really then why he filed a custody case?you lier go and married to mitali and get lost from avni’s life as you don’t deserve avni’s love at all.getting irritated whenever i saw him on tv. my bp increases day by day. i hate you neil and cvs. i wish neil to pay for his actions but it seems that it won’t happen as off air news is spreading all over and i don’t think they will bring neela’s murder truth out soon it will happen only in the last episode of nk. too much of dragging.

  4. Divrce??????once they have been a ideal cuple now werst thn norml cuples?how can i react…am getting angry and da same time tears in my eyes???????

  5. This is the only thing which was remaining and now this divorce. But today’s epi was nice as there was no Neil-mitali scenes as it makes me hate Neil more and more and even there was no court scene and bad behaviour of Neil towards avni. Even after this much badmouthing of Neil avni is still supporting that characterless Neil. Hat’s off to avni also. But felt bad for Mowgli what’s the mistake of Mowgli in all this bcoz of his parents especially Neil’s ego he is suffering and how can be Neil so heartless even after knowing that Mowgli is his son he not thinking about Mowgli’s future and just thinking about himself and his ego.I hope all might have watched nk on TV sincerely and even its repeats also as it is the only key to save naamkaran. Hope trp will cross 2.5 and it will again come to its original position i.e in top 5. Hoping for the best and fingers crossed. Guys if you have twitter account then post as many twits as possible and if not plz create a account on twitter and keep twitting #savenaamkarann#welovenaamkarann and even send emails and call sp to change the time slot of nk as we can’t afford to lose two cuties adiza

    1. Adi will u give us any information about what u want u to do.because u are confusing me dude. Sorry to say.plz instruct us according what we have to do to stop naamkaran from going off air.

  6. episode was nice. today after so many days niel behaved normal. l want to see their union but yes not as happy ending but as happy beginning.

  7. Rockingangels

    Ugh…the episode was okay I guess. May mowgli teach some lesson to Neil. Please do reunite avneil….

  8. just a few more days to go for it to end
    🙁 son we wont be able to watch more of zain and aditi together on screen again
    but we will have to watch old episode to see them
    trp is not rising but keep dropping all the time

  9. Amenah faruk

    Oh god I have some relief of mind now I hope avneil to reunite very soon because I’m tire of dis separation Nd I lyk dis Mowgli character

  10. Amenah faruk

    Pls what is the meaning of dis trp ? I’m new here tel me pls

    1. Trp is television rating point
      Television Rating Point (TRP) is a tool provided to judge which programmes are viewed the most. This gives us an index of the choice of the people and also the popularity of a particular channel. For calculation purpose, a device is attached to the TV set in a few thousand viewers’ houses for judging purpose.

    2. The TV counts how many people are watching a particular show Nd collect s the data of trp from Monday to Thursday so that they can show the popularity of a show. But now channels are using this to earn more money out of this.

  11. Dumas001

    This Neil is pathetic what a loser he himself is destroying everything because he can’t get pass his ego.

  12. I feel bad when neil shows anger towards avni..But Actually we can’t blame only neil..bcz even avni doesn’t want to know her truth to neil or want to come back to neil’s life.. even she is not revieling it..why?vidyuth already dead and she doesn’t want to scare any one,i hope this should be neil plan to reviel her truth from her mouth..he knows her truth already from other(may be suneri)..hope so..please reviel her truth to that they will reunite..and show some nok-jok between them like old episodes..we doen’t want just last episode with their united..

  13. Nowadays whenever I see an episode of Naamkaran, I just can’t grasp all the fighting stuff for Mogli’s custody, especially between Avni and Neil… That’s why I watch older episodes, wherein Avni and Neil are together for calming down my mind…Please I want Avneil back please…

  14. Avni says there will be love, but we can’t unite. Why Avni saying these lines every time. We can’t unit. What is the reason can anybody tell me. Why they can’t unite.

    1. thats what i am also thinking..why can’t she reveal her truth to neil..then surely neil will support and forgive her..but she doen’t want to come to neil’s life again..
      i don’t know when they are going to reviel avnis truth to neil and who is gonna reveal that?anyways avni won’t reveal that to neil..

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