Naamkaran 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Naamkaran 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni, Ali and Kia hiding from the goons. She finds the door locker and says the goons locked this door. The goons look for them. Ali says maybe goons want to protect us. She hits him. He says sorry. The goons talk about packing Asha and Avni’s bags to send them out of city. Kia asks what can we do, goons are outside. Ali makes hen’s sounds to call for help.

Avni stops him and says till anyone comes to help us, goons will come. Avni asks Ali and Kia to pull the rope on her count and tells her plan. They make the goons fall down. The goon cries and asks how did the three kids come, Ketan said its just mother and daughter, we will take extra money. Other goon slaps him and says come, kids went to kitchen. Avni prepares the ketchup with chilli powder to fire on them. The goons walk to kitchen.

Avni puts oil on the floor. Ali says we put oil on tava right. Avni asks them do as she says, get ready. The goons fall by the oily floor. Ali laughs. Avni, Ali and Kia pour the chilli sauce on them and beat them with hot tava. Ali laughs. Avni beats them and asks Ali and Kia to come fast. They hide. Ali laughs and says it was so much fun. They stare at him. Ali stops laughing. Kia asks what will we do now, think fast Avni, the goons will come out. Goons try to get up. Avni says I m trying to call Asha. Kia says you should have told me, I have phone. Ali argues. Avni says stop it, give phone. Kia gives the phone. Avni calls Asha and says number is busy. Avni plays the hero dialogues on phone and scares the goons. The goons say the kids called some man also. Avni laughs and plays audio.

The goons catch them. They get scared. The window opens. Ali sees a ghost and shows Avni. The goons say they are scared by something else, not us. They see ghost and scream. The goons see the ghost and get scared. Avni scares them more. Ali asks what will we do now. Avni says Chudail will not leave us now. The ghost enters the house. Ali shouts for help. The goons panic and run away.

Avni tells Ali that there is no ghost, we will know who is it. She goes to see and pulls the white cloth. She sees Angie. She asks who are you. Angie says I m Angie. Avni says I think I heard your name. Angie says Sumi and Ashoka adopted me. Avni says you are Neela’s Angie. Angie says yes, I stayed in her NGO, I heard sounds from here and came as ghost. Ali thanks her for help. Avni introduces themselves. They hug Angie and welcome her. Sumi thanks Asha for becoming official guardian of Angie. Asha says you always helped me. Sumi asks her to come tomorrow to sign, NGO people are coming tomorrow, Angie is lovely as Avni. Asha says I m glad, finally a girl entered your house. Sumi says yes, I was waiting for a child. Asha says where is Angie, I have to make Avni meet her. There is no light. We shall go and see.

The goons meet Ketan and return money. Ketan asks what happened. The goon says your info was wrong, there were three kids and a chudail too. Ketan asks are you mad. The goons apologize and leave. Ketan says Avni is troubling, what will I answer Maa. Asha and Sumi smile seeing Avni and Angie playing.

Asha sees Aladin sleeping outside her house. Aladin says I have to get ready. Asha and Avni stop him from entering the house. Avni jokes on him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Avni you are very brave and today’s episode was full of fun and your bravery.So Asha has adopted

    Ang and Avni and Asha are her new family.Asha you have done a good thing.Very few will have this much dare to

    of adoption child.This is very good thing!!!Comments please

  2. Y asha and Alladin can’t marry and move on without Ashish .or bring in Vivian desian to be asha husband

  3. Exactly we would definitely love to see Vivian in this show

  4. Asha is not adopting Angie..its sumi who is adopting her..I dint watch d episode but coming to know from d written update

  5. Well done a avni I hope ashish suffer for what they are going true n he is not doing nothing about it

  6. He is a mamma’s boy. Can’t take a stand. I understand his mother has done a lot for the children but he has a child and there is no excuse for anyone from shirking from this.

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