Naamkaran 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Naamkaran 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dayaben calling Avni. Avni says I will come. Avni tells everyone that she has to go for some imp work. Ali says I will drop you. Avni says no, you carry on. He says I can really drop you, its manners to drop a girl. Fatima asks who will drop me then, sit quiet. She asks Avni to leave. Aman and Rajat are put in lockup. Aman says you wait and watch. Neil says why did Ananya hide his identity, she accepted she has seen him at accident spot. DD says its simple, Ananya and Riya are best friends and Amol is Riya’s brother. Neil says no, this case is not simple, why would Amol kidnap Ananya’s mum.

Neela says I want to forget my past, sorry I can’t help you. Fatima says wow Neela, you gave hot tea to burn tongue, and said this to hurt heart, you are saying this as its Aisha’s child, its our fight, we will fight, leave it. Neela stops her and says Aman is with Dayaben, you know who is she, the one who killed Aisha and Avni.

Fatima says I feel Aisha is alive in Avni, but no she has snatched my Avni. Neela cries. Fatima says leave it, you can’t do this. She leaves with Ali.

Dayaben thinks of Neil’s words. Avni comes to meet her. She sees Dayaben and thinks so much acting to bring me on your side. Dayaben thinks I will do anything to bring you on my side, as this is only way to save Amol. Avni holds her and says I was helpless, what would I do, he kidnapped my mumma, it was not his first crime, he did Neil’s accident and ran away, I was there and took Neil to my house, the matter would have reached you, Neil asked me many times, who was driving the car, I did not answer him, Amol is your grandson, how would I tell him, I came to tell you but you were not at home. Dayaben asks why did you not tell me when I called you. Avni says there was nothing to say, Amol kidnapped my mumma and threatened me not to say anyone, else he will kill her.

Dayaben gets shocked. Avni thinks you played many games in childhood, now its my turn. Shweta and Riya meet in cafe. Ali hides and looks on. Riya says its my mistake to trust Ananya, she has done fraud case of Neil’s hit and run. Shweta worries for Neil and says I will ask Ali. Riya says I wanted to meet Ananya’s mum, she twisted the matter and trapped my brother in her mum’s kidnapping, she is using Neil, she has some motive, I m not smart like her. Ali gets shocked. Riya says there is someone smart like her. Shweta asks who. Riya says you, you can do something and make me rid of her, do something aunty. Ali thinks what’s happening, why is Riya changing story, what does she want, Ananya is getting Amol arrested for kidnapping her mum.

Dayaben asks Avni to save Amol and take the case back. She cries. She says I made all this stand by much hardwork, everything will be ruined, forgive him. Avni recalls the childhood moment. Avni says Amol troubled my mum a lot. Dayaben says I m apologizing on his behalf. Avni says how will he realize his mistake, how will he change, I m doing this for his good, he is like my brother, I also have some duty, he has pointed gun at my head and was threatening me, he is your grandson, do such things suit him.

Dayaben says its not his mistake, his childhood was spend in troubles, his mum died, I raised him, my upbringing is not bad, his blood is bad, his mum was not less than any Naagin, its that’s effect that he is doing all this. Avni shouts enough Dadi. Dayaben gets shocked.

Neil says DD, we have to call Ananya and her mum tomorrow to file formal case. Avni says stop it Dadi ji, its no use to think of past, we have to do something to change him. Riya says don’t know where is Dayaben. Diksha says Dayaben is busy with Amol. Riya says I spoke to Shweta, don’t know our plan will work or not. Dayaben comes there and asks them to stop it.

Neela goes to meet Amol and recalls talking to constable and meeting him. Amol says you… Neela asks do you want to go out of here. He says yes. She says listen to me, do what I say, you won’t tell anyone that I m Ananya’s mum, if you say this to anyone, you won’t come out of here, even your Dadi can’t save you, just I can save you, you know the condition, yes or no.

Dayaben asks Avni to come inside. Avni recalls the old time. She enters the house and sees everyone. Dayaben says Ananya will stay here from now on, no questions and no answers. Everyone get shocked. Dayaben says remember, Ananya should not face any problem. Ananya says I m not guest here, this is my own house. Dayaben smiles. Riya asks why in my room, where will I stay. Dayaben says Riya will stay in Diksha’s room, go to Riya’s room Ananya. Riya thinks Ananya snatched Neil and now my room. Avni thinks I will become reason of your pain and sorrow.

Lawyer says my client got bail, witness took case back. Dayaben asks Aman to apologize to Avni. Avni asks him to touch her feet and take blessings. Aman does so. She thinks to call him Aman when he willingly touches her feet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What is the big deal between dayaben and avni. But anyways continue to play a game avni. ?????

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      Mrs Mehta shot Avni as a child, after killing her mom when Amol a.k.a. Aman was born, she then took care of him …
      Avni is now seeking revenge for this and is also seeking to take Aman away from her …
      Mrs Mehta never liked Avni’s mom who was married to her son Ashish … Avni is their first child and Aman is her younger brother …

    2. actually , avni and amol both are the illegitimate children of ashish(dayaben’s son ) and aisha(avni’s mom) . daya never liked aisha as she is muslim and killed her when she gave birth to aman . daya became fond of aman and snatched him from avni after aisha’s death and named him amol . she then humiliated avni so much and then shot her but avni did not die and was ssaved by neela and is back as ananya to take her bro and revenge back from mrs.mehta

      1. Thank you Aliya, that’s the correct analysis in a nutshell. I’ve been watching since the beginning so I know that you are perfectly correct. Dayaben was fond of Amol/Aman because she didn’t have a grandson and wanted Ashish’s progeny to continue even though he came from a Muslim mother whom she dispiced. . To some extent in Indian societies, more emphasis is placed on a male child than a female and I wish it wasn’t so…….

  2. Can you please give more information and try to write in proper grammar????❤️?

  3. Nail ko hamesha Shak hai.
    Swetha ki Mann mein kya chal raha hai?
    Riya pahle ki Tarah hone lagi hai. Selfish.
    Neela khud jaake aman ko bol Dita. Foolishness.
    Aman revenge ki bare meim soch rahi hogi.
    Avni dayaben ko teek se javab Diya. Isliye usne avni ko gar mein rakha.

    Diksha aur riya kuch plan kar rahi hai. Ali ko kuch kuch samach mein aayi.

    Avneil scenes nahi the. So sad. Expecting more romance at dayaben ki ghar

  4. Ovb

    No avneil scenes today again. ?

  5. Ovb

    And the same precap again.

  6. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Rheas face today, again … priceless ?
    So glad Avni moved in with Mrs Mehta to keep an eye on Aman … she will also be able to get closer to Neil (as he is still engaged to Rhea) and she will see him more now …
    more Ali action with Avni too please, Neil needs to realize who he is in love with … ?

  7. cngrts avni for first step success.. bt still we r disappointed no avneil scenes today..

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