Naamkaran 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Neil files custody case

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Naamkaran 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil saying I don’t want any pain in my life, I want to stay happy, I want to marry you, I know you can keep me happy. Mitali says I don’t think you are sure about this. He says I won’t move back from my decision. They cry. Prakash comes and says Shweta is calling you Mitali. She goes. Neil says Avni kept me away from my son for ten years, I won’t let her win, I decided to marry Mitali. Prakash says think being practical, not emotional, think about Mowgli, he needs a family. Neil asks family? She doesn’t know a meaning of family. Prakash says you can’t hurt Mowgli to make Avni away.

Avni sees little Avni. Little Avni says Mowgli just wants to hear the truth, you stayed away for 10 years and had to come back, now Mowgli is with you, he is just like you. Avni asks what shall I do, I want to see Neil happy. Little Avni asks where will Neil go, his world is with you two. Avni says I should have told truth to Neil before, he hates me. Little Avni says you are giving same pain to Mowgli, his drawing for his dad, Neil’s family will be his priority. Prakash says Mowgli will be living as orphan. Neil says I will punish Avni for her deeds.

Prakash says your anger got high, you don’t know what you are saying, Avni is Mowgli’s mum, how can he stay away. Neil says if he can stay away from dad, he can stay away from mum, Mitali can take his responsibility, engagement will happen today. Neil goes. Shweta gives them rings. Neil and Mitali exchange rings. Everyone claps. They cut a cake and feed each other. Neil says I m very lucky, I m getting engaged to my best friend, friendship and love is honest like Mitali. He says Mitali, very sorry, I couldn’t give you your wishful engagement. Mitali says you are hiding your pain behind this smile, I hope you are taking this decision, not your pain, else you will regret later. He says I will never regret for this, trust me, we will always stay happy.

Avni comes to Mowgli. She gets food. He turns away. She asks till when will you stay annoyed. He asks why can’t I stay in normal family. She recalls her words. She says its nothing like that. She cries. He says I know Neil shouted on you, I heard him, I hate him. She says no, your Papa is really good, finish the food. She cries in her room. Little Avni comes. Avni asks why can’t Mowgli get a normal family, I can never have this answer, I was wrong, what shall I do, he has to go through the same pain, its not right, what shall I do, maybe I can’t do anything. She hugs little Avni and cries. Aye zindagi….plays…..

Sunehri and Avni talk to lawyer. He says adoption is confirmed, everything is proper, check this, social worker gave approval. Neil comes there. He says its court orders for my son’s legal custody, I have filed a case. She gets shocked and checks the papers. She says Mowgli… He says I want you to read papers well, so that there is no confusion later. He gives her divorce papers and says you wanted freedom, wish granted, have these divorce papers. Avni cries and says don’t make Mowgli away. He says I want to end this matter legally, so that I can live with Mitali. She says he is my son, don’t do this. He says he is my son too, now court will decide his custody. Lawyer gives the court summon. Neil says don’t think of running, please be on time. He goes.

She asks him to listen once. Mitali asks Neil where was he, she was waiting. He says I went to meet Avni, I gave her divorce papers, I want Mowgli’s custody. She asks what. He says Mowgli can’t get a better mum, you can give her security and love, Avni can meet him in allotted time, I know Mowgli loves me. She says he loves his superman, he will not love you when you separate him from his mum. He says when I took a step, why don’t everyone understand that I m thinking best for Mowgli, am I doing wrong, I don’t think so. He goes. Avni sees Mowgli and cries.

Avni questions Neil about Mowgli’s likes and dislikes. She says I m sure I can make him a better person.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am fed up with this seperation drama i cann’t tolerate it anymore

    1. Yah me to Fatima

  2. Sana.

    this neil is so disgusting. how can he engaged to mitali? how can he do it? he is a flirt from the very beginning itself. first he loved chuhi then he engaged to rhea still then he was flirting with avni and got married with her.then chuhi came, she lied to him about mishti,still then he was with avni and romancing with her,now mitali came and he was happy to marry her really, the way he applied cake on mitali’s face is just the same way he applied it on avni in her birthday. its repeating now. now no doubt he will love mitali siding avni like he sided chuhi and loved avni ,and will romance with mitali too. he didn’t even felt bad and his hand didn’t stop while romancing with avni and touching her even after believing chuhi’s lie that mishti is their daughter. like the same way he want to do with mitali by siding avni even after knowing about mogli. the way he behave with mitali is uff. he is spoiling mitali’s life for his selfish motives to get mogli, to show that he is moved on, to defeat avni. this ass is now getting ready to marry that mitali then he will also get ready to consummate with her like he did with avni. only womaniser can do such things, they won’t feel bad if they touch other girl by thinking that they already touched a girl.for neil vidyut is far better. neil is spoiling many girls life. he doesn’t deserve avni he deserves that mitali, chudail chuhi or rhea. avni should moved on with someone who deserves her love. here after i won’t support avneil’s reunion i will only want their separation as i feel someone is suitable for her unlike neil. avni should not forgive neil even if he begs before her after knowing the whole truth. she should also move on with some other guy,then only this brat will understand her value. really he thinks mogli will accept him and mitali,world’s no one duffer. you go ass get married to that mitali and don’t return back to avni ever. i wish i could use neil’s mouth as washbasin so that i could vomit in it after seeing today’s episode. neil is much worst than a womaniser who has a hobby to spoil many girl’s life. so i must call him a TOURNIQUET KILLER from now onwards as he is also spoiling many girl’s life,playing with their emotions. I HATE YOU NEIL TO CORE.from now onwards i won’t support and love neil’s character even if he did any good things in future.i won’t call him an ideal hubby from now onwards i will call him a womaniser or tourniquet killer.

    1. Sneha Sugumar

      I agree with u sana. This is exactly how I feel.
      Feeling irritated day by day to watch this serial.
      U take a deep breathe ma don’t stress urself for this crap.

      1. I can’t digest it dear.but I’m sure I can’t connect with Neil’s character not love his character even if he do anything good in future.i used to say neil is an ideal hubby but I was wrong he is the worst hubby when compared to other heroes and also in this universe.

    2. ‘Would use Neil’s mouth as a washbasin ‘ LOL felt the same

    3. You are right sana completely agree with you. Avni should not forgive him even after Neil begging her for forgiveness. Even I hate Neil how can he happily did engagement even after knowing that Mowgli is avneil’s son. Its better for avni to live alone than living with this characterless Neil. I don’t lyk Neil’s character after juhi’s entry but now I hate him. CVS thank you for making us hating Neil. World’s biggest award to this CVS for spoiling my favourite characters avneil and show nk. Take this award ????.

  3. I really cant control myself bashing niel….. I want to slap him back and forth till his mind gets fixed on the right place…. I agree with his disappointment towards avni but now it’s the limit… How dare he say those words that mitali can be better mum than avni….. Mother’s r not replacable Mr. Niel….they shud so their reunion as well as prakash truth,i hope cvs still have something in their mind regarding this… I m really feeling bad for mowgli, he deserves a better life…. I hope avni is not planning to give the custody to niel thinking of her childhood life, as she used to yearn for father’s as well as family love and family name….

  4. Now Neil is irritating very much… Why he is not understanding anything?? I think now his only mission is to hurt himself and Avni.. I feel very pity for Avni..

  5. Better to end this rubbish asap

  6. Didn’t understand one thing….how come once upon a time maturely thinking Neil became so stupid

  7. I think CVS are knowingly deteriorating Neil’s character so that even if they end the show there won’t be any problem…from so called fan’s

    1. You are right.i also think the same.

  8. Let him get married really you know the saying right marry in haste repent…..he is not thinking straight all he wants is revenge and it will lead to his downfall his son needs both his parents and I am happy Mitali is not in a negative role.

  9. I think Neil has gone insane and when Avni forgave him when he sent her to jail he should also forgive her .And the serial is really getting very much irritating.

  10. Sneha Sugumar

    Stupid Neil khanna what do u think abt urself ??? U r such a disgusting man I have even seen. U got engaged to mithali!!!!!! S of course u deserve only those cheats. Felt like slapping u. Neva thought that u will behave this bad. I’m sorry bad is not a heavy duty word. I would better call it worst. U r really irritating. U r a really a womaniser man. Such a pagal u r. I was really not able to see his engagement scene with mithali. I just skipped it. I hope all nk fans would have undergone the same pain that I underwent today. Really it was a horrible episode. I not able to control my anger. Couldn’t digest of what I’ve seen today. Pity on avni. She must never forgive him for his deeds. To watch this crap it’s better for nk to go off air. I’m not able to watch this crap any more and even don’t want to. And mithali y don’t u move out from Neil’s lyf. Y don’t u deny him. If he behaves as a brainless geek then atleast u must be in your senses na. oh I’m sorry u have Neva been in ur senses then how will u be in now. This serial is going worst and worst. Plz don’t expect a trp of 2 and now I really think even nk lovers will start hating it because of the current track. I really miss KRPKAB today. I don’t know y . I’m a great lover of KRPKAB. That is called as a serial. Really the best serial indian tele has ever got. Missing u KRPKAB madly today.

    1. I totally agree with u… And krpkab was the best ever show i have ever watched..

  11. Avani always wanted a happy family in her childhood.ashish also had many reasons to marry neela.avani mother never raised avani like an orphan even though she was not married.what avani did to Neil and mougly we’re more disgusting than Neil’s behavior. CVs did all this for trp but it’s full of negativity there is no happiness.atlest they should not separate avani and Neil for 10 years ,raising mougly like an orphan is unacceptable at any cost like vidut or Neil’s father.there is no justification for that.hope they won’t repeat the story Ashish and neelas marriage.from childhood onwards she is planning lots of thing but she never got or gave any happiness to herself and others.

  12. Neil don’t do this

  13. Hii sana di i m first time comment here. Watching nk starting
    You said very well I just hate Neil character

    1. Hello zain arora.

  14. Where is our old friends- Hiyori, Ayesha and deepshu?

  15. Yeah…I agree with you all… Neil’s behaviour nowadays is quite absurd..I used to think Neil is an inspiration for all the husbands in the world; but now I think he disgraced the husbands…Shame on him…He doesn’t deserve Avni or Mitali… For such a ridiculous person I think Rhea and Juhi are suitable…God knows why that jerk is spoiling Avni and Mitali’s lives…He has already made the lives of 3 girls (Juhi, Rhea, Avni) similar to hell…Now he will misuse Mitali’s love for his own self esteem…Such a pervert! ******FO******(no offence) It’s for Neil…

  16. I hate Neil!!!!!

  17. neil ke sath sana is peefect.. they look stunning…. but story mein avani neil perfect hei…

    1. I dont think so..she s too smal not atrctv at all…we love avneil only…yestrdy episd made me to hate neil…he have to pay back for what he hd done yestry…when he learns the truth where will he hide his face??????..

  18. There should be another male in the show who loves and will understand avni. Please cvs bring back our ali because it was only he that had loved avni truly please bring him back. Because after watching yesterdays episode I don’t want their reunion and I want mogli custody to be given to avni and the court should ask avni to get a father for mowgli. Who else agrees with me ?

  19. Hello.. please directors .. now i am very disappointed towards this serial. If u continue like this..No option.. i will end up to see this serial.itz boring and hating not at all happy. Please give us to see a twist. We all are waiting a twist. Neil is something worst in his role .What about Ali? Now i think.. ali’s love is better than neil. Why should you come back ali’s entry.. then only neil realise that avni’s value. I hope u will definitely give us a twist apt for this serial and also the viewers.

  20. I really hate u neil khanna…hate u like hell…u dont deserv avni??????

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