Naamkaran 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Avni meets Juhi

Naamkaran 24th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shweta emotionally blackmailing Avni and inviting her for Ganpati festival. Avni says I will come. Shweta thanks her and goes. Ali calls Avni. She thinks of Riya’s words and answers call. He asks her to please meet him once. Constable keeps a card and says this came for you Sir. Neil thinks there was a time when nothing was imp to mum than my happiness. FB shows Neil crying and seeing Juhi’s pic. Shweta says forget the past and live your future. He says give me some time, I promise I will get normal. Prakash says we all will get peace when Juhi’s culprits get punished. FB ends. DD comes and says you here… He sees the invitation card and takes it. Neil says yes, I think I should go home. He leaves. DD asks constable is he mad to keep this invitation in front of Neil, everyone knows Neil doesn’t celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi.

Ali thanks Avni for coming. He says whatever happened that day….. Avni hugs him and says you want to say sorry, you got forgiveness. He says strange, you understood everything without my saying. She says our friendship is such. They make a promise of friendship. She says we will not talk about this now, this year we will do puja at Neil’s house with entire family. They go to idol shop. A girl bargains for idol. Avni likes an idol and shows Ali.

Avni books the idol. The girl says I liked it, give it to me. The man refuses. The girl says fine, give it to them. Avni says wait, take this idol. The girl says its fine, I have less money. Avni pays the deficit amount. The girl thanks her. Constable greets Avni. The girl gets tensed. Her purse drops. Constable helps her.

A man drags her away and asks were you talking to policeman. She says no. DD asks Neil to take rest at home. Avni asks what are you doing, leave her hand. Neil gets a call and asks what, where. He asks driver to take u turn. He worries for Avni. The man asks who are you to come in between. Avni says leave her. The girl’s veil gets off her face. Avni and Ali see her. Shweta sees Juhi’s face and says sorry, I have no way, I know you will be hurt. Avni says how dare you talk to your wife like this, raise hand in front of me and show. Ali gives her the idol. Avni says see how he is treating his wife. Ali says we should call police. They go. The man says you are getting me insulted, its because of you. He raises hand. Wind blows. Ali asks Avni to see police has come, they will handle now, come. Neil comes there and asks what’s happening there. The man takes that girl along. Avni leaves with Neil. DD says Avni is there in taxi, I will call her. Neil says leave it, Ali is with her. The man asks the girl did she go mad, what if policeman identified us.

The girl says I really don’t know who was that woman. He says pandit ji will teach you a lesson, come for aarti. Avni drops Ali to cafe and says I will go home. He asks her to message him. She says I have to find out about blast. She calls someone and says yes I will reach in 20mins, wait for me. She leaves.

Neil comes to Riya and shows the letter. Riya says Avni came between us. Neil says I thought you got alone and I should help you, now you don’t deserve any help and sympathy, you are still staying in Avni Aisha’s home, stay away from Avni else….. She asks will you threaten Ali as well. He asks what rubbish. She says Ali did birth certificate drama and decorations in Coorg, he wants to break your relation.

Avni meets some men and says I miss those old days a lot. They call her Guru. She says I want your help. She shows list and asks where are these things found, bomb is made by this. The man says this thing is found far. She asks is there any mining here. The man asks do you remember that Robinhood, how he got that money, its very far, mining happens there. She says Jaguda area…..

Gurumaa asks how did police reach there. The girl says I really went to take Ganpati idol. The man asks her to stop nonsense. Gurumaa scares her and asks her to give explanation. The girl says trust me, I m saying truth. Gurumaa hits the man and scolds him. She asks the girl to go temple and do darshan, come back on time, else you know….. She shows the burn mark on her hand and presses it. The girl cries and goes. Dayaben looks on and thinks who is this girl. Riya says Ali loves Avni since childhood, he did this. Neil says yes he loves Avni, you took Ali’s help, he agreed, but the letter had your handwriting, not Ali’s, why, you gave that letter to maid, it means Ali refused to help you. He takes Asha Avni name plate. He says I can’t see Avni getting defamed, stay away from her.

Shweta says Neil will see everything that reminds him of Juhi. Avni invites the girl in Ganesh puja. Gurumaa allows the girl to go in puja.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I want juhi make avni realize her love for neil then it would be interesting. If juhi is positive character & if she is negative character another villan adding to the old list . That’s all I can say for now.

  2. Zaira

    It’s one request ….can any1 say me the summary of the ongoing episodes from the time mithali …I know it’s long back …but plz …I have been a GRT fan of avneil n naamkaran ..but due to some reasons I lost track ..I want to know the current story …n plz say me what happened when daya was suffocating neil

    1. Samaira_khan

      like who s mitali?? dayaben wasnt able to suffocate neil as someone came tht time

  3. Bringing Juhi won’t make any different towards Neil because he loves avni now n I don’t think she will come in between them

    1. I dont think so as juhi is neil 1st love so i think the moment he will see juhi alive at that moment he will recall his love for juhi(this doesnt mean that he will forget avni totally and will think about juhi but its natural that we think person is dead and when that person comes and is alive so we forget all and concentarte on that) and will forget avni and then as we all know avni will make a decision and will sacrifice her love. Juhi will be negitive character.

  4. pls sab episodes ko short me karke sunday ko dekhao

  5. nothing is going 2 change becoz Neil love 4 Avni is external. i beleive so.

  6. nothing is going 2 change becoz Neil love 4 Avni is external. i beleive so.

  7. Now everything will happen as in other serials. Nammkaran has different story and is different from other series so i yhink the writers should maintain this but after watching todays episode its clear that now juhi will ve negitive character and when she will comeback in neils life avni will sacrifice his love and then neil and avni will be partway fir sometime and th ed n tgey will soove juhismustrey but the thing is its very common nad happens in every other serilas so now writers should bring some new twists rather than dragging the old ones

  8. if neil choose juhi over avni means i’l definitely stop watching naamkaran what rubbish cvs are imitating other serials this old lover story comes only in colours tv serials like beintehaa, swaragini, thapki pyaar ki but naamkaran’s cvs copying that storyline don’t they have creativity? how can a death person come alive neil saw her death infront of his eyes then how can she alive cvs are showing unnatural things. when neil was about to get married to rhea juhi came in his dream and give avni’s hand to him now she came to create mess between avneil. i just want juhi would be a positive character and not negative one like other serials and i want her to part away from neil as he is moved on with avni and helps avni to understand her love for neil but i know well that it won’t happen every serial shows the first lovers are always a worst lover, psycho and will go to any extend to get their loved one but no first lover see their loved one’s happiness and sacrifice their love for their sake instead creating misunderstandings. they also very good when they love but turned negative after that this is what happens in every serial no one care for their lover’s happiness very bad and today’s episode neil was thinking about juhi last episode only he was romancing with avni but now turned totally opposite to that and thinking about juhi. i think still neil has love for juhi so that only he doesn’t like to celebrate ganesh chathurthi and i want neil to love avni forever

  9. today avni and ali scenes are also super they proove once again that they know each other than one’s ownself and also their friendship. we must trust our friends and avni did it

  10. hey zaira its a big storyline after mithali’s exit avneil expose daya and put her behind bars along with diksha and hetan then neil asks avni to leave then avni saves mady and kareena and all the family members are celebrating avni’s birthday and shwetha fills avni’s ear by saying that neil wants to do something in return for her favor then aman attempts suicide and neil takes rhea and aman to his house there rhea and shwetha planned to make avni leave from neil and creating misunderstandings between avneil by prooving that avni had an affair with ali and avni leaves the house and neil supports avni and rhea unfolds the truth that she was getting married to neil but avni marries him by cheating then avni returns home by neils effort then they go for honeymoon and rhea seeks help from ali to separate avneil and ali agrees but their plan failed then avneil made preparations for shwetha prakash annivesary there rhea expose avni’s illegitimate truth and bebe asks avni to leave then neil makes effort to bring avni home but avni don’t want to create problem between neil and shwetha so refuses to come then aman’s masterplan revealed and he tries to kill neil. neil get trapped in bomb blast and he needs a liver transplant surgery to get his life and avni saves her husband finally bebe apologizes to avni but neil never allow avni to come back home so he shifted to his own house with avni after he discharged from the hospital

    1. Zaira

      Thankz a lot sana…??

  11. oh my pleasure zaira

  12. Seriousely….history repeating but now its shweta n avni haself???…when r writers gonna giv somthing original n unique???

  13. anybody checked aditi’s instagram and her boyfriends comments…
    I pray that this wont effect zain

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