Naamkaran 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni asking Aladin to use his eye charm on Diksha once. Aladin says no. She insists. Diksha comes. Avni says I will hide around, sign me, I will shoot. Diksha asks what shoot. Aladin says you look so lovely. He goes with Diksha. Dayaben says Aladin played big game with me, he took money from me and used against me, he is a smart guy, Hemant taught me if we stand at one place, enemy attacks us completely. Ketan says I tried telling you, you were busy with Avni. She says you stood at one place waiting for Aladin to ruin us, first police, then CCTV and now Aladin, Avni is like Shani in my kundli. She says Avni and Aladin, are they together, find out where is Aladin hiding, this guy is helping us, he knows his work well.

The guy Shashank comes and stops her. She asks why did you stop from behind and do abshagun. The guy says Avni went to police station today. Dayaben says I knew it. He says she went with him today. She says I know him, constable Pappi Singh, he is with her like shadow, thanks. He goes. She checks Aladin’s pics and realizes Pappi Singh is Aladin.

Diksha asks Aladin to sit with her. Aladin says I have ache in heart, I think of my sister seeing you. She asks what, sister. He says she is smart and beautiful like you. She says its good. Avni records them. He says my sister loves a wrong man, problem is she is adamant to marry him, she does not listen to me, she is blind in love, I was thinking to create misunderstanding between them, I don’t know to write letter or something, do you have any idea. Diksha thinks. She says idea. Aladin signs Avni. Diksha says we will hack your sister’s email id and sent fake email to that guy, reading which he will refuse for marriage. Aladin says how will I do this, I don’t know. She says you did not see my talent. He asks can you do this, is this not wrong, if anyone catches me. She says you are coward, look at me, I hacked Avni’s email id and changed report from hospital server, did anyone know. Avni hears this. Aladin says great, how did you do this and for whom.

Diksha says I mean anyone can do hacking, I will also do this for you, try me once. She smiles. He says fine, I will give my sister’s email id tomorrow. He goes. Dayaben and Ketan meet the inspector and ask him about sending constable Pappi Singh. Inspector says I did not send anyone, Avni can call security, but it would happen by my permission, I did not get such application, then why will I sent any constable, why will I do this, I can’t imagine doing this. Dayaben says I did not know this, Avni and Aladin are very smart. Inspector says tell me name who is cheating you, I will arrest him. She smiles. Avni and Aladin check Diksha’s confession. Avni says I have mailed this video to inspector, we can finally reach the culprit. Aladin says yes, we are close to destination, we call catch murderer. Avni says inspector has sent his team. Aladin says you got the proof. Inspector scolds him and arrests. Aladin asks what are you doing.

Avni says you are mistake. Inspector scolds her and pushes. Aladin asks why did you push her. Inspector beats Aladin. Avni asks what did he do. Inspector says its big crime to become fake police and cheating people. He throws Avni away. Aladin fights. Inspector says read this warrant against him. Aladin asks Avni not to get scared. Avni sees tattoo in inspector’s hand. Dayaben comes and smiles. Aladin is taken away. Dayaben asks what’s happening, police is arresting police. Avni smiles seeing her inspector uncle. Dayaben asks why are you smiling, you got shock. Inspector calls her out.

Dayaben asks how did you come. Inspector asks is Diksha at home. Diksha comes. Inspector says we have come to arrest you. She asks what did I do. He says there is blame of hacking and forgery. Diksha asks Dayaben to say something. Inspector arrests her. Ketan asks what’s all this hacking matter. Dayaben sees Avni.

Lady constable beats up Diksha and shows the confession video. Diksha cries. Constable asks Diksha to admit her crime. He throws water on Diksha’s face and says your mum will not come to save you here. Avni says Aladin is arrested. Inspector says Aladin is not here, there is no entry even by Kabir’s name. Avni says there was proper arrest warrant, how can this happen. She checks arrest warrant and checks the warrant she got. She shows inspector the two papers. He says this one is fake warrant, our warrant papers are these ones.

Avni gets shocked and asks was that police fake, they fooled us, one uncle pushed me also, his hand had big tattoo, it means Aladin is in danger. He says don’t cry, I will do enquiry. Dayaben comes and scolds inspector for arresting her daughter. Inspector says we got complaint, I m just doing my duty. Dayaben says fine. She gives bail papers and asks him to get Diksha. He says investigation is going on. She says Diksha’s mental state is unwell. He says you have great excuses. Doctor shows the treatment papers and says Diksha gets shocks too, her statement is not believed true, she makes stories, its called hallucination. Dayaben asks inspector to do his duty. Inspector says fine, wait I will do formalities. Avni holds inspector’s hand and stops him. She asks how is this happening. He says sorry and goes.

Dayaben says you were playing game with me, its not tough to win, I m there for my daughter, you have feelings for your friend, Kabir… Aladin.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I hope nothing happens to alladin or else there won’t be anything else to watch

  2. Oh no Aladdin is taken by fake police. What will avni do now.

  3. I hope the uncle police help get Aladdin before it too late n avni get the proof she needed

  4. Initially I was a great fan of this show but now the track is going hay way. One of the most boring shows the Villian/Vamp is actually the Hero of this show, Bakwas no wonder the TRP’s are going downwards.

  5. Okay so now Aladin is the hero of the show, is it? Ashish’s role has just vanished.. What nonsense? They can take it as ashish is helping avni..but a few days they will show that ashish is also dead n aladin will be the ultimate hero..what an ending to what I thought was an excellent serial! Arre wah!

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