Naamkaran 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Naamkaran 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni talking to judges with confidence. She says I have to earn name. The man asks are you confident that you will win. Avni says yes, as my mum’s name is with me, it means her blessing is with me. They clap. Malhotra calls the main sponsor, Dayavanti Mehta. Dayaben comes. Avni gets shocked seeing her. Malhotra introduces all the girls. Dayaben looks at Avni. Aladin observes them.

Dayaben recalls Avni’s words and gets angry. She asks did you come to earn name. She puts the gift in her hands and says welcome. Dayaben leaves. Avni holds her tears. Asha is upset. She tells Fatima that Neela has come here, she came for Avni’s betterment, I insulted her and sent her. Fatima asks why. Asha says I got jealous seeing her. Fatima asks her to kick out Ashish from heart. Asha asks is it easy, I made myself tough for Avni’s sake and make Ashish leave from the house, but from heart….. I thought I will spend life without Ashish, when I think another woman will have right on Ashish, I can’t bear it. Fatima asks her to not burn herself in this fire.

Avni cries and runs to Tiku. She hugs Tiku and cries. Tiku asks what happened. Avni says I got one chance to earn name, now Dayavanti will not let me earn name, she is sponsor of this show, we will leave. Tiku says you will win. She says no, we shall leave. Aladin asks Avni what happened. Avni asks why, I m thinking, don’t disturbed. Aladin says now I won;t get even less money. Dayaben comes to them and asks Avni to run away, you can’t earn name here, as I will not let you win.

Tiku asks her to go. Avni smiles and says I got scared seeing you and thought to run away, then you did mistake, you gave me challenge of not winning. She says my name is Avni Aisha, I will show you by winning this challenge. Aladin says great, this is called solid answer. Dayaben asks him to shut up. Neela comes there and says finally, you both met each other. She says Avni, this is…. Avni says I know her well, Mrs. Dayavanti Mehta, nice to meet you, we will meet again. She leaves with Aladin and Tiku.

Neela asks what was this, did you meet her. Dayaben says yes, I met her. Neela says it means you gave her reason to participate in fashion show. Dayaben asks her to focus on marriage now. Neela thanks her. Dayaben says I did this for your happiness.

Aladin tells everyone that Avni impressed all judges. Everyone get glad. He says there was one more drama. Avni stops him and asks Asha for sweets. Asha goes. Avni asks Aladin not to tell Asha about that matter. Aladin agrees. They all go to have icecream. He smiles seeing Asha.

Ketan tells Dayaben that we can remove Avni even now. Dayaben says its tomorrow, we can do anything. He asks what will we do of Ashish. She says I have a way. She stops the car and sees Asha, Avni with Aladin and Tiku, having icecream. She clicks Asha and Aladin’s pics in her phone. Ketan asks why did you click pics. Dayaben says you know how two hearts break, by doubt and then love dies. She smiles.

Avni talks to Fatima. Aladin comes and uses his charm on Fatima. Avni says you have worked hard for me and ate my sandwich too. They ask him to go and sleep. He says you both are pulling my leg. Fatima says no and laughs. Avni says come, we have to go auditorium. Aladin says we will have food. Avni says later, I don’t want to be late on first day.

Tiku comes and shows newspaper with Avni’s pic. Fatima gets glad. Avni reads bad news that sin child is taking part in fashion show. She gets upset. Fatima asks what is it written.

Avni says everyone is calling me sin child. Fatima asks what. Avni says illegitimate, bad blood. She cries and says they are saying I should not stand in their contest with other kids, how can an illegitimate child become role model. Fatima says this is nonsense, who are they to call you illegitimate. Aladin cries. Fatima asks Avni not to care for their words. Avni asks Fatima not to worry, I will win this fashion show, I will see who can stop me, I will never lose.

Avni says police arrested mumma. Fatima gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good going Avni don’t loose Hope.You will win and make Big name and Fame for sure.You are not at all illegitimate or sin child.Asha beware of Dayavanti and Ashish your mom is againg playing game with you.So you don’t fall in trap of her wicked plans…

  2. Nice the best show ever sorry couldnt talk no more because of exams but let me exaggerate, this is the greatest show ever.

  3. Mahesh Bhatt you are one of the best director that i admire and love your naamkaran soooo much. Please do not end it, my life would end terminate. Without this show, there is no sign of hope or fate. Thank you and all the best

  4. Avni you are the bset you should become world’s best actor. Now I know how you got into acting, you must’ve been inspired. In one interview, your mum and dad never knew that you were going to do anything like this and found you naturally intelligent and a blessed daughter.

  5. Yes avni don’t step back now. Ashish please realise your mom will never change and is playing games. Hope he and neela realises that his mom has arrested asha to stop her winning the contest

  6. To stop avni winning the contest. Hope Aladin helps avni and tells sponsors of dayaben’s tricks.

  7. Asis mother just like a old witch …. and asis also bainless…… hate both of them…

  8. I hope dayaben pray for her days wen avni win

  9. This show just shows that it is not the childs fault that she is illegitimate. How is avni to blame for being a ‘sin child’ ?? Good going. n does aladin have an ulterior motives??

  10. Angelk1

    I’m lovibg this day by day. I had stop watching because they said the showw was ending, but love the Aladdin character abd avni acting its really good. And I’m glad neela is a good person at heart, not this antagonist

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