Naamkaran 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Naamkaran 20th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni running away. The horse runs after her. She falls down. The horse goes to step on her. Neil comes and holds the horse’s feet. He falls down many times and still defends. Avni helps Neil and gives rope. Neil ties the horse with rope and controls it. He asks Avni are you mad, why did leave bus and come here. She says I helped you and gave rope, you are not thanking me. He says I know you are going to save Rajat. H goes. She thinks Neil is tracking Rajat, Aman’s friend, it means just Neil can make me reach Aman. She asks Neil to take him along, else she will open the rope, then he will be responsible for her death. Neil asks her to do anything. She unties the rope. Neil stops her and calls her mad. She calls him mad. She apologizes and requests him to take her along. Neil and Avni leave.

Avni says if you were not here…. Neil says you would have not saved that criminal, why are you trying to save that criminal, he is not your BF, you don’t look like a lover, who is he, your brother, leave it, you won’t say truth, no point in asking. She says those demand to hear truth who have courage to bear it. He says I m not scared to hear any truth. She asks do you have Riya. He looks at her.

Dayaben comes to Avni’s house. Guard asks do you want to meet anyone. She says yes, but I will come later. She says where did Ananya go, she is hiding something, there is just one way, to enter the house at night and check it well. Neil gets a call. Riya asks where are you. Neil says I m outside Mumbai, I will meet you. Avni gets a message and goes. Riya asks him to send pics. Neil sees Avni gone and calls her out. Riya says it means Neil and Ananya are together.

Avni says relax, I said I won’t go anywhere. Riya calls him again. Aman stops the car and checks Neela. He asks Rajat to wait there, I will get water. He runs. Avni and Neil are at cafe. Avni asks Neil to answer her. Neil says I don’t love Riya, I don’t know her well, my mom and dad chose her for me, its an arranged marriage. They take the tea glasses. She asks does Riya know this, she loves you, He says if she really loved me, she would have not done this to blackmail me, love does not happen such a way.

Riya asks the man to deliver the official bank letter to him. He says sorry I will give to Dayaben. She takes it and asks him to go. She checks the letter. Dayaben comes and takes the letter. Riya says even you are scolding me, Ananya and Neil are together. Dayaben checks the bank papers. She scolds Riya. She says its not Neil’s mistake if he is with Ananya, you are a fool, who will like to be with you. Riya cries.

Avni smiles seeing Neil’s kiddish act. He asks what’s so funny. She says you will be stubborn, you want to marry Riya knowing you don’t love her and she took the photos. He says you are her friend right. She asks how did you get okay with it, you were arresting me knowing I took photos. He says I m going to marry Riya, how can I arrest her.

Dayaben says everything will be ruined, if anyone knows about our house situation, I should do something. Neil says Riya can’t harm anyone without any reason. She says none hurts anyone without a reason, Riya is right after mistakes, and why am I always wrong in your sight. She gets a message. He asks is that Rajat’s message. She says you should know it, you have tracker.

Diksha says things written in Gita and taunts Dayaben. She asks why are you worried. Dayaben says I will be worried. Hetal comes to ask about talking to Shweta about relation or not. Dayaben says we will invite Shweta home, call her. She smiles.

Neil asks what do you think, I don’t know anything, Rajat is on highway. Traffic inspector finds Rajat. Rajat says I have parked the car aside as I was thirsty. Inspector asks for license and looks inside the car. Aman comes back and gets worried. Inspector argues with Rajat. Rajat says I will leave. Inspector asks him to pay challan. He goes along with Rajat in car. Aman looks on.

Aman threatens Avni on call. Neil takes the phone and gets shocked hearing Aman, saying your mum will die now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    they are sooo adorable when they argue …
    I would like to see Neil go ahead with wedding preparations with Riya, only for him to see who really matters to him …
    loving Diksha right now (need a bestie like her) give that mom of yours some thunder girl …
    another episode done n leavin me wanting to see more (sigh) … time goes by so quickly …

  2. Awesome

  3. Atleast Neil will come to know the truth I hope when he comes to know of dayavanti mehtas doings n the reality he will hopefuly help neela n avni in their mission of exposing mehtas deeds

  4. Oh no! Dayavanti mehta has a plan to search Avni’s Home. She will find the secrets. Neel should hate riya. She is not trusting him.

  5. Nice episode .neil and avni are so cute. Can’t wait to see next episode

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