Naamkaran 19th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Naamkaran 19th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni telling Asha that she has completed her homework and kept her promise. She drinks juice and says I have to go for fashion show selection. Sumi comes and gives puran poli to Asha. She says Ashok’s office agreed for tiffin service. Asha says I will start work today itself. Sumi talks to Avni and goes. Aladin looks on. Avni asks Asha why is she doing this. Asha says I have to run home, you study and fulfill your challenge, I don’t want you to lose childhood because of this, you have grown up before time. Avni asks her not to worry for her studies, my life cycle is opposite, I m born old. She laughs and hugs Asha, saying I love you mumma, you are best mumma in the world. Asha says you are best daughter in the world. Aladin comes to them and says you both should get bst mum daughter award. He flirts with Asha. Asha gets angry. He says please, will you make my life colorful. She goes. Avni gets angry seeing him. He says I was proposing Asha, how did you come in between. Asha says you have to cross me first. Aladin says no problem, I will convince you one day.

Fatima comes. Aladin flirts with her too. Fatima calls him Jadugar. He sings Kisko pyaar karun and goes. Avni laughs and says he is mad. Asha asks Fatima to take care of Avni. Fatima says don’t worry, we will come soon. They leave. Asha sees Neela coming and gets worried. Asha goes home and locks the door.

Dayaben says you should have not left Ashish alone. Hetal hears them. Dayaben says we have to find out how much Neela knows of Avni. Neela rings the door bell. Asha opens the door. Neela asks did you not identify me, Avni saved my life, we met in award function. Asha says Avni is not at home. Neela asks for a glass of water. Asha goes to get water.

Neela smiles seeing Avni and Asha’s pics. She gives gift for Avni. She says Avni’s face matches with yours. Asha says yes, she is my daughter. Neela asks why did you leave acting in movies, when first movie was superhit. Asha says I was helpless. Neela asks is there any problem now, you are beautiful and act so good, will you like to act again, I can talk to Ashish, I m sure he would love to direct you again. Asha gets tensed. She says I have work, please leave if you don’t feel bad. Neela says sorry, I should have called and come, I did not have your number. Asha asks why do you want to meet Avni. Neela says I run a NGO and I want to give lifelong scholarship to Avni. Asha says compensation to save your life. Neela says no, I got to know Avni does not have father, you will have burden of her upbringing, this scholarship will help you in expenses.

Asha says sorry, I don’t want charity, its my right to raise her well and I will not let anyone snatch my rights, you all have money and equate all goodness with money. Neela says clearly, you are not happy with my coming here, trust me, I did not come to insult you, I came to help Avni and get friendly with you, I regret you misunderstood me, sorry to hurt you. She reminds Asha’s film dialogue and says I also believe in that. She says I did not come here to deal for Avni’s goodness by money, I wanted to help you all, even if you don’t like, I regarded Avni my true friend. Neela leaves. Tiku looks on and asks Asha why did Neela come here. Asha says Neela came to meet Avni, I misbehaved with her to keep Avni away. She cries and feels bad.

Aladin tells Fatima that he will do setting to get Avni selected. Avni stops him and says if you do this, I will go him. He says then selection is done. Fatima meets her friend and talks to her. Fatima asks Avni to take care and goes with her friends. Aladin gets glad seeing the kids crying and says poor girl got rejected, yes. He asks Avni not to get nervous. Avni says I m not nervous, I will win and come. Avni’s turn comes. He says confidence is good, but not over confidence, some fear to lose things is necessary else there will be no happiness to get anything, all the best. She goes.

Dayaben calls Neela and says why is she not answering. Ketan asks her to have food. She refuses. Hetal insists. Dayaben says fine, serve food. Neela comes and says sorry, I went to meet Avni. Dayaben gets upset.

Ashish tells Dayaben that he chose the winner. Dayaben sees Avni’s pic and gets shocked. Ashish tells Avni that she will win.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I must say, watching Naamkaran is a treat as this is the first Hindi Drama I have seen where no one is dark but everything is messed up.

    Sayantani just rocked today!!! Hats off to her.

    I was really pissed off at Asha in the beginning but later felt good that she is not blindly hating Neela for her misery & was tormented herself for breaking her heart.
    But as a mother she was trying to protect her daughter from the shadow of her mistakes & I guess she could be forgiven for that.

    What I loved most that she was actually feeling bad for Neela that such a wonderful person is getting trapped & someday will have the shock of her life.

    Thanks to Mahesh Bhatt for showing both the women as strong & positive & not as the typical dark soul.

  2. Hi i started watching naamkaran recently but i didn’t see a lot of the episodes
    In the begining asha was expecting her second baby
    Can someone tell me if she still is pregn or did she lose the baby?

  3. I hope dayaben doesn’t do anything to stop avni from winning this he fashion show as precap shows she’s not happy with ashish’s decision. I like naamkaran. Wish it wasn’t ending.

  4. Asha is pregnant now.

  5. Amalina

    so guys if this has to relate with mahesh bhat’s life then is avni alia, and asha alia’s mom and ashish mahesh???

    1. Cynthia

      No, Avni is Mahesh Bhatt, just the makers changed the gender. Asha/Aisha is Shirin Mohammed Ali (Mahesh Bhatt’s mum/mom) and Ashish is Nanabhai Bhatt (Mahesh Bhatt’s dad).

  6. Thank you Amalina this is the question I have been waiting for someone to ask till today,u did

    1. Amalina

      Welcome! Btw if u r wondering what the answers r, then according to Cynthia they r – Avni is Mahesh Bhatt. Asha is Shirin Mohammed Ali (Mahesh Bhatt’s mom) and Ashish is Nanabhai Bhatt (Mahesh Bhatt’s dad).

  7. Mahadev Desai

    I liked the. Lines quoted by Neela from Ayesha’s movie. I feel Ayesha should have been warm hearted with Neela and told her that she does not want to speak about Ashish. Neela loves Ashni and sincerely wants to help her. I think Dayawanti will reject Avni and upset Ashish. What will happen if Neela finds out!

  8. Will anyone tell me the movie dialogue of Asha properly?? Thanks in advance 🙂

  9. There is a news that Ashish i.e Viraf Patel is leaving this show.
    But i don’t want him to leave this show b’cause no one can replace him. He is at this Best.

  10. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi amalina avni is mahesh batt not ashish

    1. Amalina

      ok di thanks!

  11. Let viraf go and move the story ahead the useless character cannot take stand for his daughter and Aisha.Mahesh Sir praises to you for bringing this show to us..Am the one for whom after watching this serial there is lot of change in me.Zindagi kaise ji jati hein and how the life moves on.You have taught us.Thank you once again

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