Naamkaran 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Naamkaran 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aladin hearing Diksha and Dayaben. Diksha says I found him a nice man and got him inside house. Dayaben says you should have asked me, how can we take Avni to other room, it will be bad if he finds Avni in that dark room, we will get her out of window. Diksha says you got that window shut. Dayaben says yes, we have to do something, we will hide and get Avni out, then we need not worry. Neela sees him and asks what are you doing there. He says I m constable Pappi Singh, police on duty. Neela asks will you do duty this way, I will talk to your senior.

He asks will you complain police about police. She says Aladin wait, Avni…. He asks what happened to Avni. She smiles. Dayaben and Diksha see Neela with him and go to get Avni out. He says you don’t call from behind, its abshagun. He goes to see Dayaben. Neela says I salute you Aladin, its good you came back, I m go to dad peacefully. Dayaben asks Diksha for keys. Diksha says you have keys always. Dayaben says I gave you keys, go. Diksha goes to get keys.

Dayaben tries to look inside the room. Aladin asks what are you doing Bhanumati. She says I m Dayavanti, not Bhanumati. Diksha gets keys and sees him. He asks what happened, why did your face get pale, you guys spoil time, tell me which is her room, clear the confusion. Dayaben and Diksha try to fool him. Avni knocks door and says open the door, I m Avni. He says your cat talks too. He opens the door. Avni comes out and hugs him. She says Aladin…. He says lets start acting. He asks do you stay here. Dayaben says her room is getting cleaned. Avni says no, I stay here locked. Aladin says its storeroom, does anyone does this with grandchild, are you not ashamed, shift her to good room right away, else news will reach senior, then you know what will happen.

Avni says Neela made room ready for me. He says shift kid there. Diksha says shift her, we can lock her at night. Dayaben asks Avni to go to her new room. He says I will stay here for next 7 days, its duty, what to do. She asks is this a joke, how can police stay at home for 7 days, don’t fool us. He says I m not fooling you, when I do duty, I don’t see whose house is it. She says give your senior’s number, I will talk to him.

He says don’t do this, I have to stay here for 7 days, senior asked me to stay for 30 days which I don’t want to, you can call senior, I will stay for a month. Diksha says call inspector and then we will let him stay for a month, don’t get angry, we will keep him fine, he will make report and go. He flirts with Diksha. She smiles. Dayaben calls servants and asks them to open guest room. She asks Aladin to stay just for 7 days. Aladin asks for food. Aladin and Avni get glad.

Dayaben does puja and tells Ketan that time is going on bad, just Lord can help. Ketan asks what happened, don’t take tension. She says I feel helpless, I m not able to do anything. He says I will try to kick out constable today. She says don’t be mad, child should be made to play with small toy, if we keep big toy, then child gets attracted, I don’t want constable to doubt on me. Ketan asks why doubt on you.

She says Lord knows whatever I did is for my grandchild. Ketan asks what. She says leave it, you go, constable should just see Avni, and not our house matters. He says there is a problem in office. She asks what. He says a company took our big consignment. She says you are telling this to me now. He says you wee worried for the girl. She says we will go office and find about that company.

Avni hugs Aladin and says I m glad meeting you, I was scared, I thought how will you come here, but you came….but you look cool. She introduces rat to Aladin. Aladin says let me introduces myself. The rat claps for him. She laughs. She hears sound and says Ali has come. She moves the bricks.

Ali sees Aladin and says Sir, I m not thief, door was shut, so I came by window, Avni called me, I came to give her packet, please I don’t want to go jail. Avni laughs. She says he has come to help us, stop crying. Ali says sorry, I forgot tiffin at home. Avni says its fine. Aladin says I will make food for her. Ali says this is our Aladin and hugs him. Avni says yes, I know. Ali says but he disappeared, we were finding him, it means you had his number. Aladin says you are so intelligent.

Dayaben asks Diksha and Hetal to manage Avni and keep her away from Amol. She leaves with Ketan. Aladin says Dayaben kept eye on us and tried to buy me to stop movie release, I agreed to her so that she believes me, but her goons kidnapped and threatened me to leave city, then I have run away and gave hard disk copy to digital company, till I reached Avni, I got news of Aisha’s accident, I met Avni in graveyard in disguise, since then we are in touch, I came knowing she needs my help, like you always help Avni, Ali you are strongest support of Avni, I love you for you. Avni smiles. Avni thinks I should have not hidden this from Ali.

Avni plays with Aman. Dayaben comes home. Servant tells Avni. Dayaben asks maid to get Amol.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Superb episode…

  2. I’ve lost all zeal to continue watching and commenting on this serial. I stayed away for two weeks and it’s still so depressing to actually come on this forum and read comments, that’s how I know what is happening in the serial. I’m gone……. AGAIN!!!!!!

  3. Yuck!! Aladdin is bad just watch.

  4. lovely episode. Alladin brought some sunshine with him. Avni rocks and Neela – is not utilized to the fullest she has so much of talent and is a lovely, pretty actress a very good dancer too.

  5. Angelk1

    I knew Aladin wouldnt betray if only asha come back an my ashdin is complete

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