Naamkaran 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Neela meets Mishti

Naamkaran 18th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gurumaa getting solitary confinement. She shouts Avni is lying. DD says well done, you have saved someone’s life. He gives her a note and says I know there is much darkness in this jail, but we will get answers under the light, just keep head high and hope in heart. He goes. Neil says Ali I will meet you in 5 mins. Bebe stops him. She says today I feel like you have grown up, you are bearing all the troubles alone, you didn’t think about us. He says I don’t want to worry you all. She says I understand, I know I can’t stop you, I won’t put you in a dilemma, I have to give something, I have arranged some winter wear, prasad and food, just think of me in any trouble, you will find me with you. He hugs her. She blesses him.

Jailer comes to Avni and gets the note. She asks what’s this, your lover’s letter. She sees the blank paper and says I know you change colors so soon, you had framed Gurumaa. Avni says I know you are with pandit, why don’t you help her in escaping. Jailer says yes, but you are her would be bahu, so she wishes to take you from here, I can’t come between saas and bahu, don’t forget your mum is a guest for Gurumaa and Vidyut, its tough to say your mum will be alive or not, just hurry up, it will be good if you follow my instructions, your mum is waiting, remember. Avni recalls DD’s words. Avni applies water on the letter. She read Neil’s letter. He writes…. I m searching for Neela, I shall find her, commissioner is also by our side, take care. She says you are supporting me by staying far, you used to fight when you were close, what’s the need to bear everything, did you love me for this.

Ballu gets Neela somewhere. She counts the steps from the door. She hears the sounds and guesses the place of kitchen and staircase. Ballu gets food. He asks her not to flee, guard will be watching her. He goes. She counts the steps and reaches the kitchen. She gets a knife and cuts the ropes. She frees herself. She goes upstairs. She checks the doors. She enters a room and stays alert. She says there is nothing here. She sees a door inside the cupboard. Avni comes to Gurumaa. She says jailer is busy, I thought to meet you, my cell is close to solitary confinement. Gurumaa says you can’t open the door now.

She says not without jailer’s electronic card. Gurumaa says you will risk your life for your freedom, we have your mum in our clutches. Avni says you will get this card, you can run away, how shall I believe that my mum is fine, show me her video, if she is fine, this card is yours, else I will make this jail a hell for you. Neela goes in and says who is it. She sees Mishti and gets shocked. She hugs her and says you are alive, how are you, why are you here. She hears guards. She says Mishti, don’t tell anyone, I will meet you later. She goes back and sits on the sofa. Neil and guard come. Neil says your sleeping time is over, we will shoot you now, its Ballu’s order, we have to shoot a video. He touches her feet and signs her. She gets shocked seeing Neil.

Avni says I trust Neil, he won’t let anything happen to Neela. Neela says Neil…. Ballu says you just took Neil’s name.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Finally they bring mishti back into avneil’s life. Neil will meet with an accident and I just hope nothing will happen to him but in that interview he said time only decide what will happen to Neil and whether he will survive? But still he is determined to save avni… Like this. I just hope CVS won’t show like that if they show like that means then I will bid bubye to nk forever.

  2. I think ballu will get avni out by mistake instead og gurumaa

    1. Why are you saying so? Can you please explain me dear?

  3. MISTI is back.i just don’t want her to create any problem for avniel…I hope she will unite them
    CVS it’s too much .
    We want some avniel scene..kitna wait karwaoge haa

    1. Mishthi ek child hai.wo kaise AvNeil ke liye problem ho saktha hai.AvNeil and mishthi ki bahut achi bonding bhi hai.
      I don’t understand fans ko mishthi se ek choti bachi se problem kya hai ?.
      AvNeil mishthi ki bonding se kya problem hai

    2. Purvi128

      Just wait nd watch… there is an avniel scene coming up… niel will meet her in jail turning off all the cctv camera in disguise of sardar nd will tease her.. the scene is so amazing… AvNiel reunion…

  4. Can you provide us the link plzzz… If he meets an accident 90% he will have memory loss as all other shows.. I am fed up of that track… I love avneil so much..

    1. Kal let’s wait and watch.poori baath Jane bina tension hone se acha hai upcoming episode dekhna.
      Jab neil ko vidyuth ki attack se kuch nahi hua tho aage kaise hoga.
      Mera Mind kehtha hai koi memory loss track nahi hoga

    2. Purvi128

      Naamkaran is just so diff from other shows… he will just have a minor accident after meeting avni… don’t worry dear…
      Nd don’t compare it with any show… it is unique

  5. Yashika are you a class 8 student of shrimanta shankar academy in guwahati as you stated you are frm assam.
    i am new to nk family but i watch everyday.can i bee a part of nk fan family

    1. Lillianalieben

      yeah sure. y not. we all are a family. r u from guwahati, Assam??/ if so which school n in which class??

  6. Yashika are you a student of class 8 in ssa guwahati please reply…..
    by the way this is ria new to nk fan family will the family consider me as friend

    1. Of course we all are friends and family of nk

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