Naamkaran 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Naamkaran 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni sitting sad. She says I m bored of interviews. Ali says I would have answered them. Avni says I have to go home, its just for some time, tomorrow everyone will forget, even this award, video or anything. Ali says you got your name, why are you worried. Avni says name is not made like this. Ali asks what will you do now.

Avni says I challenged Dayaben that I will make a big name and she will known by my name, but how will I become big, I wish someone could advice me. A man is seen roaming on the road in hoverboard. He comes to the award function. Ali and Kia argue. Avni says its serious, I challenged to earn big name, I will get some idea.

The man sits on the stairs and says there are many kids here, tell me how many kids you want, I will get them in sacks. Avni hears the man talking on phone. She gets angry. Ali asks where are you going. Avni signs him to be quiet. She goes to that man and punches his face. The man falls down.

He asks why did you beat me. Avni asks Ali and Kia to call police, this is a kidnapper. He asks kidnapper? She says don’t lie, I heard you talking on phone about kids. He says you find me a kidnapper. Avni tells about crime laws, and says its illegal to sell any minor. He shouts for police. Ali and Kia shout. The man stops them and says look into my eyes, trust me, you are a handsome boy. Ali smiles and asks Avni did she hear it. Kia asks what happened to you Ali, I will call police. He sweetly convinces Kia. Avni says this sweet talk will not work on me. He calls her aunty and asks who are kids here. Ali and Kia smile seeing the man. Avni asks what happened to you two, I will call police. The man says I was finding a kid model, do you want to earn name. Ali and Kia says Avni has to earn name. The man says I have a proposal. Avni says I don’t want.

He says I will see you later, and think of my offer, if you participate in this fashion show, you will earn big name. Avni calls the man mad. He calls her great kid and says I got this girl, I will take her. Asha asks where were you three. Ali and Kia tell about that man. Avni says lets go home, Fatima and Tiku are waiting at home. Neela looks for Avni and Asha. Driver says maybe they went. Neela goes to see. Neela sees them leaving. Ashish comes to Neela.

Neela says Avni said right, they are complete family and do not need anyone. Ashish wipes his tears. She says I did not talk to Avni much, she went, I will go her home and meet her. Ashish says fine, you met her and gave award, now let her go. Neela says Avni saved my life, I want to talk to her well. He says you said mum and daughter don’t need anyone, why to interfere in their personal life, get the hint, they went, maybe they are not interested, come, kids are waiting.

Fatima and Tiku surprise Avni by decorating the house as per birthday theme. Avni wishes her happy birthday. They all laugh. She asks Tiku whose birthday is it, why did you fix this happy birthday banner here. Fatima beats Tiku. She says I opened party box and decorated what we liked, sorry. Avni says its best decorations, its not wrong, its birthday today. Fatima asks whose. Avni says today Avni Aisha’s birth happened. Fatima looks at Asha. Asha tells what avni did today. She says Avni has taken award by Avni Aisha’s name. Fatima and Tiku get glad seeing the award. Avni hugs Fatima. Ali asks is birthday cake there. Fatima says its there, and even drinks. He asks your drinks. She says no, I will beat you. They laugh.

Fatima says I have surprise for Asha and Avni. Asha asks what. Tiku says she made a new world for you both. Asha and Avni go to see. Fatima removes Ashish’s pic and keeps Asha and Avni’s huge pic. Avni hugs the pic. Asha hugs Fatima. They get emotional. Fatima asks them to come. She shows the room decorated with just Asha and Avni’s pics. Asha and Avni hug. Avni smiles and gets emotiona. The kids play with balloons. Asha and Fatima look on. Fatima says I wish no one’s bad sight catch my daughters.

Asha says Ashish’s fiancee Neela gave award to Avni. Fatima asks what, and keeps award away. She asks why did you let Avni go knowing this. Asha says I just thought of Avni’s happiness, when Avni took award by Avni Aisha’s name, I was scared, but then I realized I felt I got a new soul in me, if I got scared and stopped Avni from taking the award, I would have felt bad. Fatima asks what will you do if Avni knows truth. Asha says don’t know. She sees Avni playing happily.

Dayaben asks for how many days I went, what is this, how did Neela reach Avni. Ketan says we have no danger, she refused to accept Ashish as her father. Dayaben says Neela will make Avni say it. Someone goes to meet Avni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I will only say that Ashish you lost today everything.I know that you love your daughter and Ashish but Asia pyarr ka kya raids when you did not took stand in front of your Mum.You can’t accept them in public and give them their right.Kaisa pyarr hein tumhara yeh Ashish please answer us?????? Let Avni and Ashish move them ahead in their life..You did not even recognise them in front of NeelaPlease let them move they are on right path..Thank you Mahesh Sir

  2. Correcting Ashudi instead of Ashish and faida instead of raids.Please excuse my Typos error

  3. @Neha I agree. I think neela will probably find out that ashish is avni’s dad. Let’s see what dayaben does now.

  4. I think dayaben will try to stop anvil from meeting Neela

  5. Lovely episode. This little angel’s acting is brilliant.

  6. indera sanichara

    Awesome ephoside Avni and Asha. Don’t turn back Asha, show them you are strong enough to live without him. Mahesh good story.

  7. Awesome..serial getting better n better n..hope we c Avni as adult n taking revenge from ashish family

  8. You guys Rock! Avni – WE LOVE YOU – LOVE FROM KENYA FUNS.

  9. I hate fathers who say they love but dont show it Ashish is losing a lovely family for what his mother? Avni inspires me because i have a father like hers. love you Avni. Verona from Uganda

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