Naamkaran 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Dayaben and Amol lay a plan to kill Neil

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Naamkaran 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil seeing Avni. Shweta takes him for puja. Dayaben waits for Raghu pandit and Gurumaa. Avni thinks to apologize to Neil. Everyone chants Pandit ji’s name. Gurumaa walks in and dances. Dayaben smiles. Amol gives the box to a man and thinks this night will be last one for Neil, he would be gone before morning. Pandit asks Prakash to do aarti, and call his bahu as well. Shweta stops Prakash. He says leave this on me. He gets Avni. Neil and Avni do aarti together. Everyone prays. They take blessings. Bebe and Shweta just bless Neil. Avni gets sad. Neil looks on. Prakash blesses them. He says very soon the family will realize their mistake, you will come back to us.

Neil says no, she decided to not come back. Avni says how can I come, the house will get tension, Shweta turned face and went, if I come home, fights will happen, do you want this Neil. She goes. Neela looks on. Prakash prays to Lord. Neil goes to Avni. Music plays…. They see each other. He says don’t know my talk is useful or not, you have taken a decision by ending relations with us. She says you are misunderstanding me. Kids tie them by a cloth and run. Neil and Avni have an eyelock. He asks till when will we stay here. She says tied like this, I don’t want you to choose either of me and your family. He asks why do you decide always, the thing which we can solve easily, why do you complicate it, don’t play with life, its for living, if you decided to break this bond, I will never come between your freedom. He goes. Avni asks kids to take cloth. The girl says no, its gifted to you.

Bebe prays to Radha Krishna and says you are regarded pure examples of love, you both did not get married, did I do mistake by calling Avni’s parents relation wrong, did I do injustice with Avni. Dayaben says I m proud of you. Amol says I said I m your grandson and got entry here. She sees the model. Bebe says what shall I do, I don’t understand, just return this house’s happiness, show some way. Neil comes and holds her. He prays. She says I did this as I can’t tolerate lies. He says I did not ask you anything that time, I won’t ask anything now, maybe this relation was just a dream, not reality, Avni will never want tension in our house, I know her well, she will never come back, we don’t take Lord’s permission when we do our wish, when things spoil, why do we expect Lord to show us right path, why. He takes Bebe’s blessings and goes.

Amol shows two figures. Dayaben says this is Neil and that’s Avni, tell me how will you sacrifice Neil. He says I will show you a trailer, its simple, just a button needed, boom and then everything ends. She says remember, Avni should be away. He asks what. She says I didn’t know Avni’s Saarthi will be Neil, he is her strength, when he is not there, then Avni will break down, she will be alone to die, I want to see her like afraid Avni, when she came in our lives as Ananya, I promised to make her life worse than death. Amol asks how will we do this. Dayaben says trust Lord, he will show the way, none can stop us now. They greet Lord.

Neil climbs the human pyramid. Neela shouts to Avni and says bomb….. Avni runs to Neil. Neil is about to hit the dahi handi. It blasts.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I never thought this amol thing will upset me so but it do i dont see the real reason for him to hate his sister so… still hoping for some secret plan he have to really protect avni but i know I’ll just be disappointed in the long run

  2. Hey,only tomorrow someone said about not showing neil-bebe emotional talks and today it happened.seems like director went though our comment.I really not able to understand what cvs trying to show,at one moment,avni trying to presude neil at the same moment when neil talking to her she’s trying to go the Zainu is super cool.I really like him.

  3. Seriousely…you guys are making FUN of your God that he wil show u way to do evil n killings??? Seriousely..or is it devil worshipping??? N Amol/Aman is a worthless baby …end the show its just pathetic portraying india culture n people sooo weak

    1. Hey in any show evil never win if it does people get lost their faith in God it may be any god you pray or believe.they are just showing god will never take the side of bad whoever the devotee maybe.
      And one more thing who ever prays god in bad way he never get his wish fulfilled.

  4. Hey,sreema,when you told that you thought I am aditi,I was just like:O.I was laughing hard.what if I am not aditi ,I can be your friends???
    I also think they shouldn’t use religious stuffs in devil doing.guruma and raghu pandit are same person,actually more than that I was shocked that raghu pandit is a,fatma,please don’t tell to stop the show for Avneil sake and my baby Zainu’s sake.guys,don’t be lazy .just use your hands and one is here at least naz mam,alia and nishat apu tomra to join koro

    1. Hey Ananya are u from Bangladesh? Everyday i see ur comment and u write in bangla ‘tomra to join koro’ reading this i’m just ??
      I’m Fatmi and also from BD ? I’m a silent reader. May I be ur frnd? From which zilla are u from?

  5. I hate Amol a lot. How can a brother want to stand against his own blood and trying to kill his sister’s husband. He is a blemish on brothers. How can he support even after knowing that Daya only snatched mother’s love from him and also kill his father and separate him from his lovely sister? How much love Avni has showered upon him but he does not deserve it. I want Amol to get trapped in bomb blast instead of Neil and die.Go to hell Amol

  6. somebody has told before that siddhant gupta will take the role of raghu pandit but in today’s episode they show gurumaa as panditji. Whether siddant gupta come to take a role in naamkaran or not anybody pls tell me

  7. to hell with dayaa n amol/aman whatever.. avni plzz maanjayo naa.. kitni pyaar hai tumhaare liye neil ke paas.. i thought raghu pandit will be a man.. but it turnrd to b gurumaa lol..

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