Naamkaran 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Avni apologizes to Neil

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Naamkaran 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni meeting Ali and saying I wanted to have coffee made by you. Ali says I will get coffee stock. He sees Fatima and says Nanno, I will just come. Avni asks what happened to him. Fatima says nothing, he had an argument with customer. Fatima and Amol go. Neil comes and sees Avni. She says I just wanted to say, don’t misunderstand me, I can’t bear problems between you and Shweta, you did many favors on me. Neil says fine, did you also do favor on me by staying with me. DD says Avni was trying to tell you something. Neil asks DD to say why he called him. He angrily spoils tea. DD says I will get tea for you.

Avni says Neil did not listen to me. Amol recalls Dayaben’s words and says he is angry, you try again, come in Janmashtami function. Neil will also be there, talk to him. She refuses. He says sorry, sit. He gives her a gift and says its from my first bonus. He shows a radio and says you can hear your fav music on this. DD sees them and smiles. Amol plays radio. Aji ruthke ab…..plays…. Neil and Avni see each other. Neil starts going. Pather ke sanam…..plays… Avni comes in his way. He goes to his seat and sits. Ye ladka hai …….plays….. Avni dances with some girls and signs Neil. The guys get Neil and push him towards Avni. Everyone claps. Neil thinks of her words. Ehsaan tera hoga mujh par…..plays…… Avni cries. Amol thinks to unite them anyhow.

Dayaben says I always kept puja on Janmashtami, devotion is tested in bad times. The lady says I can’t permit you, its against jail rules. Gurumaa comes and says if you don’t allow, my rules will break, think well. She asks Dayaben to do grand preparations as she has helped pandit ji. Gurumaa says he will surely come and do dance at Krishna’s birth time, I will invite him.

Amol comes to Neela and says Avni is so worried, we should do something to make Avni and Neil patch up. Neela says don’t worry give them some time, if they meet, things can get fine. He says we should do something big. DD calls Avni and says Neil Sir…. we need help. Avni asks what happened. DD ends call. She worries for Neil and leaves from home. Neil is busy in work. DD says Neil is busy and free now, he has meeting with commissioner at night. DD gets call. Constable informs that commissioner has come. DD tells this to Neela. Neela says Avni will teach there before us. DD says I know shortcut, don’t worry. DD comes to police station and tries to stop Avni. He falls down and says I thought to take commissioner’s blessings.

Neil says I will give you blessing later. Neela and Amol stop Avni. Neela asks Avni to stop this, else Neil can get fed up. Avni asks her not to say anything. Neela says fine, do whatever you go. She goes with Amol. DD sees Avni and worries. Neil turns and sees Avni. He thinks Avni here, why did she go without meeting if she came here. Commissioner stops Neil and talks about Raghu pandit’s case. Neil looks outside. Commissioner asks where are you lost Neil. Neil says nothing. Avni walks on the road and thinks of messaging Neil. She writes sorry message. Neil gets Bebe’s message. Bebe asks him to come home on time for Janmashtami puja. Avni clears message and says meeting and talking will be right. Dayaben sees the puja arrangements in jail and says this Janmashtami will be memorable for everyone.

Avni asks Neela where is she going. Neela says Prakash invited me for Janmashtami puja, Amol won’t come and no use to ask you. Avni says wait, I will get ready and come. She thinks to message sorry to Neil, maybe saying sorry personally will be good. Neela says I hope Neil and Avni patch up today. Amol thinks yes, else Dadi won’t forgive me. Avni thinks to talk to Neil.

They come in puja and greet Shweta and Bebe. Shweta thinks when will I get free of her. Pandit says you can start puja now. Neil comes there and says sorry Bebe I got late. Neil and Avni see each other.

Avni does aarti and says I got this family today. Amol gives bomb to someone and thinks Neil will be near Lord before morning, its Neil’s last night today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Samm

    ehsaan tera hoga mujh par! show, dil chahta h jo, hone do! mujhe avneil se mohabbat ho gayi h, inhe happily ever after rhne do! 😀

  2. Samm

    I love Neil to bits! I know what’s coming and yet I’m so excited to watch the upcoming track. the spoilers are all centred on Avneil, as always, but I can’t wait to see what happens with Dayawanti and how far can she get before Neil and/or Avni catch up with her tricks. As for now, I really want Amol to be pretending to be against Avni for some hidden purpose, although I know that won’t really happen and I’m in for a tub full of disappointment, sadness and unlimited wishing for Neil’s safety and Avneil being together!

  3. I think Ali will get blow by the bomb

  4. Writers have changed the story. Amol was good. But suddenly they have changed him. Before honeymoon track there was a scene where Amol saved Kareena’s bf from Avni. But they didn’t telecast that scene. Even after AvNeil separation there was a scene between Neil and bebe where Neil was missing Avni and upset very much . But this scene was also missing.

    1. True they cut up the show alot from what in the spoiler….and those parts does be the sweetest…like the hug sequences when she first left and came back and he ran to hug her they cut out the part where he buried his face in her neck

  5. ★★Happy Birthday,Ananya★★
    May Allah keep you always happy.
    Thank you naz mam, feriha apu,alia,ananya,for remembering me in your comments.please take my we spend a very nice time with one another.and you all are very nice.after a long time, i write comment here.i also missed all of you. salsa,where are you? i think, you also very very busy with your studies.Allah bless you.

    1. Samm

      oh, is it ananya’s birthday?
      Happy Birthday dear 🙂 Have a blast and always be happy 🙂

  6. Happy birthday Ananya dear. Almighty God ‘s blessings to you on your most special day. Here’s wishing you the very best in health, happiness, prosperity, love, and may kindness, compassion and generosity govern the very essence of your life. It’s your birthday on the 15th August and today is my son’s birthday on the 14th….enjoy the day with your friends and family and hey…don’t eat too much cake ok…just a little!! Have fun… ????????

  7. Happy Independence Day to all of our friends here who are from the Indian subcontinent. Also, Happy Janamashtami to all my Hindu friends as well. Enjoy the festivities on both occasions..i don’t think we have any Pakistani friends here, of we do… Happy Independence Day to you all as well.

  8. Thank you so so so much .nishat apu,you are the 2nd one to wish me,first my baba wished me and mom and my little brother is know apu,I am down with cold and also slipped from your institute celebrating mourning day??our school kept a function for bangabandu.why you were absent in this forum???I really like you apu

    1. Zaina

      Happy birthday dear…. may god bless u to live long healthy…. be happy always…. have a nice memorable bday….

  9. Hey samm,thank you from core of my heart for wishing me.I don’t know you that much closely,but you comment here daily,right??let’s become friends ..are you indian?give your introduction

  10. Alia,thank you for wishing me advance I just went though old comments as I was off fewdays from this forum and naz mam thank you for praying for my speedy recovery.salsa apu,where are you??badly missing you..have your grumpy chemistry teacher again scolded you?? Please join us ..

  11. I didn’t say anything about show,so back again.Zainu is looking so cute in his angry avater.avni now realized Neil’s importance.I don’t feel it was a good idea to show aman negetive.ufff,Avneil entangled with this showing-in-every-serial planning and plotting ,they don’t get time together.but now tracks seems focusing in Avneil.I literally love Avneil.ooh,I have enough eating your head.please bear it and good night

  12. seems like they are copying ishqbaaz first avni was calling Neil bagad billa
    now some raghu pandit like in ishqbaaz sultan both mysterious
    naamkaran is copying ishqbaaz

    1. But naamkaran is better than ishqbazz,and I love avneil pls don’t say that they are copying other serial ,namkaran have them own story

  13. Hi ananya iam sree
    Iam from kerala
    I love your show namkaran iam a big fan of your show
    Plz reply me ananya

  14. Dear ananya,
    iam sreema
    I am from kerala gods own country.
    Iam a big fan of your show Namkaran.
    Plz replay me ananya

  15. Hi sreema..mee to from kerala

  16. Hi mia where is your place??
    Iam from ernakulam district

  17. You know guys,what my friends have gifted ME…it’s a frame with Zainu’s picture..oh god,Zain was looking so cute in that pic..actually they know how much I like him..actually they are also crazy about Zainu…I loved that frame..they are afrin and afroza.

  18. Hey,sreema..I didn’t get you.what have you asked me..can you clear it

    1. Sorry ananya
      I think your namkaran serial actress “aditi rathore”.
      Sry its my mistake anyway
      Happy birthday to you…..

  19. Happy independence day to all of you

  20. nathasha malhotra

    Hii guys am nathasa malhotra,amam from Bangalore
    I love the show very much

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