Naamkaran 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Avni decides to leave Neil’s house

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Naamkaran 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Family doctor is not in town. Mowgli asks Neil to make kada that Avni makes for him. Neil goes outside. Mitali goes behind him. He ignores her as he is very worried. He calls another doctor and then tells his family that doctor said there is no need to take her to hospital. She will be fine as she gets some rest.

Avni and kids are sleeping together. Neil smiles seeing that. Sunehri comes and takes the kids away. Avni recalls goons attack and says don’t touch me. Neil goes to her. She says Neil and hugs him. He tells him it was a bad dream, she is at home and safe. Avni takes herself back. Neil asks why she went alone. She should have taken someone with her. She says she just went to see house, she didn’t know this would happen. He asks she likes being in trouble or she has ego in taking someone’s help. She says she fights with her problems, alone. And now she is used to being alone. He says she’s saying like everyone made her lonely, but the truth is, it was her decision to leave everyone. She says she was helpless, she had no other options. He says she didn’t give him chance to solve problems. If she had consulted, maybe they could have done something. He just wanted them to take decisions together, but she couldn’t do that. She may do same in future, so she can live her life as she wants. He leaves.

Kamini’s friends ask her for party as they couldn’t attend wedding. Kamini says definitely there will be celebrations. Her friends ask her to introduce them to Saisha. Kamini calls Saisha and introduces her to her friends. After that she goes to Saisha and asks why she wore wrong earnings. They don’t go with dress. She should be dressed properly. She asks her to go back to her room. She then tells her friends that Saisha is not feeling well. Her friends ask about Saisha’s family. She says Saisha is orphan. Avni raised her. Her friends say Avni is illegitimate. Is Saisha also like her? Saisha hears it and tells the guests they don’t know anything about Avni, so they should stay quiet. What Avni did for her, they wouldn’t do for their own children. Guests feel bad. They tell Kamini that they will only be back here when her daughter-in-law learn manners. They leave. Kamini scolds Saisha. Saisha says if they had said anything about her, she would has ignored, but she can’t hear anything against Avni.

Mitali asks Neil about Avni. He answers rudely that he doesn’t know. Mitali was leaving. He calms himself down and asks what she wanted to tell him. She says she fears talking to him because of his reactions. She then says there is one girl who can understand him and that’s Avni. She knows Avni is irreplaceable in his heart and life. He says, it’s not like that. He just cares for her, that is why he was stressed. There is nothing between them. Avni doesn’t matter to him. Shweta was passing by. She asks Mitali how she is feeling. Neil asks why she didn’t tell him she’s not well. Shweta says she never tells anyone. She has low BP but she doesn’t look after her. She asks Neil to take her to doctor. Mitali says she will go by herself. She tells Neil to take care of him and Avni. She leaves.

Shweta tells Neil that she loves Avni a lot, but she also can’t ignore what Neil is going through. Neil is confused. She tells him it’s been 10 years since Avni left him, but still he is hers. That is why he never thought about anyone else. He is not realizing there is someone who wants to come in his life. He just can’t wait for things to happen. He needs to take a step. His decision is important to three lives, his, Avni’s and Mitali’s. She asks him to think about it.

Sunehri tells Avni that one family is ready to adopt Mowgli. Avni says to tell them to adopt someone else. Sunehri asks why? what she would tell them if they ask why? Everyone needs to know the truth, right? Avni tells her to tell them that Mowgli is not right fit for them.

Neil’s dad tells Avni that kids have made their house colorful, so he has decided to convert half house in orphanage. Avni says he can’t take his help. Neil gets furious and says now she has ego problem taking his dad’s help too. She knows it’s so difficult to find a safe house for kids. She should think about kids too. In her arrogance and ego, she is risking kids’ lives too. Neil’s family asks him to cool down. Avni tells Neil’s dad that she is thankful to him for all that he has done. It’s not about her ego, but self-respect. She has already overstayed in his house and can’t stay any longer. She asks Sunehri to get kids ready.

Other hand, Neil’s family asks him to stop fighting and think where kids will go this late in night. He must stop Avni.

Precap: Avni returns mangal sutra and tells Neil’s dad that she has freed Neil from their relationship. He can start a new life now. Neil’s dad says she broke one relationship, but how she will break blood’s relation. Avni asks what he means. He asks for how long she will hide that Mowgli is her and Neil’s child. Avni is shocked.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Ayesha_malhotra

    Precap is shocking . I just liked how Neil hugged Avni . So it’s confirmed that Mowgli Is AvNeil’s son . I hope AvNeil will come together for mowgli atleast . I’m scared as if Neil comes to know about Mowgli being Avni and his son he’ll be furious with her

  2. Mowgli. Tillu ki Philly?????

    1. sshhhhhhh. it’s not pilly it’s pillu!!

  3. To what extends this leap gonna butcher avni’s character first she broke her 2 mothers happy family dream, then she chose to run away leaving neil and his family devastated and now she has hidden her son from everyone. If mowgli is really their child then she crossed all limits of injustice done to neil and their son. She had no right to keep a father and son separated, she had no right to make her son think he is an orphan when he had his mother right in front of him and when his father would die of happiness knowing his existence. How can she let her son be viewed as illegitimate when she knows how much it is painful, and she herself was missing her dad badly as child but let her own son grow up without father. Neila was not even avni’s biological mother but still made sure avni gets all love, happiness, rights nd relations that she didn’t get, even though that means she will appear bad infront of avni or she will be insulted or hated by others. How can avni being raised by such strong lady feel that weak that she had to do injustice with her love and blood.
    She needed to run to protect her loved ones, she could have run with them to another country, even neil as neo broke the law to protect his loved ones. If again it was necessary he would broke the law.
    Avni is too much disappointing after leap missing the old strong, daring fighter avni who never gives up.

    1. Sana.

      no yaar. avni did it to save their family. she didn’t want to leave neil at all. we can’t judge her now as we don’t know the reason behind it yet. i thing there might be a big reason behind it thats y she detached herself and neil from their son. just think at that time if she told everyone that mogli is her son, they might have asked her about his dad. she can’t return back to khanna family also. if she told everyone that he was her son then they would have asked her about his surname. if she told her surname then everybody would have come to know about her secret.may be in her mission of saving her love neil and his family she might have taken this drastic step of hiding mowgli’s secret to everyone. i think so. i won’t blame avni till i get to know about the reason behind it. so guys pls stop judging her character before knowing anything and left is upto you guys.

      1. She wanted to protect her loved ones is totally understandable but what was the need to lie to her family. She could have contacted neil after vidyut arrest to follow her or accept her as dead. It is not like neil never went against to law to protect her. If he would know she was alive and was having their child ( even if it was later) he would give up everything take his family to follow avni. Why does she take all decisions by herself, leaving him, hiding his son, breaking their marriage, getting him someone else… neil has feelings too, he has right to choose what is good for him and what he wants.
        Avni was ingenious enough to make 2 living people appear dead and create new identity for her and mishti, giving her own surname or make up a story about mowgli’s father shouldn’t’ be a problem. Having a mom is still better than being orphan or have the illegitimate tag. But As you said we should wait for avni’s explanation after all avni is one of the best femal character in tv show. But at the same time Letting her own son calling her jaan didi is not excusable. They should have focus on just avneil rather than bring a sudden son , it is messing everything

      2. To the FAN.,
        We people are not saying neil is wrong he is correct but his mistake is just that he is not try ing to found out what avni is hiding from him.the past secrets,neela maa death secret,what happened with avni before taking 10 years,before she left him.and how many secrets she hid from him like you people already know what are the secrets I don’t need to tell you guys.t his the neil main problem,we are upset with neil about this not because he not forgiving her.instead of finding out the truth why does he want to hit his head on a wall when the wall doesn’t break but your head will get hurt instead.why wasting him time on avni by asking why she left him when she is not going to tell.instead neil should find out what happened to her before 10 years and after she left him.w hy waste his precious time on avni when he himself could find out the truth.

    2. Hyori by repeatedly asking why she left, he is actually giving her a chance to explain and redeem herself. Her silence is making him thinks she doesn’t wanna take this opportunity to make things fine
      Let’s say neil knows the details, will that ecxuse avni for not sharing vidhyut blackmails, leaving neil and hid her pregnancy? Telling him the truth then supporting him facing is better than running away for 10 years and keep his son away. She clearly had to choice to inform him after vidyut arrest and ask him to follow her to another place with new identity.If he would refuse then she could disappear forever alone. Not only to neil, it was injustice to avneil son who is not getting father’s love

      1. If she told him all this.u said it.
        If he would refuse then she could disappear forever alone.
        Don’t u think after knowing all she said and all the plans she made,if she wants to go away from him or disappear forever (that will never happen until is neil knows about her plans)neil would be so dum enough to let her go away from him after knowing about his child in avnis womb,he wont take a risk that can affect avni and his child.u have to agree you also know that.
        In only Mistis matter when neil came to know from juhi that he has a daughter only that time to protect misti,he sent avni away from him ,in vidyut time,do you think he would have let her go when he came to know that avni is pregnant.
        Avni doesn’t have a choice that time she have choose between family’s happiness or destruction she chose one by thinking selflessly.
        I know she have to tell him now about mogli, but she didn’t tell him up to now. maybe she is thinking,i f vidyut comes to know about mogli,vidyut will kill her son ,a mom can do anything to protect his child from danger even if she have to hide him from anyone.a free vidyut death I think she will remain stubborn and won’t tell him about mogli when cvs have to ruin avnis character when she did do anything wrong.only they know why they are making avni stubborn.
        Don’t you think I am asking again but
        It’s better neil should found out about everything she is hiding from him instead of asking her.when she is ananya verma, she hid many things too from neil too but neil still tried to find out what avni was hiding from him and almost got all info about ananya verma. even that time he tried to ask and also have her a chance to share her problems with him but she didn’t but that didn’t stop neil from finding out the truth.he used his super cop sense and found out what she is hiding.i think he should use his cop sense in this matter too instead of asking her.

      2. If avni would have explained him why she is doing this obviously he would either follow her or let her go for her, mishti and their child safety. He also know how much vidyut is dangerous. Do you think that after she would shared with him viduyt blackmails and treats he would care about any rules nd morals over his parents, wife, child safety. The matter concerned his dad, he needed to know about it and be part of avni’s plan.
        If vidhyut ever come infront of avni he won’t target avni, he will target all these kids jaan didi is taking care of, that means mowgli too. If it was for safety then adoption as a baby to a loving family where he would got a comfortable and safe life with loving parents and childhood she never got could have been a better option.
        As for neil, even if he finds out the truth the question will still be, why didn’t she have enough trust on him and their love to face everything together.
        Ananya was only a case he worked on as his job, whatever she did, said, meant was not relevant to him in his search of truth. Avni is his wife , whatever she says, does , means can hurt his feelings and are impactful in his search on finding the love he trusted so much.

        This leap is only destructive for avni, from its starting to now nothing is justifying avni’s actions. she is getting away from her original character . Day by day it is getting worse

      3. But now the explanation she is giving to neil is not reasonable enough too.if she gives a reasonable explanation or not neil will still think she doesn’t trust him and his love.if neil forgives her she maybe repeat the same mistake after this too.what the solution for this problem then.avni want Neil’s forgiveness but doesn’t want to come back in his life and want him to move on with mitali andwant him to have a happy life with mitali and neil is angry but still loves her to her nd doesn’t want to forgive her.whats the solution for this problem.either avni nor Neil want to save this it will become normal again when no one is ready to accept each other.

    3. That’s why just cvs should have focus just on avneil delaling with the situation slowly instead of bringing their son. Yes neil is really angry nd hurt but he doesn’t want avni to leave . After a while he would have forgiven her. But if he knows she also did wrong with their son, can’t imagine how he will react.

      1. I am also against the idea of bringing avneil son which can complicate the is really complicate now why complicating it more by bringing their son.

      2. Sana.

        a fan. if avni told the truth means neil wouldn’t have let her go away. he might have followed her and both got trapped in this matter as he can’t stay without her. thats y she hid it from him. neil told that she betrayed him as if he didn’t betray her at all. before sending her to jail what he did? pulls out her mangalsutra and vermillion. how could it be for her. she never ever had trust on man but she trusted him and loved him, how she felt at that time? she was angry and at the same time she used her brain too to find out the truth. neil didn’t explain her she only found it out. she could have said the same that neil is saying now that he had no trust on her but instead she forgave him. but now neil is using his angry only and not at all trying to find the reason behind it. where his brain has gone? its still alive na? then why that brain death person didn’t use it at all and behaving as if a memory loss patient only remembering the promise that she won’t left him whatever problem arise and forget that she also promised to save his family which he gave her as a treasure. moreover cvs not yet unfold the truth why she raise her child as an orphan so we can’t justify her character yet as we don’t know anything just stop being judgy.

    4. Sana. neil is a ploice officer, he is sure kind but not made of sugar candy. He let avni go get mishti from the mouth of this big criminal. If avni was afraid then she could have informed him about her plan once vidhyut was in jail and ask him to follow her for his family, her and their baby sake.
      For the 2 years neil faked to not believe avni’s innocence, he was really much wrong and avni get her revenge by being rude to him and by small tricks ( and she was right in her place) . But at least he was infront of her safe and sound. That can’t be compared to 10 years of being dead, where neil was taking himself responsible for not being able to save his wife. When neil lied to her, she beat him to never do it again. Knowing how much it is painful, she herself is doing it for 10 years in worse way than he did ?. If she could have been angry on him for 2 years having him in front of his eyes, is he not allowed to be angry for the 10 y she was being dead?
      As i said earlier neil wants to hear the explanation from her mouth bc that means she want to explain herself therefore give a chance to their relationship. If he finds by himself the truth he will still question avni for not trusting him. The family was theirs it was both duty and right to protect it together.
      I only commented on the basi of the episode, in which i am finding anvi wrong, even though she is one of my favourite character. Just expressing my thoughts you are the most welcome to ignore it if it doesn’t please you.

      1. Fan why are not getting our point Yaar.we don’t hate neil.when avni was in his position she understood him,what he has been through, why can’t neil.he only did that hate drama for six months not 2years. whatever ,when avni can find out about him what he did for her by herself why can’t he. you are saying Neil want a justification from avni right.can you give a guarantee that Neil will forgive her even why she did that.the pain of ten years that he has been away from avni, Will still be there.if she gives him any explanation to Neil it no use,he can’t understand her and what she did for him.why avni have to be the one to sacrifice her family, first Neela maa and her family.cant he see what she has lost in her life and what she been through and what do you and Neil think after losing so many people in life anyone would have survived the way avni did.and because of vidyut she could have lost more her family.even if Neil sent vidyut to jail and after sending vidyut even if she told him about her you really think if vidyut found outor anyone of his goons gave info about avni being alive truth,he would have find out about avni vidyut would have been released and chased her till the end of the world and depths of the sea.havent you seen vidyut obsession for her even if vidyut gets one percent of information about avni being alive vidyut would have let her live her life haa.Neil send avni to jail because of vidyut right if he can become MLA for getting avni,do you think if he couldn’t found out about avni being alive .vidyut is as crazy as Neil for avni you have seen that right.even if Neil followed her wherever she go ,just like Neil vidyut would also have got escaped and followed her till he get her.then there would been no point of avni running away.

      2. Sana.

        a more thing are you want avni to tell neil about neela’s murder truth? would he bear it? thats why she is stubborn so that prakash truth won’t come out. she is saving prakash, one who kills her mom almost her life eventhough he did it under the influence of drugs. she understood him and wanted him to be guilt free. so she left neil as she couldn’t tell all this things to neil. why neil don’t undestand it? why he didn’t think why she left him even after she promised him that she won’t leave him? she atleast told him that she did it for him but what that brain death person did in jail track? he not even told her that he did it for her. even then she understand him. neil’s situation was different so he put her behind bar. vidyut didn’t want to kill avni he just wanted to get her. so he just did hatred drama but in avni’s case vidyut wanted to kill all. are you want avni to stay with him risking his and his family member’s life. he just remember only one promise of not leaving him but forgot the promise of saving his family. he also promised her that he won’t let her mangalsutra break in gazebo scene but before sending her jail he himself pulled out her mangalsuta and threw it. if his decision of breaking promise is right then avni’s decision of breaking promise is also right. still then avni understood him unlike him. moreover cvs are not stupid to make avni hid about her son. there must be some reason and it remains a mystery. we will get to know about it in somedays. so till that don’t do wrong justifacation as we don’t know what had happened in that 10yrs yet. when she gave birth mogli? when she met tara sitara and sunherni? when she opened an orphanage after mogli’s birth or before it? its all hidden. so don’t be judgy.

    5. Hiyori it was never question about hating any character. Just like i said neil was wrong in lying to avni about not believing her, this time avni is wrong for him passing for dead for 10 years . As you said it was only for 6 month and avni was really angry nd rude to him. After 10 years of lies can’t he be angry for a while.
      That’s also my point why avni had to do this sacrifice when no one asked her and even wanted her to do. The family was both avneil’s why one is taking all desions when both have to pay the consequences.
      Dayawanti was also a dangerous criminal who didn’t mind to shoot her own blood but neila took avni away and raised without anyone knowing. Avni is living with new indentity while facing goons very often, so far vidhyut or his goons didn’t come back, why couldn’t neil and his family live with her taking new identity in another country ? Vidhyut doesn’t have super power that after seeing her dead, being in jail will find her otherwise he would have get her or mishti long time ago.Taking risk was worthy if at the end she could have been with her loved ones and do justice to her 2 mothers who sacrificed their life to give her a better life.

      1. So you want play the blame game right so let me tell you one thing.
        If u still think it is avni fault then I would say this was neil fault in first place, if he didn’t trusted juhi avni would have not gone to rescue misti and would have not fallen in this problems of vidyut.just one wrong decision of neil,neil himself destroyed his life and avni s too.all this happened to avni is neil fault.first she went to jail and then run away from family and her love because of who brought vidyut in avnis life neil so whose fault is it now.neils

      2. Sana.

        let me clear one thing. you said it was their family so they should take decisions together right as they are husband and wife.then why neil took a decision of sending her jail alone without informing her even though he knew that they both have to pay the consequences? he also took decisions of his own one time they why not avni? i can’t understand what kind of logic is this?

      3. Hyori i have enough arguments to support my point without using such childish game.
        Freeing juhi like other girls in pundit clutch, getting mishti were a question of humanity. And again no one forced her to do it. Other agents or police officer could have done the job.
        Anyway avni had always been a fighter who never let bad times take over her, but in this leap she close the path that broke the hearts, dreams and hopes of everyone she loved included herself. Here i blame only the writers for destroying avni’s character

      4. Sana mabe bc i already said multiple times that he was wrong nd deserved avni’s rude behaviour ( please refer to the previous comments, That the logic) just like now avni should also face neil anger for some time

    6. Sana neil had been a police officer, he is also a mature adult who can take decisions for himself. So yes i wanted her to tell the truth, of couse he would felt guilty and be angry on himself but with avni in his side could have dealt with it.
      All this time not only he was living in guilt for failing to save avni but also didn’t had his biggest strength to console him.
      Neil did wrong to lie, anvi asked him to never do it again but herself passed for dead for so long time? And Since when forcefully taking someone is better than killing ? For women losing their dignity and respect is worse than death, lots of women even commit suicide because of it .

      Once again i am commenting on what the episode shows us, don’t know what justification they are gonna come for mowgli but for me avni’s decision to run away without neil is not justifiable when there were so many other ways and so many deams ( neil creating family with avni, ayesha’s wish for anvi’s future, neela’s sacrifice for avni’s married life, khanna family grand children wishes) at sake . No one is forcing you to read my comments if you find it judgmental. Feel free to scroll down

      1. Sana.

        of course he is a police officer who knew only to show off but when it came for action failed all the time. first time he wanted to arrest ragini pandit. avni gave him clue he then arrested her but eventually failed to save avni and got suspended. second time he tried to arrest vidyut and ragini pandit but he could arrest only ragini pandit and not vidyut. third time with avni’s help he arrested ragini pandit that too by avni’s plan but vidyut escaped we can’t blame neil for this time as ragini pandit was present at that time so he caught her red handed but vidyut was not there. fifth time, he couldn’t prove his wife’s innocence in chuhi’s murder so he got her arrested to save her from vidyut. sixth time, when neela ma got proof against vidyut and mailed him but vidyut hacked it so he failed as vidyut is too smart than him.seventh time, he arrested vidyut even then he setted a death trap and neela ma died in it. he couldn’t do anything. now if avni told him the truth would he succed in arresting quarantee at all.if avni told him, he could have failed this time also by trapping both avni and him.neil is a duffer and failed in his decisions being a police officer.

      2. Sana i alredy presented my point with arguments, if you want to play the blaming game from the scratch of the show and get dirty please find some else who is interested on. I am not here to fight, just share my thoughts Have said everything in previous comment, tired of repeating the same thing over and over. Now i understand why no one comments back, i’ll also follow their resolution. Take care bye

      3. Sana.

        Even i don’t want to play that childish game with you. I just said my opinion. If you think that I’m playing with you then i’m sorry I’m not at all interested in it.

  4. Sana.

    i got a heart attack after watching this episode. my chest is still paining. i couldn’t digest it eventhough i knew it before. if neil gets to know about it, he will definitely try to separate mowgli from avni or else he will decide to marry mitali in haste. i can’t tolerate it but i’ll watch it for trp come prakash know all about this this truth? i heard neil and mowgli have same peanuts allergy. what is avni upto? why she hid such a big truth to everyone? i think she’s scared of vidyut that he might kill her son. i heard vidyut is dead now and sayesha will get to know about this. after knowing this truth no one will forgive avni in khanna mansion except prakash. i think whoever supports or not, prakash will forgive and support avni. ye cvs ko sach me pagal ho gaya kya? i suspected from the beginning itself that mowgli will be avneil’s son.but after some episodes i came to a conclusion that he won’t be their son. anyways cvs had shown much similarities from the beginning itself not now. neil asked mogli when he stopped him from committing suicide, why he was following him in the same way avni asked neil before. then when mogli was pretending to have seizure to get the crowd’s attention in holy party i remembered the incident where neil pretending to avni that he got hurt on his leg to get her attention before avali’s affair track and that time avni asked him to stop his drama by twisting neil’s leg in the same way she asked mogli to stop acting by pinching him.finally they used to wear watch on their right hand unlike others. anyways mogli he tillu ka pillu. before leap, one spoiler came that avni will raise her son mowgli like a orphan child i still remember that. but i didn’t believe it now i realize its the truth.

    1. Sana.

      error: cvs had showed much similarities from the beginning itself but we couldn’t notice that as they are small similarities but now only they’re showing major similarities.

  5. seriously !! mogli ko avneil ka beta bana diya…
    such a stupid idea has come in writer’s mind.aur kuch nhi mila lgta h ??
    watching this camp because i don’t want nk to go off air .why they can’t understand that we wwnt to see only avneil. and if they want to bring any third person in their life why can’t they unite avneil. and then neil’s caring attitude towards avni’s pregnancy. i want all that not a readymade child which will be used by writers only to increase distance between avneil.

    congratulations CVS !!! TRP increased to 1.9 along with your stupid tracks.

  6. cramp*

  7. Oo tillu ka billu ??..
    I think now Neil will become more furious when he will get to know about Mowgli’s reality… Bechari Avni ka ab kya hoga??

    1. Sana.

      sarvanash bro.we planned to dry kayesha in kadaai but now neil will dry avni in kadaai after knowing this truth.

  8. Wen did avni het pregnant n grt a child dat stupid

  9. Ab avni ka shamat aane wali hai aur koi nahi bacha paayega usse neil ki gusse se.bhagwan hi bachaaye avni ko.all the best avni I ptay for you.cvs hands up like all said you spoiled avni character more than neil.i congratulate cvs for spoiling such good character like avni keep it up guys.

  10. Wat does avni want ? I dont understand y she s always running away frm neil .evn if neil forgive she wont come to him i think he should go nd beg her i think.dats wat avni wants i think.nd ppl who r all upset with neil for nt forgiving avni jst tl me 1 thing she left him rit den y she s asking mitali to marry him y she s taking decision for neils life nd y she gave dat mangalsutra freeing neil frm her.
    She want to luk like maahan ? Nd hiding her sons truth frm a father its a another biggest sin she did for neil.nd pls yaar dont justify evrythn avni did k.
    Just b practical if neil would hav done it will ppl react d same ? U knw wat chalo k she left him for saving him nd family nd wat abt mowglis truth ? U ppl still think avni s nowhere wrng n dis.
    Nd y evry1 s pressuring neil to stop avni .cant she just stay wid him nd make him realise instead of running away .y evrytym neil has to come around evn though mistake s hers.
    If avni knws vidyut s dead u ppl think she wl coming running to neil no way after mowgli truth im sure neil should nt forgive her easily .
    She cant decide for evry1 all d tym.
    If she loves him truely she would hav never asked mitali to marry him
    U ppl still think dat watevr avni does there s a reason evn though she s hurting herself nd neil more k its ur opinion.
    Bt after she her convo wid mitali nd mowglis truth i think She dont deserve him .

    She has already made his life hell by leaving him for 10yrs nd nw dis mowglis truth nd if its nt enough she s showing her self respect nd ego instead of choosing neil.
    I wish neela maa would hav been here den she would hav corrected avnis screw n right way

    1. To priya,
      We people are not saying neil is wrong he is correct but his mistake is just that he is not try ing to found out what avni is hiding from him.the past secrets,neela maa death secret,what happened with avni before taking 10 years,before she left him.and how many secrets she hid from him like you people already know what are the secrets I don’t need to tell you guys.t his the neil main problem,we are upset with neil about this not because he not forgiving her.instead of finding out the truth why does he want to hit his head on a wall when the wall doesn’t break but your head will get hurt instead.why wasting him time on avni by asking why she left him when she is not going to tell.instead neil should find out what happened to her before 10 years and after she left him.w hy waste his precious time on avni when he himself could find out the truth.

    2. Sana.

      priya she run away to save her loved ones. she wants him to move on as she knows that he deserves to be loved and she can’ t give it to him as she consider herself as a bad oman who killed all her loved ones. moreover she can’t tell him the truth of neela’s murder. she hides mogli’s truth bcz she wants neil to move on. if he came to know the truth he won’t move on. she wants him to happy. so she did it.y u r talking like neil didn’t commit any mistake at all. he also did a mistake of trusting juhi but avni forgave him and accepted mishti. he send her jail to lead a prison life she beared it and atlast forgave him for this too. i must say because of him only neela ma was murdered. if he told neela ma what was happening around instead locking her inside the room she might have been careful. he promised avni that he won’t let anything happen to neela but he broke it even then avni forgave him. but now he is behaving like a memory loss patient who think about only one promise that she won’t left him and forgot the promise she made that she will do anything to save his family.

  11. Makers had already planned avneil child before leap only, as they had shown their consummation just before leap and for me, I am totally convinced with mogli, as they have shown that if saisha can get pregnant then there has to be a child of avneil.

    1. Sana.

      i’m ur side priyanka

  12. This Avni is not thinking about all the people she is hurting in this process It’s been 10 years now why can’t she sit down and talk properly to Neil it’s not that they had an argument I find Cvs making Avni selfish why would you deprive a dad to know his son She is acting stubborn & stupid get back to reality Guess the woman doesn’t know the meaning of love or to be loved How many people is she going to hurt The show doesn’t even have any happiness everyone looks sad or arguing

    1. Sana.

      are you want her to tell neil that prakash only killed her mom?if she is selfish she might have stayed with neil risking all their life instead of sacrificing herself.we not yet know the truth why she hid the truth of mogli. so don’t be judgy

  13. If Mowgli is Avni and Neil’s son, why is Avni allowing potential foster parents to know about him? And why is she raising him as an orphan???

  14. If Vidyut is dead what’s the need to leave the house. Neela maa dream to give happy family to Avni. Avni forgot Neela ma. Any way know serial not good enough

  15. How come mogly is their child to me he does not look a 9years child

  16. All I want to say is that I find Neil choooo cuteeeeee he is like a soft nutty chocolate with lots of almonds and hazel nuts ruffff ruffff he is so damn handsome hey please do not get me wrong I like him that’s all nothing more and Avni has an unknown beauty you have to look for it she looks quite innocent and is doing justice to her role I just love the pair of NEAV.

  17. Pavithra1616

    OK! Its becoming too much! Guys, think.. Its been months since anything good happened in the epi.. Uff! I don’t want to think about the epi now cause it hurts me.. That hug was so superb! And the argument, it made me sad even though I liked that… Neil said he just cares for her.. Stupid, think, if u cares for her then what we call it! I didn’t understand what shwetha meant? Someone tell me pls.. Neil want family’s persuasion to stop avni from leaving… What’s this.. Guys,I am totally fed up now..but still loves avneil a lot.. Precap horrible.. Can’t believe avni his such a truth.. And raised him as an orphan and illegimate child.. Neil, use ur super cop brains to find what is the reason behind she leaving you.. Without knowing the truth, u r doing a bad thing.. Waiting for today’s epi.. Luv u avneil??

  18. Hey guys there is even more bad news than this I just got to watch a video in YouTube about Mitali somehow being unwell and Neil feeling sympathy to her and proposing her isn’t it even more bad than Mowgli being Avneil’s son ..???? This is really bad … And Mitali couldn’t believe … The story is going somewhere else guys …. I think it will be better if you guys and ofcourse me too come up with a new plan to dry Neil and Mitali in a kadaayi more than Saysha

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