Naamkaran 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Saisha refuses for abortion

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Naamkaran 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni saying what happened to Saisha, I have just two choices, I can be strict with these kids and get away or handle this matter sensitively, Saisha has upset me before but today she has let me down, I had such big plans for her but its fine, I will stand by her and lead her towards the right path. Sunehri says Saisha needs you a lot, be with her, don’t leave her alone. Saisha cries. Avni and Sunehri come to her. Saisha runs and hugs Avni. She says forgive me, sorry, beat me or scold me, but don’t leave me, I made a big mistake. Avni says yes, we will find a solution. Saisha says how, nothing can get fine. Avni says take rest now. She calls Neil.

Avni goes. She says Saisha has to be strong and understand that she is becoming mum now. Shweta asks what are you saying, she is just 18, she can’t handle this big responsibility alone, KK isn’t with her, society doesn’t give identity to such children. Avni says I will teach her everything with time. Shweta says Saisha is not strong like you, you faced everyone with courage, you erased your identity for your family, Saisha is different, you have seen Aisha facing troubles, Saisha wants a normal life, that child can’t live such life, Saisha has to abort the child. Avni cries.

Neil comes home drunk and sees the mangalsutra tied to his wrist. He sees his smiling pic and says you also laugh on me, lights gone, but you don’t care, you have been friends with darkness for a long time. Avni comes holding a candle. He gets annoyed. She says just listen to me once. They fall down. He says I have handled myself since ten years, I don’t need you. She says you are much drunk. He says so what, you are a stranger right. He pushes her away. Teri khushboo….plays…. They have an eyelock. He says you have no right to tell me anything, where were you when my life was falling apart, you were busy with your new life, go and live alone, I will live without you, you wanted this, fine then, your wish will be fulfilled. He goes and falls on the bed. He sleeps. Avni cries. She removes his shoes and makes him sleep well.

Its morning, Neil says I won’t leave this KK. Shweta stops him. She says don’t complicate this, Kamini and KK don’t know this. Bebe says don’t do anything, if Kamini knows, she will defame Mishti, that KK is such a coward, he will not take a stand for Mishti. Sunehri says Saisha hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday, we should look after her. Saisha says I don’t deserve your care and love, I have hurt Jaan Didi, I was waiting for KK at temple, he didn’t come, I m sure he won’t come hearing my pregnancy news. Shweta says have some food. Saisha says I love KK, but he didn’t think about our future once, he couldn’t convince his mum, my life is over, I don’t know how am I going to raise this child. Shweta says we will have to do something to secure Mishti’s present and future. Avni says come with me to the hospital. Neil stops her and says are you mad, you can’t take decision this way. Avni says I thought of it, my decision is right. She takes Saisha and says you have to rectify your doing, you should learn from your mistake and become responsible. Nurse says doctor is calling you, come. Saisha sees a couple taking their child.

Shweta and Bebe come. Nurse asks Saisha to change. Saisha cries. Shweta asks are we doing right. Bebe says yes. Saisha says what did I do. She cries. Neil sees the kids sad. Samrat asks them not to be sad. Neil gets icecreams. He says we will have a talk over icecreams and solve the problems. Mowgli says Jaan Didi and Saisha should have icecreams first, Jaan Didi is very angry. Neil says elders get angry on children’s mistake but forgive them too, as they love children a lot. Nurse asks Saisha to come and get BP checked. Saisha cries and thinks am I doing right. Avni, Shweta and Bebe cry.

Mowgli says it means Jaan didi will forgive everyone, she loves everyone, she will forgive Saisha. Neil says right, have icecream now. Kids smile. Icecream gets on Neil and Mowgli’s nose. Samrat jokes on them. They laugh and clean each other’s nose. Doctor talks to Avni and checks Saisha. Saisha gets tensed and says no. Doctor says come with me, its matter of some mins. Saisha says no, I don’t want to do this, I made a mistake, I dreamt a future with KK, I don’t want this child to suffer, help me please. KK comes and says doctor please stop……They all look at him.

Prakash says you can’t run away from Avni, forgive her and accept her, you can just stay happy with her. Neil says I told you before, I hate Avni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ayesha_malhotra

    Average episode . Liked AvNeil scene but it was sad . Precap was horrible . How can neil just say that ! Neil’s bonding with kids were good . Why Neil is forcing himself and he’s staying away from Avni ! Some one has to tell him the truth . I don’t know who . I just want to see them together

  2. Ayesha_malhotra

    When Neil can make understand others why can’t he just understand Avni and forgive her ? He has his own rules -_-

  3. Sana.

    like only avneil scenes. can’t understand what is going on in this neil’s mind. he told mogli people forgive their loved ones easily then why not he?saying that he hates her. its unforgiveable. i wish vidyut to be back then only neil will understand avni’s value. this sayesha is disgusting yaar i can’t tolerate her acting anymore yaar. if i watch her scenes my parents will be left with no other options than sending me to mental asylum. i’m running mad.neil should pay for his actions. i think this cvs will show mogli as avneil’s son one day as neil and mogli’s habits are similar. i just predict. neil forgave mitali and not avni. he behaving like a duffer who can forgive all but not his beloved avni. i wish avni should say the same for not understanding her like she understood him in jail track when he returns back to her after knowing the truth. anyways watching nk only for trp sake no interest at all. this cvs have gone crazy.

    1. Vidyut is not going to return now …
      Karam himself said that vidyut will be shown dead as cvs have changed the storyline. ..

      1. Sana.


      2. What karam said that, but why did they do that to vidyut.these cvs should rot in hell for doing that.

  4. Wow..our avneil having a kid….if my guess correct on mowgli…that will be great…?????

    1. Sana.

      if so neil won’t forgive avni forever.

      1. Is Avni did any mistake to forgive. Abb boring Horsham hai this hate love

  5. why do I feel Mowgli is Avneil son

    1. No, you are wrong in some interview, the boy who is playing mogli character, he himself said he is not avneil son.

  6. I cant see mowgli as avneil’s child…..I want avneil to experience the joy of parenthood together..

    Avni herself knows what is like to grow without fathers love so why will she do this with avneil’s child
    Will never accept mowgli as avneil’s child..
    Avni’s character is already butchered and if mowgli turns out to be their child it will be the final nail in the coffin
    ..already I’m hating the episodes…it’s just sayesha all over…

  7. After watching this episode I think mogli is avneil’s son. Don’t its true or not but their habits are similar so just guessing. I can’t trust this stupid CVS they can do anything to spoil this show like they killed neela ma even after knowing that trp will decrease even more after her death but they are not bothered about this they are just concentrating on how to spoil this show further, how to torture avni and how they can waste avneil’s talents by making them old and sidelining their character. I think they should start a new season and they should start again with starting i.e. avneil’s Nikki jhok with a different and unique storyline if they do so this show will again come back to 1st position which avneil actually deserves otherwise there is nothing left to watch in this show and even this CVS is spoiling this show more and more so trp will further decrease. Anyways today’s episode was boring…….

    1. Sana.

      even i also think so adi. really our thinkings are common in many things you can check my comments too

      1. Yes Sana now only I read ur comment but one question arises in my mind if Mowgli is avneil’s son then why avni always tells everyone that she runs sukoon house in which all are illegitimate children. Why she herself calls her own child as illegitimate even though he is legitimate child of avneil as Neil and avni are husband and wife. I don’t think Mowgli will be avneil’s son as avni will not call her own child illegitimate as she herself knows the pain she went through all her life. Its just my thought. But with this stupid CVS anything can happen in this serial so no idea but if Mowgli is avneil’s child then Neil will never forgive avni and after Neil this CVS is all ready to spoil avni’s character also. So guys be ready for this worst twist waiting in our way. Plz CVS we don’t want any twist plz understand. There is something called patience and there is a limit for it plz CVS don’t go beyond limit as it will result only in ur loss

    2. I don’t guys adi and sana.plz stop dreaming for god can’t be true.if it happens neil will never forgive her in this life.she will be need to take rebirth for his forgiveness.

      1. Hopefully hiyori u r right. Even now I too think Mowgli is not avneil’s son bcoz avni will not tell her own son as illegitimate but after watching today’s episode it seems lyk Mowgli can be avneil’s son. Hopefully CVS will not give us another heart attack.

      2. Sana.

        they not only spread ice cream on their faces but also used their left hand to eat ice cream unlike others. isliye meri shak bad gayi

  8. Ayesha_malhotra

    Mowgli cannot be avneil’s son ! He seems to be a 7yr old !

    1. Hope so ayesha

  9. I think Mowgli s avniel child… Wat u people say? From sday episode avni said Mowgli should learn to adjust n today’s episode Niel n Mowgli ice cream Wala scene..

    1. Sana.

      i also have a same feeling from yesterday’s episode that mowgli will be avneil’s son.

    2. I dont think guys, it can’t be true. you are dreaming

  10. How long were the two of them separated? If it’s ten years then it can be theirs where is the little girl that was with Avini?I think she was Vidyut’s daughter if I have the name correct.

  11. I liked today episode it’s good. I wish this saisha and kk disappear like mr India from this world.

  12. Stop blaming neil for evrythn.jail track nd dis one s different . Dont compare both of it yaar.atlst neil was there for avni at dat tym he secretly took care of her nd evn went as neo to expose vidyut so dat he can save avni .avni left d family for their gudness bt did she turned back once to see hw neil s.atlst neil knws dat avni s alive nd she s n front of his n avnis case she left him nd wiped her identity nd went bt she didnt evn turned back once.wat if neil would hav taken any wrng step . Both hav suffered bcz of avnis decision.k u want neil to forgive avni rit so y cant she go nd fight for her love.wen he was leaving she was just standing nd crying as if its so normal for her.if he s nt forgiving den she should take some efforts to manofy her no still she thinking to go away frm him.
    If she loves him truely she should show it n her efforts.
    Nd y did she left him after d party scene she would hav stayed wid him nd told him d truth rit.
    Ppl just want neil to forgive avni just lyk dat.just once watch jail track nd dis track at same tym u will s d difference .
    If u were n neils place wl u ppl just forgive avni its easy to say den done
    Neils anger s a natural thing it will decrease by tym being bt avni should take efforts for dat just saying d truth wont help if she suffered equally (dats wat ppl thinks) den y she s leaving him again .
    She loves him rit y cant she bear d brunt nd seek his forgiveness nd make him understand instead of running away
    She did a mistake bt evry1 want neil to forgive nd go behind her.
    she s just want a bahana to go away frm him instead of saying d truth nd make him understand nd put efforts
    Sad dat ppl can always feel avnis pain bt wat abt neil? Wat abt his suffering trauma wen he saw his love s dead n front of him nd d guilt pain of nt able to protect her nd his desperation nd longing for her nd taken risks so dat he hopes dat she comes nd save him
    Ppl who r blaming him cnt understand it
    Im nt avni hater bt i always loved her dat too n jail track for her bravery bt nw i hates her for wat she did wid him.

    1. Priya she did dat to save neil and his family.if she tell him the truth about what happened before leaving him,about neela maa death mystery.will he able to handle that truth.and by the if u are in avni shoes what would you have done,because of your selfish love for him you would have stayed with neil even though you know vidyut would have not let neil and his family stay in peace for a min.she left him for her perfect family sake.instead of ruining them by staying with them it’s better to leave them and let them stay happy.
      In jail track neil did arrest avni for her sake in the same way avni did everything for her family sake not only for neil.atleast neil had a chance to come back to her but avni doesn’t even if she wants to.if avni comes back in neil life vidyut will also come back to his life.i know it didn’t happen up to now but think for once.
      And in jail track neil didn’t tell avni the truth and about being neo too, avni herself found out about what is neil doing for six months by being neo and she found out he was taking revenge from vidyut even though she hates him at that jail track time.s he herself tried to found out the truth. but here he is not even trying to found out the real reason behind avni leaving him. if he found out he may know that truth instead he is wasting his time venting anger on avni.thats the difference between avni and neil, that’s why we are supporting avni now.either neil should found the truth instead becoming unreasonable.
      I know he lived his life in pain and all the pain avni caused him for 10 years but avni was not living in measure cruise too in those 10 years.she suffered as much as he suffered.
      She went through the same pain of separation he jail track atleast he has a hope of getting avni back but avni doesn’t have that option too.she have to leave him for ever.t hats why she was hiding from neil after 10 years too when he came in front of her.atleast in jail track neil had neela maa support who understood him and supported him but who was there for avni for 10 years she herself managed her life without any family,neela maa or ali support and guidance. She gave a new life to sukoon ghar kids and stayed happy for them.
      I know she have to seek his forgiveness but when he is not even listening to her,how would he forgive her. Saying he beared all the pain all those years alone,doesn’t she have heart .she went through same pain through he went.
      We too hated avni for what she did with neil and also we did understand what she did for him and his family.but neil he is not even trying to is crystal clear he loves her more than is visible in this eyes.why show fake anger if she is asking for forgiveness just forgive her.and stay happy together.

  13. I just hope that this Saisha and KK will be dead now this show is now about Saisha now. If they keep on go this show will end in a month.

  14. Cvs are unpredictable…if they can show 6 year old mishti as 18 year old after the leap so they can also show Mowgli as 10 year old kid…..and why are they throwing hints at us,we just can’t see him as avneils kid that’s it!

    Naamkaran is already dead….oops sorry I meant sayeshakaran

  15. And this ph is so poor that they don’t even given new clothes to the leads ….avni has just few dresses which she keeps repeating and same goes for Neil. .

  16. Yesterday only avneils scene was nice while the rest of the episode seemed like a torture with sayesha’s pathetic acting ….I couldn’t sit through the entire episode….

  17. Pavithra1616

    Saw nk after 2 epi cause I was not in home.. And epi was so bad.. Only good was avneil scene and Mowgli and Neil scene .and I hope Mowgli is not avneils’ son… Avneil scene was so so good even though it was emotional.. These days Neil doesn’t have any role in the show.. Today he just had three scenes and the whole epi was on that stupid sayesha and our avni.. Why is avni giving importance to sayesha’s life than hers.. Why can’t she solve her problem first.. And think Neil is up to something because his behaviour is so.. See, he doesn’t have any role.. Any role means no role. Precap was so bad! How can Neil easily say he hate avni.. I hope everything will be good back soon… And I don’t want to talk about that chuhi daughter and kk… Luv u avneil???

  18. Sana.

    we are blaming as this problem arose mainly because of neil only. if he had not trusted that chuhi when she told him that mishti is his daughter avni should not have gone to goa to rescue mishti thats why she met vidyut. if she had not met vidyut there wouldn’t have any problem. i’m watching jail track simultaneously thats why i’m scolding him. he is telling avni has betrayed him as if he didn’t betrayed her. its also like jail track. avni, a girl who never trusted a man and had no faith in love, loved neil a lot. but what he did before the jail track, he pulled out her mangalsutra and wiped her sindoor. at that time how could it be for her. a person whom she trusted betrayed her. but what she did she tried to find out the reason behind it and went to save neil when vidyut was about to kill him siding her anger. she found out the truth that he did it to save her and took all the blame on her when vidyut trapped neil infront of media. but now when police arrested her, he was standing like a statue and showed that he is not affected by it infront of the family later only he came to rescue her he did it even after he knew that she left him for his sake. but when avni was in his situation she ran to save him and at once put the blame on herself when she found the truth but what neil did? standing like a statue. and he is saying that she should have trusted him. she could also say the same thing to neil when he put her behind the bars without even informing her. she could have told him and stayed in angry like he is doing now by saying he didn’t trust her thats y he didn’t even told her about his plan before but she didn’t instead she forgave him.but even after knowing that she left him for him and his family’s sake he is not ready to forgive her.all understand avni but not neil what a hubby he is. avni trusted him when he told that he only killed neela ma but he put avni under lie detection to find out what she is hiding what does it mean he has no trust on her. he also told her that her stealing habit had not gone when swetha and rhea hid the pendrive to trap avni in ali’s kidnapping track. but now he is saying avni has betrayed him wow. and one more thing avni wanted to save him as she was totally shattered after neela’s death she didn’t want to risk anyone’s life for her thats y she left him and didn’t come back to him as she considering herself a bad oman for all. after neela’s death she has only neil and his family and she doesn’t want to loose them. he told mowgli people will forgive their loved ones then why not he is not forgiving avni yet? she used her brain to find out why neil betrayed her? but neil now using his anger and behaving like a duffer like he behaved in chuhi’s track not even try to find out the truth. his brain is still alive na?then why he is not using it at all.

    1. Sana.

      rply for priya’s comment

    2. Ayesha_malhotra

      I agree with you sana

  19. Sana.

    after watching repeated telecast my doubt is clear that mowgli will be neil’s son as i watched keenly except neil and mowgli everybody ate ice cream by using their right hand but neil and mowgli used their left hand and also spread icecream on their face. their habits are similar. i’m sure now as i have don’t have trust on this cvs. they can do anything to spoil nk.

    1. But sana I don’t think Mowgli will be avneil’s son bcoz if so avni will not call her own son as illegitimate and orphan even though he is legitimate child of avneil as Neil and avni are husband and wife and even she knows the pain she went through her life of being illegitimate. That’s why I think he will not be avneil’s son but as we all know CVS can do anything to torture avni so might be they can show something like this. But if it happens then Neil will never forgive avni. So just we can just hope Mowgli is not avneil’s son…….

  20. Guys bad news for all nk fans I read in one of the spoilers that nk is soon going off air this May making its way to upcoming new show khanaiya chale London. I don’t know its true or fake but if you guys really don’t want nk to go off air then do watch nk only on TV at 9pm and even its repeats also plz these is the last time I am requesting u all and this is the last chance to save our fav show nk…..Plz guys support avneil and watch this show just for their sake as I also know at present track is boring but if we leave watching nk it will go off air and afterwards we’ll realize our mistake of losing adiza. Guys take it seriously and do watch nk only on TV and if possible tell ur relatives and friends about the same.

  21. Guys vote for naamkaran today and tmrow is the last day to vote!!! IB is reaching us!! tell all naarmkaran fans to vote

    1. Why didn’t tell us before aalm we don’t know about it and we would have you.

      1. Helped you

      2. For the last two to three week ive been voting non-stop by myself but now the the IP fans have started to vote and are about to win. this is the reason why we need support.we have got only two days. Ip have got a lot of fans and are about to win. We need all the support we can get which is why we need to share this on social media. COME ON NAAMKARAN FANS

      3. Sorry im meant IB fans sorry for the misunderstanding. Since the show is going off-air this is one of the reason why we should show starplus that naamkaran has alot of fan

  22. Sorry the link above is incorrect how ever this here is the correct one
    Please share this link

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