Naagin’s spin off Kuch Toh Hai to go OFF AIR

We all were very thrilled when the makers announced that Naagin series will have a spin off. And the the show Kuch Toh Hai was announced which recently went on floors. However, now the reports have it that the show will be going off-air due to the low TRPs. As per the reports in ETimes TV, the show, which went on air on Feb 7, will be going off-air on March 21. The show features Krishna Mukherjee and Harsh Rajput in the lead roles and due to the low TRPs, the makers have decided to pull the curtains on the show.

The report further mentioned that the crew is aware of the development for a week now, however, they are waiting to receive an official confirmation. Despite other shows with lower ratings than Kuch Toh Hai, the news comes across as rather sudden. However, the reports also mentioned how anything is possible right now and when the show does not do well or connect well, it makers feel it is better to take them off air.

Meanwhile, the show, which is an extension of the Naagin franchise, also seems to have suffered a blow as a result of dipping TRPs post season 3. While the reports stated that it was probably one of the reasons to explore a different story with vampires but it did not work very well.

  1. The show isn’t doing well because it has ⚽️ size gapping 🕳 in the whole story; you just have to looking at the comments by “fans” (because really we weren’t fans of KTH but of its predecessor Naagin 5) to realise that the makers weren’t taking us seriously. The series/story could have done better, but they just didn’t put in the effort. Kaam-chalo-attitude. Fans expect and deserve better.
    Not the actors fault, the scriptwriters and Ektas approval to be blamed. Ekta should reflect and take ownership on her terrible storyline decisions.

    1. If there were a like button, i would really like to hit it

    2. Script writters destroyed nagin5 ‘s season ending by farista and all that f**king stuff. The series/story could have done better .KCH is totally waste of time.

    3. Yes you are right that naagin 5 ending is so boring and very simple. Till naagin 4 I have never seen this type of worst ending.

    4. Some may love it or some may hate it. So please stop telling against kuch to hai. It also has fans.

  2. Finally I heard a good news about this show I am sorry if anyone here is kth fan but i didn’t even watch a single episode because its a spin off naagin 5 which i loved the most and ending is terrible also by adding farishta is not done and i think kth has the same problem thats why its getting off air i think Ekta kapoor has to hire another script writer mukku not appropraite she just ruined serials one by one by adding shitty illogical things plzz don’t show this show if you are a real naagin lover which i am 🙏

    1. Yes you are right. The things and events happening in kch is really illogical. But the cast of these serial is doing their best. But the story is not good

  3. I respect everyone’s views about this show but I really like the chemistry of the leads (just my opinion ) and I really don’t want this show to go off air.

    Sorry if anyone felt bad….

    1. Same here

  4. Hey guys, I am a great fan of naagin 1 till naagin 5 . But they did not make the story to go well for naagin 5. When the spin off came around we as fans it will boost our interest but I think the story is a bit overwhelming with illogical stuff.
    I suggest the writers to amend the storyline because the KTH has a great start n we expect more supernatural stuff which will make a way to our hearts.
    I hope to they continue KTH not to quit.

  5. Indira kumari

    The show was quite interesting, but with a lot of twists … since it is the beginning of the show it needs some time to take place in the people’s hearts .. but the chemistry of Priya and Rehaan was simply superb 😍😍 Just try to make it more beautiful 🤩

  6. No I don’t agree with all the statements what you are all saying
    After lockdown ,From Naagin 4 all episodes has to be reviewed to understand the meaning of what and all other characters say.
    If you review you’ll understand the effort they have put to frame the dailogues and you will be the fan again

  7. Till naagin 4 was fine…but i don’t know what happened to the makers that they name the show as naagin and there is not even a pinch of snakes in the show

  8. No the show is good no need to spin off. As like naagin 5 this season is also best. I don’t agree for the spinning off of the show. The mysterious and lovable story of vampire and angel naagin. Try to do best thos is not the only way. Try to do better for TRP for other persons but I like this show very much. I never miss the any episode of naagin from season 1to now on aired season.

  9. Sweet_Shadow

    The article- We all were very thrilled when the makers announced that Naagin series will have a spin off
    Me: Tu thrilled tha? Naagin 5 ko khatam kar ke kuch Vampire jiska naam bhi AADISHAAT hai uska aur ek fairy ka love story Naagin naam se juda hua hokar tu thrilled tha?
    I dont hate the article or the writer of the article, i hate the writer of KTH and Mad woman Ekta.

    1. Lol! Yes bahut “thrilled” the. Because they can’t say anything against Ekta Kaps, naukri ka sawal hai, not like us fans.

  10. Ivette Alequin

    Is understandable if they what to get it off air. It makes no sense. In the last episode of Naagin5 it showed that Bani and Veer had a girl now in this show is showing that Bani and Veer had a boy and it happens to be a vampire. Well that don’t make sense either. Veer and Jay had the same mother and she was a snake and an eagle and her sons had one of each, one was an eagle and the other a snake. So can Bani being a snake and Veer being an eagle have a vampire. Ekta should have done a separate show and not connected to Naagin5.

  11. Just do something to make it better rather than taking it off because I really loved the chemistry between the lead roles it was intense and different ❤️

  12. Pls take Naagin 6 after a awhile..just like for previous 3 seasons…Naagmani and revenge story its good to go itself with good cast not like season 4. And no need of vampires and cheels all that…if it is Naagin just focus on Naagin characters not other animals..KTH is the worst screenplay for Naagin franchise and theres not even any Naagin till now…They could just extend Naagin 5..

  13. Pls don’t make this show off air I love it very much

  14. Pls don’t make it off air pls

  15. Mohammed munasdeen.m.i

    Mebiy my story no intresting

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