Naagin Season 6 23rd April 2022 Written Episode Update: Yash Is A Seshnag, Destined To Marry Pratha

Naagin Season 6 23rd April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratha catches nagmani in her mouth and gulps it into her stomach. She then picks Ramji’s bow and arrow. Sardar provokes her to kill her father. Pratha fails to shoot him. Sardar says she has both goodness and evilness insider her and she cannot kill her. Mahak walks to temple and prays Ramji to kill the Ravan. Arrow flies in air and hits Sardar. Sardar falls down. Pratha and Mahak rush to her. Sardar says they could lead a good life out of India. Pratha says they could have lead a good life even here and sings a lullaby for him recalling he used to sing same for her during her childhood. Sardar imagines his wife, who says its time for him to meet her, and passes away. Pratha cries telling Mahak that they are orphans again.

Next day, Rishabh wishes happy Baisakhi to family. Radha asks Pratha about her guruji/Sardar. Mahak says he left and thanked them all before going. Seema asks her to bring him back so that he can recover here. Pratha says its okay. Seema says they will celebrate Baisakhi festival today. Urvashi walks in with Reem holding shagun thali. Seema welcomes her. Urvashi says she came to meet Yash and Samaira and offers shagun thali to Yash to marry Reem. Reem says she wants to marry Rishabh. Urvashi says Pratha will not leave Pratha easily, so its better to marry Rishabh than getting old waiting for Rishabh. Rishabh thinks why he is not feeling bad seeing this and walks away. Yash says he cannot marry Reem as his wedding was fixed in his childhood and he will marry the same girl. He excuses himself and walks away.

Pratha brings prasad for Yash and says Reem would have felt bad when he rejected Reem’s alliance, so he should have informed her Reem alone. Yash tells Pratha that she is the one whom he wants to marry. Pratha angrily slaps him and says she is already married and he shouldn’t dare talk rubbish again. Yash says she cannot change destiny and will marry her for sure. Pratha warns him to are not come near her and asks how dare he is to misbehave with her. Yash challenges to marry her tomorrow. Pratha says she is sehsnagin and shows her nagin avatar. He smiles and eve he shows his nag avatar, stunning Pratha. He says he is seshnag and her fate. Pratha recalls her mother telling her that Mahak will marry a seshnag as seshnagin has to marry seshnag when she turns 21. Yash tells her that he came here to get her and Samaira’s marriage is a step towards it, she killed 6 asurs and now has to marry him, she will know the names of remaining asurs only if she marries him as he knows the names of all asurs. He asks her to inform Rishabh that she wants to move on with him or else he will inform Rishabh. He then gets into his human form and opens door to find Rishabh there. Rishabh asks about Pratha.

Pratha turns into human and walks out of room recalling Yash’s words. Rishabh clashes with her and says Maa wants her to join Rehan and Samaira’s mehandi ritual. Mahak notices Pratha tensed and asks what happened. Pratha says she has chosen her life partner, Rishabh. Meandi ritual starts. Rishabh asks Pratha to get mehandi applied on her hand. Anya asks mehandi designer to write Rishabh’s name on Pratha’s hand. Yash enters dancing and singing Mehandi Lagake Rakhna.. song. Rishabh and other join him. He addresses everyone that he wants to inform them something important which they wouldn’t have thought in their dreams. He holds Pratha’s hand and announces that he and Pratha love each other and the girl whom he destined to marry is Pratha. Seema warns him to dare not talk nonsense. Yash says Rishabh tricked Pratha and married, so they should free Pratha free and let her marry him. Radha asks Seema what is this new drama now.

Rishabh asks Pratha if Yash is telling truth. Pratha agrees and says she loves Yash. Seema gets angry and drags Yash and Pratha out of house. Yash stops Seema and says he will let Pratha marry Yash. Seema says he is doing wrong. Rishabh says he had done a mistake by marrying Pratha thinking she is a traitor, but now he will correct his mistake by getting Prath married to Yash. Seema says if that is the case, she will perform Pratha’s marriage with Yash and do her kanyadan and all the proper rituals. Pratha and Rishabh stand sad. A sad song plays in the background. Pratha visits Shiv mandir and asks howmany tests she has to give; however Rishabh married her, she is married to him and cannot break this pious relationship. Mahak walks in and says marrying Yash is in her fate as Seshnagin can marry only Seshnagin as per rules; she will have to marry Yash once she turns 21; they can get the remaining asurs’ names only if she marries Yash. Pratha says she is already married. Mahak says her marriage to Yash is already written in the universe, she should realize the motto of her life is different. Pratha cries.

Urvashi tries to show fake sympathy to Seema and says Rishabh will get a better girl than Pratha. Seema walks away angrily. Rehan flirts with Mahak and passes on lewd comment. Mahak notices Samaira passing by and tells her that Rehan is a fraud who already ruined a girl’s life. She tries to show a video as proof, but Samaira throws her mobile away and says Rehan already informed her that Mahak doesn’t like him and is trying break his marriage. She yells at her that she is just a security incharage and should be in her limits and walks away. Prratha cries while getting ready recalling her marriage with Rishabh. Hamesha Tumho Chahaa.. song plays in the background. Anya comes to get her ready. Rishabh walks in and say he will get her ready. Anya leaves. Rishabh asks Pratha if she is not happy that she is marry the man she loves and gets her jewelry on. He hen pulls her mangalsutra away saying she should move out of her past and gain what she wants to. Mangalsutra breaks down. Rishabh steps on mangalsutra and walks away closing the door. Hamesha Tumko Chaaha…song continues to play in the background.

Pratha picks broken mangalsutra pieces. Risbahh opens door again and extends his hand. She holds it looking at his face and accompanies him. Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The.. song plays in the background. Rishabh recalls Yash’s words and slips. She holds him and recalls his words. She leaves his hand and walks with Seema next. Yash tells Seema that they have a ritual of marrying in their kuldevta’s mandir. Mahak asks Seema to attend Rehan’s wedding while she takes Pratha to temple. Pratha looks at Rishabh and recalls their quality moments together. Yash holds her hand and takes her away. In temple, Mahak plays shank and informs Pratha that the muhurath for her wedding has started and the rishis have arrived in the sky to bless her. Storm starts. She asks Pratha to give her hand in Seshnag’s hand. Pratha does.

Precap: Pratha’s tears set fire on the floor. Yash applies sindhoor in Pratha’s hairline and completes the wedding. Rishabh marries Reem on the other side.

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  1. Bullshit story line I hate this episode

  2. Oh my God Yash is sheshnaag I can’t believe, it’s good now rishab will realize how much he loves pratha excited to see I upcomming episode.

    1. There is nothing good here I’m so done with this crap show they didn’t even give a proper love story and now shaadi turn into jokes

  3. But I think it’s mahek in prathas place and pratha in reem’s place. I mean. I think they got exchanged

    1. If they will do it like that is okay they should do exchange I don’t like that yash

  4. Hey need not to worry.. I read in a recent update that it was Rishab who filled pratha’s maang with Vermillion. This time also.

    1. I pray this is true because if not many will stop watching the storyline is so bad already people are watching because of praRish love story but I saw bts where Reem has sindor on her forehead what about that

    2. Ur so correct
      It’s the love story still making allt of Nigerians watch the show.. if at episode 21 they are already bringing in problems in there marriage instead of love.. then the director needs to be coach
      And I don’t want to see that mwjak betrays pdayha over rishab.. that’s gonna be f**ked up

    3. You’re right

    4. Thank God it’s Rishabh I don’t like that yash

    5. I saw Reem with sindor after her marriage who married her then

    6. Is it really him

    7. Your comments really calm my heart😁…i also think pratha n mahek exchange their avatar.and yash suppose to marry mahek at the first place.

  5. If pratha marries Yash and rishab marries Reem then sure I will stop watching this serial seriously the storyline is too bad and total crap I hate Reem and Yash I jst watch this serial only for pratish

    1. Same here what nonsense first they didn’t even give us proper love story and now this crap

    2. Not only you many people will stop

  6. I just hope prarish got married I liked yash but not anymore leave my poor prarish huhhuh

  7. But who the hell Reem got married to cause I saw her pic with sindor on the other hand I don’t understand this mehek today she doesn’t even think about her sister happiness and Yash I don’t call it love I called it blackmail he said pratha will only knows the names of other asurs if she married him? He knows theirs names but can’t help her without marrying her? His marriage was fix not already married to her Rishabh married to pratha and she still his legally wife no divorce how is she getting married again to someone

  8. 👀 ya’ll what is this… Pratha and Yash look good together and Rishab has been an annoyance from the beginning with his mood swings regarding Reem and love… did Ekta just decide to set it all on fire…. And what’s this the Asur’s names will only be revealed when she marries Yash my mind and intelligence have been abused !!! call the police!!! He father killed many people by poisoning the water but he gets to have his happily ever after and reunite with his wife 👀 really no karma in Ekta’s world… maybe she hopes she won’t have to pay for her karma of creating crappy serials… I think some people are misunderstanding the whole Asur’s name thing… he’s not blackmailing her… apparently their identities will get revealed to her mystically through marriage 🙄 y’all out her cursing at Yash for nothing curse Ekta she created this weird mystical marriage track. His marriage was arranged with Seshnagin Mahek… and their mother made Pratha Seshnaagin… what’s more annoying is me trying to make sense of this train wreck but yeah, Yash isn’t blackmailing Her, he doesn’t know the Asurs, through the magic of marriage it will be revealed to both of them only because they are shesh nag and Naagin…. I’m getting brain damage now, peace out folks

  9. if Paratha and Yash get married the show will be over or be upside down. Because in all the other naagin shows the main two charters always have to together. So something might have happened.

    1. I think even Rishabh is a Shesnag

  10. The story seems to be written by a 7 year continuation..bad direction,screenplay,editing…can’t believe ektha Kapoor just decided to waste money to create a crap like this.This is really bullshit…every week they are showing new storyline…it’s really too sad…they cld have created a better one…atleast they have invested this much money on this.No emotions,No love….everything is changing every 5 minutes.

  11. The latest naagin storylines are so crappy and idiotic.. the nag priest used to help mouni in naagin 1 and 2.. but the nag priest wasnt allowed to help in naagin 5 for sarvashresh nagin bani. Yash being a seshnag knows the name of all asurs as he himself is an asur and head of all asur by betraying his kind.thats what i think. i hate this new naagin series

    1. He doesn’t know the names, the names will be revealed once they marry… remember that painting that shows the Asur’s faces once Pratha kills them… like that once they are married the Asur’s will be revealed yikes fans are fickle, first they like Yash and now they hate him for that moronic Rishab who was showing off his “love” for Reem in front of Pratha’s eyes 🙄

  12. if pratha marry yeah I will never watch this episide .but I think rhisabh will put sindoor in pratha head .

  13. Ishmael Modibbo

    I don’t know what will happen next. But all I know is PraRish can never be separated

  14. I like yarsh more than rishabh so excited for upcoming episodes

  15. I think simba is quitting naagin 6 for khatron ki khiladi 12?? I just think

  16. I’m having this feeling that there’ll be swapping during marriage for sure. The way Pratha said that she has chosen Rishabh, ig she might do some swapping. Yash might not be a Sheshnaag and he’s with the Asurs who might’ve told him to marry Pratha in order to get rid from her in some way or the other. Maybe Rishabh’s a Sheshnaag (not sure about him though).

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