Naagin Season 6 14th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Mahek marries Shesh Naag

Naagin Season 6 14th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahek catching Nashika with her tail and makes her falls down. She sees a red snake mark on the pillar, and moves it. The door opens up. Nashika looks at the opened door and says I am coming there. Mahek says this is what I wanted. She recalls Urvashi telling that Shesh Naag knows that Nashika is very dangerous, if she comes outside. Mahek says Shesh Naag will not do. Urvashi says Pratha is clever and says if you go inside the laal manzar, then there is a snake mark on the pillar, if you make the pillar move, then the door will be opened from inside, and Nashika will come out. She asks her not to look in Nashika’s eyes even by mistake, and says then you will become a stone. Fb ends. Mahek says I have turned the tables, now you all will die and not me. She says Nashika is coming out. Everyone gets scared seeing Nashika. A snake lady says don’t look in her eyes, else you will become of stone. Pratha thinks Mahek changed the tables, I have to save the naagins. Nashika makes a Naagin falls down. She holds Barkha and makes her fall down. She catches them one by one. Pratha asks Nashika to fight with her, Shesh Naagin. Nashika throws pillar at her. Mahek comes there and hides behind the pillar. Pratha blows fire balls at Nashika, but she is unaffected. Mahek says what do you think that you will give me death, and says I brought your death. Damiyanti asks Shesh Naag to stop Nashika else she will kill Shesh Naagin. Shesh Naag says it is Naag lok’s rule, nobody can interfere in the fight between two naagins.

Pratha saves a snake lady when Nashika attacks her. She falls down. Pratha attacks Nashika and beheads her. She says I will not leave you, Mahek. Mahek asks her to save herself first and makes her see Nashika’s eyes holding her head. Pratha turns into stone. Mahek says I love you so much that I made you idol, now you will yearn for Rishabh and your baby, and I will not let you die. She laughs aloud and claps. It turns out to be Mahek’s dream. Everyone claps for Pratha for beheading Nashika. Shesh Naag asks Pratha if she is fine. Pratha says yes. Mahek says enough, I will end the game and picks Nashika’s head to show to Pratha. A snake lady comes infront of Pratha and she turns into stone. Pratha slaps Mahek and throws Nashika’s head in the lal manzar.

Mahek tells Shesh Naag that she has won all the rounds and now he has to marry her. Pratha and Shesh Naag are shocked. Mahek thinks she has failed their dangerous plan. Pratha thinks today Shesh Naag has to leave brahmacharya and marry Mahek. Shesh Naag and Mahek infront of each other. Shesh Naag makes Mahek wear the garland. Pratha cries. Mahek makes Shesh Naag wear the garland. Everyone cheers for Shesh Naag rani. Mahek rejoices. Shesh Naag is shocked. Mahek says today I have changed Naag lok’s story, now I will become Shesh Naag rani. A divine blessing falls on Mahek from Shiv ji. Pratha cries. Shesh Naag looks on helpless, while Mahek stands powerful. She tells Pratha that you was dreaming to defeat me, I am more powerful than you, you wanted to kill me, now you have to save me from every danger.

Shesh Naag comes to Pratha and tells her that he has to marry Mahek, though she told that she will not let this happen. He says my brahmacharya is revoked. He says Mahek has kidnapped Shraddha. Pratha says I will go and save her. Mahek has taken the Shesh Naag’s avatar and send Pratha there. She says she is very powerful now and can take even Shesh Naag’s avatar. Pratha comes to the place and sees Shraddha tied. She frees her and asks her not to worry. She turns and sees Urvashi, Rehaan and Ritesh aiming gun at her. Shraddha sits down. Pratha says Shraddha, I will save you, as I am Shesh Naagin. Shraddha becomes Mahek and she laughs. She says I have become Shesh Naag rani and you fell in my trap. She says I used my powers and took Shesh Naag’s avatar. Urvashi says what do you think that you will divide and rule on us. She says today you will die. Pratha turns into half naagin and makes Urvashi, Ritesh and Rehaan falls down. Mahek holds Pratha and says go and die. Urvashi asks Mahek to kill her. Mahek says good bye, my sister. She drops down Pratha on the ground. Pratha falls down. Mahek says today Shesh Naag is dead, her story ended today. They laugh. Pratha is alive and smiles. Pratha turns out to be Shraddha, who tells that she knew about her plan, and met Shesh Naag. She says he told that he didn’t send Pratha here. She says I have come here to help Pratha and will not let her die. She dies, saying this.

Pratha comes there and sees Shraddha dead. She tells Mahek that she can’t kill her, but if she moves even a bit, then the gun power inside the land, will kill you. Urvashi says even you are standing on the same land, and asks if you will be saved. Pratha says I died many times, because of you, you have snatched my baby and Rishabh from me. She recalls Shraddha keeping the gun power inside the land. She says you will die and your evils will die too. She says I will kill all the evils today, all nakshatras, sun, moon and everyone’s promise. I will take revenge from you all. She holds Rehaan with her tail. Rehaan asks her to leave him. Pratha says jai bholenath and kills him, hitting him with her tail. Urvashi, Mahek and Ritesh are shocked. Pratha makes Ritesh falls down and then hits him and then suffocates him to death. Mahek and Urvashi are shocked. Pratha then holds Urvashi with her tail. Urvashi asks Pratha to leave her and says I did wrong with you, but your heart is big and asks Mahek to do something. Pratha says today all the universe, has come to take revenge, today Shesh Naag has come to kill you. Mahek asks Pratha to stop and says you can’t kill Urvashi, as she knows the secret along with me. She says your daughter is alive. Pratha gets emotional. Mahek says I didn’t kill your daughter in the hospital. A fb is shown, Mahek looks at Pratha’s baby and says she is same like Pratha. She says you will never know this secret, I will not let you and if you kill urvashi then you will never know her. She says your daughter is combo of Rishabh and you, I asked doctor to lie to you, that your daughter is dead as I know that she will be useful to me one day, and that day came today. Pratha asks them to tell where is her daughter. Mahek says I have melted seeing your tears, I will tell you. She smiles.

They take her to the cave. Pratha says today Rishabh and my love’s memory will be found. She runs inside the cave hearing baby crying sound. Mahek and Urvashi walk behind her. Pratha couldn’t find the baby and the sound stops suddenly. She looks for the baby. She asks Mahek, where is my baby? You had said that you will make me meet my daughter. Mahek asks what do you think that I will give your daughter to you so easily. Just then the trap (net with flowers) falls on her, and she writhes in pain. Urvashi and Mahek leave. Pratha says Mahek you have done wrong, you will be cursed by a mother, and just like I am yearning for my daughter, you will yearn in pain. She prays to Shiv ji and asks why did he write death for her when she comes to know about her daughter. She says where is my daughter, and in what condition. She says Rishabh, our daughter is alive. She feels bad.

Zang tells Mahek and Urvashi that time has come to ruin India, tomorrow is 75th Independence day and we have to do something big. He says Ministers have a big meeting tomorrow in Kedarnath. He says India’s 75th celebration will be celebrated and plan will be made for future.

Pratha is still caged in the net and says Shiv ji you chose me for Shesh Naagin, I have killed Asurs, please save me from this poisonous trap, I have to live and can’t leave my daughter alone with them. She faints and falls down.

Mahek tells Urvashi that Pratha might be killed by now. Urvashi says how we will take entry to Kedarnath. Zang says that’s why I wanted that factory land and shows the map, says the tunnel inside this land open at border. He tells Mahek that it will be easy for her to enter the celebration as Rishabh’s grand daughter was army man. He asks her to open the door. Mahek says I have become Shesh Naag rani, and says they will rule on this world.

Rishabh comes to the cave and sees Pratha. He calls her name. Pratha says Rishabh, I couldn’t save our daughter, there is no other way. Rishabh says the way doesn’t go anywhere, and asks her to get up. He says this is our land, a mother and says it doesn’t stop, then how can you stop. He asks her to use all her power and get up. He asks her to think about their love, and their daughter. He says you have to be alive for keeping our love alive. Pratha opens her eyes.

Precap: Pratha swears that she will get the guilty punished. She asks Mahek to give her justice being Shesh Naag rani. Mahek gets stabbed and falls off the clip, before saying that she is giving her a pain before her death. Pratha tries to hold Mahek as she falls down the cliff.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Here we go again, her praying, sulking same old punishment dialogue. They are dragging it too much, wished the leap comes soon. It has become ridiculous. Poor Shesh Naag, he has to marry Mahek all the fault of the crying FL Pratha. I had so much expectations that they will portray the FL, clever bold. But here we have a crybaby.

    1. Pratha is crying more for Rishabh who doubted her and never trusted her over HER OWN BABY’S DEATH! Worst thing for any mother or father in the world is holding their child’s corpse, so many parents consider suicide if it’s their only child yet this sheshnaagin Pratha has no shame! All day Rishabh Rishabh Rishabh Rishabh!!! What about the entire world filled with innocents who she was supposed to save? Ekta Mahaan ki seekh! Pati sab kuch hota hai aur baaki sab bhaad mein!

  2. Gosh pratha is so annoying this days I don’t know what come over the writers this is mehek 3rd time changing costume but pratha still wearing the god forsaken costume since the beginning of the show and pratha crying all the time

  3. For my part this serial should have ended in August as planned . I don’t understand why this extension ? , she’s getting downright boring . Everytime Rishab rishab 🙄🙄🙄 she’s not fed up ? I would have preferred to see her with this shesh naag rather than this Rishab who does not deserve her . Mehek it’s not worth it because I don’t understand Ekta’s reasoning , she first became sheshnaagin and Now shesh naag rani ??????????

    1. Because she is the Soap Opera Bhartiya Nari, the ultimate door mate who will never leave her Pati Parmeswar. LOL

  4. Because nagmani don’t have value anymore because in other seasons evil people can’t touch nagmani but it’s accept mehek?? And yes @teddy mehek changed 3 costumes but pratha still wearing the worst what the heck? I still don’t understand why pratha refused shesh naag who sacrifice so much for her and Rishabh never trust her until he got evidence

    1. Because she is the Soap Opera Bhartiya Nari, the ultimate door mate who will never leave her Pati Parmeswar. LOL

  5. Claire in this case Naagin 6 IS the worst of all Naagin , the main actress is not hightlighted she has the worst outfits , she promises revenge everytime the same dialogue but in the end nothing happens . For her only rishab counts , compared to the others Naagin ( who were bold with the spirit of vengeance ) Pratha is a Real whiner . 😔😔 I’m desappointed

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