Naagin Season 5 8th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Jai’s stay in Singhania Mansion brings trouble for Bani

Naagin Season 5 8th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balwant telling that Veer has gone blinded by that girl and tells that now there is just one way, Maarkaat. A woman is seen shouting for help.

Sometime back.

Jai tells that she is Aadinaagin. She says she is Aadinaagin and tells that she is first naagin who has protected her kul and destroy the people harming them. She tells that about the cheels, you got killed in Satyug, and I was cursed because of them, whoever is doing guilty will be punished. Jai asks if Veer will be punished. Bani says no. Jai says you have feelings for him. Bani says it is not like that. Jai asks why don’t you want to kill him. Bani tells that she can’t kill him as she is Aadinaagin and had saved us in this yug. Jai says so you trust him. Bani says I don’t trust him, but don’t doubt him also. She tells that everyone will be punished, but not Veer. Jai says Bani. Bani says this is my last decision and goes inside. Balwant asks Veer if he has gone mad to let that girl stay in this house after knowing that she is Aadinaagin. Veer tells that Snake and eagles are enemies, but I love Aadinaagin/Bani from forever. He says I didn’t know why I was getting dragged and felt connection with her. Chacha ji says she had killed you in Satyug. Veer tells that he got married to her without knowing the reality and even she felt connection with me. He tells that Aadinaag shall die and asks if he was so irritating in Satyug. Balwant says he didn’t know, but Aadinaagin was powerful.

Bani comes there. Veer looks at her and says she is powerful as she is Aadinaagin/Aadishakti. Balwant says but you are not her Shiv and tells that she can’t stay here. Veer says this is her sasural. Bani says this is my sasural dada ji. Balwant tells that she hates us. Veer says she doesn’t hate me and tells Bani that if she would have told him about her truth then he would have convinced Dad. He tells balwant that if Bani stays here then they can keep eye on her. Bani thinks they will know about Mayuri’s death. Veer tells he has a good idea and tells that they shall do double reception, one side of Aadinaagin and me, and other side of Mayuri and Ponky. Ponky asks where is Mayuri and calls her. He then asks Bani where did she make Mayuri go missing? They all search Mayuri. Balwant looks at the curtain and go there. They couldn’t find Mayuri there.

Veer gets Mayuri’s call and she tells him that she is going. Ponky takes the call. Mayuri tells that she felt that they were hurrying up for marriage. Ponky asks how can you do this? Mayuri asks her not to cry like a child. She tells that she is going to London with her mom and dad. Balwant suspects that she is not Mayuri. Veer asks her if she told her friends and asks their names. Mayuri tells their names. Veer confirms that she is Mayuri. Ponky makes a sad face. Jai comes there and tells that he came to stay here for Bani’s protection. Veer says you don’t need to protect me as I will protect my wife from every danger. Jai says your truth is not hidden from her. Veer tells that you might be Aadinaag, but I don’t want my wife’s lover to ….Bani tells that there is nothing between Jai and me and tells that he will stay here. Balwant asks what is going on here and says who is Bani to decide that he will stay here. Veer tells that even he don’t want him to stay here as Jai is the real enemy of someone and him.

Bani tells that she don’t believe him as she believes Jai. She says eagles are enemies of snakes. She says what do you think that I will get helpless and marry you and tells that she married him to take revenge from him and tells that he has done a big mistake by marrying her. He says until she takes revenge, the sword will be on your neck all life. Veer asks her to promise. He says if there is no danger of death then who wants to live. He says I don’t get effected if you don’t trust me, but I get effected if you trust him. Jai laughs at Veer, says happy diwali, asks Bani to show his name and says bye to Shukla. Balwant asks Veer how can he tolerate Jai? Veer says Bani stopped him else. Bani asks Jai if he took Mayuri’s avatar and called Veer. Jai says yes. Bani asks how did you know about her best friends’ name. Jai says they had come for her engagement. Veer comes there and asks which room he has chosen? Jai tells that Mayuri’s room as she is not here. Veer asks did you spy? Bani says yes. Veer tells that he is sure of his feelings. He asks Bani to come. Bani says she has some work. Jai brings his stuff and says he is Aadinaag. Veer calls him cheap and tells that he loves Bani, even if she is Aadinaagin or anything. He says if you do any mistake in this house then you are gone. Jai says you are bad man. Veer says yes bad man.

Balwant is furious about Veer’s love for Bani. He says he is not doing anything to Bani, but getting happy. He says we have to kill him and we have just one way…Maarkaat. Shukla says Maarkaat is dangerous. Balwant says what could be the other reason. Daksh asks him to think. A woman is seen captive behind the treasure room and shouts for help.

Bani prays to Devimaa and tells that she is staying in her enemies house with her identity revealed. She tells that she will take revenge from them for Noor’s door, for the girls’ death etc. She asks Devimaa to bless her so that she can take revenge from these eagles. She touches her mangalsutra and tells that she will take revenge, but will not go wrong way. She tells that if Veer is not guilty then he won’t be punished. She says among the guilty eagles, Veer is innocent and recalls his words. She thinks if she comes to know that Veer is guilty then he will be punished too and says she starts her revenge now. She folds her hands and leaves.

She becomes snake and comes to the storeroom/treasure room. She thinks to find out what is behind the door. She moves the boxes and finds someone sound. She thinks who is crying here. Just then she sees Balwant coming there holding the plate and hides. Balwant looks at the snake and picks it with the stick. He says poisonous naagin. Snake becomes Bani. Balwant says you can’t come here as there is a treasure her. He says not even Veer can save you from me. Bani goes from there and thinks Balwant is hiding someone there. Balwant comes there and tells that you will never know about it. bani says she is his bahu, but aadinaagin too. Balwant says you shall not go there. Bani comes to Jai. Jai asks her to come inside his room.

Bani is about to go there, when Veer comes and holds her waist. He calls Cheapo champak to Jai and tells that his wife will not come. Veer asks him to suggest his name if he wants and says jal kukda…Bani goes to her room. Veer tells that she has chosen his room. Bani throws pillow and asks them to enjoy and fight outside. Jai laughs at Veer.

Next morning, everyone comes to the dining table. They find paratha, apples etc, but no non veg. Balwant asks where is my chicken? Bani tells that everyone will have vegetarian food for sometime. Shukla says I will bring something from deep freezer. Bani says she has thrown it. Ponky and Monil get scared seeing her snaky eyes and excuse themselves. Jai comes to the dining table. Veer tells that bani don’t want to sit with him. Bani goes to bring something.

Ponky and Monil talk about killing Noor and convincing Shukla’s sons to take the blame on themselves. He says if she had agreed then they would have enjoyed. Ponky says if Bani comes to know then she will kill us. Monil goes. Shukla comes to Jai. Jai sees a door opening and asks Shukla to go. He comes to bani’s room and sees Meera. Meera turns into bani. She is Bani. Bani tells that she will take Meera’s avatar and will kill Monil now, as nobody is inside at this time. She comes to his room and asks about Bani. He says you are looking beautiful in this dress. She thanks him and asks if he is busy? She tells that her dress is stained and asks for his help. She takes him to bathroom to get it cleaned. She becomes Bani and tells that she will take revenge from him and his family. She tries to drown in the bathroom tub. Monil tries to become eagle, but in vain. She tells that you can’t become eagle in water. Jai asks Shukla to call everyone as aadinaagin will be caught and kicked out of home. Bani ties Monil while the electric current passes in his body. She becomes snake and is about to bite him, when the lady stamps on the ground. Bani hears the lady’s cries from the water tap. She asks Monil about the lady. Monil says he doesn’t know, but can take her there. She says even she knows the way. She pushes him in the tub and tells that she will come back to him. She gets inside the wash basin’s hole and reaches the secret room. She finds a tied lady there.

Precap: Bani rescues the lady and asks her not to worry. Her face is revealed to Bani. Balwant accuses Bani for killing Monil. Bani says he has confessed to had kill Noor. Balwant asks his eagle family to kill Bani. Balwant gets feathers of an eagle. Bani looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nita D

    Today episode seemed more like a filler episode….but lots of comic relief in the episode

    Jai enters the Singhania mansion and Veer’s “bin bulaya dahej” was a good one…
    Balvant is like ‘mera ghar hai koi mujhse bhi toh puch lo’..😂😂

    Bani telling Jai mera aashiq nahi hai then quickly covering it up…🥰🥰
    But one minute she is telling ke she married him forcefully and in the immediately next sentence she says I married youndoni could take revenge….yaar decide kar lo Bani…🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    Jai-Veer verbal fight was so much fun to watch in all the instances….
    Bani was like a mom refereeing between 2 kids😂😂

    Bani while praying to Durga ma…I am like jor jor se bolke sabko plan bata do…

    Balvant-Bani going neck to neck was fun….

    In just yesterday’s episode I wrote that no one seems to be eating in this family and today they showed a breakfast seen….
    I was laughing so hard when she said ‘shakar lene jaa rahi hu koi piche nahi aayega’ 😂😂 again two little kids following their mom….

    Once more it ends with a cliffhanger and we will have to wait again for a week for the dungeon mystery….😭😭

    The makers are using a lot more of Naagin original song of tere sang pyaar 🎵🎵 this week. I think its symbolic of aadi nagin’s truth coming out in front of everyone and other mysteries unfolding….
    (Except this Jai yaar….at the end of every episode I am like…yeh phir bach gaya….)

    Super excited for next week’s episode. Veer will support Bani even when she killed his brother??

    Also did anyone notice that Tapish seemed a bit different today???🤔🤔 Whenever camera focus was on him it was like he was planning something…. I cannot exactly point out what but something is wrong with him….I hope even he also doesn’t become a villain…I kindda like this Tapish yaar…

    1. I was also thinking same when I read ur comment yesterday and today I saw dining table.

    2. One thing I dint get is at starting cheek mansion was covered with curtains not allowing light inside. For all these years they stayed in dark always telling they can’t b in light. But now everywhere is shining.

    3. Nita, Yeah, the episode was funny…..Balwant’s comment …Hahahahaha
      I also always wondered, Y these lead females plan loudly….I found ur comment really funny Nita ….
      Another one SHAKKER LENE JAA RAHI HOON….Ha hahahaha
      Finally, waiting for one full week…difficult hai yaar

  2. Shesha485

    Even though the beginning was bit boring kinda… Overall episode was nice, but not as yesterday’s one. It was funny when Bani is frustrated with Jai and Veer. Seriously their cat fights are sillier than kitchen politics. So many nick names. I am fed up with Jai and Veer. Bani throwing pillows outside and asking both not to come near her was hilarious seriously. Good if at least Jai know Veer saved him from a plane crash. The climax was a bit fast I think. But somewhat convincing except the BGM. They might not have used any BGMs or they should have utilised Promo BGM. Meera looks pretty anyways. Mayuri is there. That’s unexpected. Finally, Bani didn’t kill Monil by using her elastic rubber like tongue that go many kms from Singhanias house room to Sharmas House. It was really impressive when Balwant finds Bani is hiding at basement. He is not that dumb though. Bani resisting was also impressive. Precap was also good somehow she finds Veer’s mom. This weekend has come so soon anyways waiting for next episode.

  3. Shesha485

    Moreover Singhanias house has become guest house. Any one can stay there. Like Jai was coming with his luggage for staying there for years. Seriously 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Boring episode. All Vani scenes were interrupted by that irritating Jai. No Vani confrontation after knowing about her truth. I am feeling so bad for Veer. Hats off to his patience levels.

  5. Actualluy Monil was cute it will be better to kil ponky na
    Who is thaT girl………………As it Nagin cameo and new members will enter…………
    Waiting for another episode

  6. Okay i know i’m asking out of no where but please can some one translate me what is “DO TAKEY KA DHABEWALE” correct me if im wrong…i have litereally been searching for its translation for the past 3 days but couldnt find it anywhere 😁😁😂.
    Please can someone translate 🙏

    1. Dhaba means roadside restaurant or footstalk
      Dhaba wala means the seller of the Dhaba
      Do takey means 2 rupees

    2. Nita D

      It means ‘two cents worth Dhaba owner ‘
      I think Jai owned a restaurant that is why Veer is calling him Dhaba wala as and insult that he is cheap and low class
      And Dhaba is the not-so-modernised version of a restaurant and is mostly owned and managed by family members only. You can look up for Dhaba pictures on the internet.

      PS- Some of the simple but best food that I have had were on the roadside dhabas!

      Hope this helps!

    3. O yeah!!!!!!! dhaba food is the BEST…..Love eating those finger licking dishes….yummmm

  7. Do takey means 2 rupees
    Dhaba is a roadside restaurant/foodstall in India
    Dhabawala means the Seller of the Dhaba
    I hope you understood
    2 rupees ka Dhabe wala

  8. Hey @sania @nita D thanks for the quick reply..
    finalyy i can rest in peace😂😂 and enjoy veers dialogues..

  9. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I just love 🤩🤩🤩🤩 when Bani scold Jai👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻making him more irrtated
    2. After so many episodes Veer was behaving like Aakesh🦅🦅🦅
    3. Duffer she is naagin🐍 not Jinn😆😆😆😆 was toooo much funny
    4. Veer said: Keep enemies closer more than friends: was same used in Season 2 and 3
    5. Where the hell Bani and Jai Family members???? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ No-one care about their children 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ just they show Meera sometime
    6. Bani denied having feelings for Jai: though she get silent for few seconds when she is asked about feelings for Veer???
    7. Cheel🦅🦅 house is full of cheels🦅🦅🦅 and 2 naag- naagin🐍🐍 still Cheel🦅 are silent its so weired…
    8. Jai is giving hint by hint that he is wrong but bani is not doubting him😏😏😏
    9. When veer said I believe my feelings: bani was silent again 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
    10. Today’s so many dialogues were with so many Poooooor PJ’s 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    11. I don’t get one thing even after soo many episodes of Kalyug that expect Veer, how every cheel🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅 remembered all things🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 and Veer forgot everything..
    12. Ek haseena thi music🎶🎶🎶 why for that lady?? 🤔🤔🤔
    13. I get doubt🤔🤔🤔 on every weekend that something was really fishy in satyug: otherwise Shivji would not have given curse to Adinaagin🐍🐍🐍 just for allowing to enter Cheel 🦅🦅 in temple, as Akesh and team never tried to steel Naagmani 💎 (as far as I think)
    14. Writers always make little mistakes by making Bani sometime calling Veer and sometime Veeranshu 😉😉😉😉😉😉
    15. Bani doesn’t want to hurt Veer if he is innocent.. but she will hurt everyone 😂😂😂😂😂
    16. Best commedy secene:
    Veer- Jai taunting each other for Bani and bani threw pillows out for veer making them enjoy each other company😆😆😆😆
    17. How will bani 🐍attack Cheel🦅🦅 as she can’t attack them first??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Until cheel attack them: this was shown till now (i think writers forgot their written script)

    1. Shesha485

      17. No. Monil was one of the boys who trafficked girls and blast the truck on which Naina (Priyamvada in Satyug) and other 4 naagins travelled. Also, I think he was one of the murderers of Noor. So, Cheels attacked and killed the naagins so now (it’s too late, these much days she forgot everything 🤦‍♀️), so now she is attacking.
      14. He was actually Veeranshu Singhania which was shortly called as Veer.
      10. Agree with you, I expected a good BGM for bathtub scene but not so…

    2. Nita D

      Sorry lots of Typos in the above comment.
      I was saying,
      17. I think your point is valid @shraddha

      @shesha if u are saying that Monil already attacked other Naagins etc…..

      But when Bani saw Teer killing Jai (another naag) she had to wait for Teer to strike her first and then she attacked him.

      So shouldn’t that rule hold true here as well as in Monil has to specifically attack Bani first ?

    3. Don’t u find something fishy when bani came disguised as meera jai expression was strange mixed one of shock and love types

  10. Still 24 hrs dint over?

  11. Where r u Shraddha??????? Missed reading ur comments yaar…..Jaldi aao

  12. Bani’s behaviour gets more and more ridiculous. Such a high maintenance wife is specifically for simps. Veer went from being and Alpha male to turning into a beta… wish they would stop destroying the characters. Bani was becoming tolerable then she behaves like she walked past the school

    1. Shesha485

      🤣🤣You are right regarding Bani when it comes to Veer and Jai

    2. Agreed, Veer used to be a bad boy n the lead of the eagle but becomes …..

  13. Shesha485

    Can anyone translate those words which are in beginning of the episode? I mean in the past four episodes, the episode starts with some bulge hindi words.

    1. Nita D

      I didn’t understand what are u asking??
      These days they are showing a bit of precap in the episode for about half a minute and then the actual episode is starting with ‘Kuch samay pahale’

    2. Shesha485

      @Nita D, yes I was asking the translation of that only. ‘Kuch Samay Pahale’ then even in the previous three episode, it would start with some numerical and two big hindi words. I don’t know to read that actually.. Even in the update, it wasn’t mentioned…

    3. I think it was written 5 hours ago ( 5 ghante pehle) for this episode.

    4. Shesha485

      @Thanks a lot, Lisa

  14. This episode was really funny… especially the Veer- Jai fights 🤣. One more thing is that how did Bani attack Monil… because for Bani 🐍 to attack or kill any cheel 🦅, they have to attack her first. Then how did she attack him? Is this ‘pehla vaar’ rule only applicable to Veer? And this Dhabewale Jai… he gave such an obvious hint to Bani that he knows Mayuri 🦚. In spite of Jai telling some excuse to her for knowing Mayuri’s friends, I thought that Bani would understand that there is something fishy with him. I wish that in the future episodes Bani gets suspicious of Jai and goes to him in the form of Mayuri. Then the dhabewale 🤣 will ask ‘ Tum zinda ho?’. And then Bani(in the form of Mayuri) will say yes and give some reason how she is alive. Then foolish Jai would fall for it and tell his plans of destroying adi naagin. He will be exposed in front of Bani. And also the best parts were 1. when Bani threw pillows at Veer and 2. when Bani said ‘shakkar lene ja rahi hoon koi peeche nahi aaega’… these two scenes were superb 🤣🤣🤣.

    1. Waiting for this to happen since ages. But it is not happening yet. This Bani is not yet all using her brain.Waiting eagerly for the exposure of Jai

  15. Bani should have killed Sukha in stead of Monil. It is not logic that Jay is moving in. The moment that Veer n Bani together will be spoiled what naagin fans watching for…..

  16. So many loopholes in the story line – other the hilarious fights between Jai & Veer, the rest were weird scenes. Veer was stabbed but no scene to show him receiving treatment. Why did Bani need to become Meera if nobody is inside the house when she killed Monil?

    The strangest thing ever, despite the poor storylines why am I liking the series 🙂 🙂

  17. Can anyone translate the fight of jay and veer when bani throws the pillows at them?

    1. Nita D

      Jai asks Bani to come inside his room as he wants to tak to her.
      Bani is about to go there, when Veer comes and holds her waist. He calls Jai Cheapo champak(cheap) and tells that his wife will go with him. And I promise we won’t talk and do something more. Bani asks him to stop his nonsensical talks.
      Veer says I was suggesting about sleeping nothing else. Jai say if u want then go and sleep, Bani is going to sing lullaby for you or what?
      Veer says whatever husband wife do is between them and u dont interfere cheapo champak.
      Jai says dont call me such names because those who loose often are not called ‘jai’ (means victory’
      Jai says ‘veer’ is also not suitable for eagles.
      Bani asks them both to shut up.
      Jai says tell him. He is fighting like a 5 year old.
      Veer says you are not able to find a name for me ‘jal kukda’ (meaning a Jealous person). He says oh that’s a good name. Jai says that u keep that name as you get Jealous when u see me with Bani.
      Bani goes to her room. Veer tells Jai that she has chosen his room and his company.
      Bani throws pillow and asks them to enjoy each other’s company and fight outside. I am going to sleep.
      Jai laughs at Veer and says now spend your nights with mosquitoes you loser… Veer says in the similar way that your talk with Bani cut short you loser…

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