Naagin Season 5 3rd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Veer gets doubtful about Bani’s identity

Naagin Season 5 3rd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pandit ji’s wife and the snake charmer see Pandit ji’s dead body. They find out Jai/Adinaag has killed Pandit ji and is evil. Pandit ji’s wife tells that Jai is the murderer of her husband and he will not be alive after doing brahma hatya. She says I won’t let me survive and will tell Adinaagin about everything. The snake charmer asks her to stop. Mayuri thinks she has to become Ponky’s wife. She thinks she didn’t tell Jai about her engagement and thinks to call him. Bani sees Jai coming down from the balcony as the snake and tells him that there can be danger to his life. His phone rings. Bani says it is with me and gives his mobile. Jai looks at Mayuri’s call and keeps the mobile in his pocket. Jai asks bani to take him inside.

Tapish keeps the rings and asks bani to see. Pandit ji’s wife and snake charmer do the last rites of the Pandit ji. He tells that even Pandit ji didn’t want anyone to interfere in their story and tells that only Mahadev has the right to tell them. She tells that Adinaag will not be saved from brahma hatya…and tells that Adinaag will not saved. In the party, Veer calls Bani, but she didn’t respond. Ponky’s cousins and friends tease him. Bani asks Jai what is he going to tell, tell her. Jai says nothing and asks her to go. Ponky looks at Mayuri and says what’s the hell? Ponky looks at her and compliments her. Bani is shocked to see Jai indisguise of Mayuri. Veer asks Bani to go and get ready. Bani comes ready and slips. Song plays….Dil ibadat…..Bani tells him that she is not mad to slip. He asks if she wanted everyone to get married. Bani says no. Ponky asks Veer to romance later, as today is his day. Daksh comes there. Bani says rings are ready. Ponky hugs Jai/Mayuri and he makes a sad face. Veer tells Bani that she makes romantic iconic dialogue as dull. She says it is like you. He says we die for once. She says you will die every day. Daksh says I want to talk to you Bhai. Veer says we are talking important thing about what to gift the couple. Daksh tells Veer that there is a danger. Pandit ji’s wife tells that Adinaag will lose his boon to hide the smell and he will lose his Adinaag position also. Daksh gets Jai’s smell and tells Veer. Veer says there are only close friends and family. Bani thinks how can Daksh identify Jai’s smell. Veer looks on. Bani thinks how to warn Jai, I asked him not to come here.

Veer takes Daksh to side. Even he gets the snake smell. Jai/Mayuri drinks the wine and keeps it on table. Veer gets the smell from the glass. Balwant asks Tapish, Daksh to come and asks why you are delaying the engagement. Bani takes the stinking glass and asks waiter to take it and wash. Veer looks at Bani and doubts her. Bani comes to Ponky and Mayuri/Jai and make the drink fall on them. Mayuri/Jai leaves from there. Real Mayuri comes there. Ponky asks if she is fine. She says just now she came. Daksh asks Veer to alert everyone. Veer notices Bani and tells that he is trying to find out something. Ponky and Mayuri get engaged and hug each other. Veer thinks if Bani is a naagin as she lifted the half drank drink. Jai as the snake comes to the room and thinks he got saved. He thinks he has to hide his identity from everyone and keeps Bani away from Veer. He thinks Veer is protecting her and thinks once he takes Bani from here, then it is in his hands to do whatever he wants to with Bani. He takes peacock avatar.

Veer dances in the party on the song Swaag Se Karenge Sab Ka Swagat…..He takes Bani to dance. Qurbaan hua plays…..He asks why she didn’t want to see in his eyes. Bani looks in his eyes and asks are you happy now? Veer looks at her. The song Qurbaan hua continues to play while the spotlight falls on them. He says now I am happy, very happy. He touches her sensually….Bani asks what is this misbehavior? He asks can’t I touch my wife, if there is any problem? Bani says people are watching us, stop it. He says lets go from here and takes her to side. Shukla asks Mayuri why she didn’t tell me about your plan. She says she don’t think that she shall tell him everything. She asks if he is not happy. Ponky says he is very happy. Veer holds Bani’s hand. Ponky asks Mayuri not to go far from here. Mayuri says if I you catch me then I will give you a kiss. He says he wants on his lips. Mayuri goes to room and sees Jai there. She says you are here. Jai bites her and she falls unconscious. Jai thinks you will have a deep sleep for sometime and till then my plan will reach its aim. Ponky becomes eagle and comes to Mayuri’s room. Jai becomes Mayuri. Ponky asks for a kiss.

Veer shows the flute to Bani shocking her. Bani is about to go. Veer begins playing the flute. Bani’s skin turn scaly and she asks herself to control herself, he shall not see its effects. She keeps her calm and composed. Mayuri/Jai comes out with Ponky and gets affected with the flute sound. Her skin turn scaly. Veer stops playing the flute and comes infront of Bani. Bani asks what is it? He says there is something for sure. Bani turns to go and thinks she can’t take risk to appear in her real avatar infront of him. He comes to her and asks until when she will hide. He begins to play again. Bani says my head is paining and asks him to stop playing it. Veer thinks Bani is coming in her real avatar. Ponky asks Mayuri to give a hug atleast. Jai/Mayuri says she is feeling ashamed. Balwant asks about Bani and Veer. Jai’s skin turn scaly. He as Mayuri pushes Ponky on the table and he faints. Everyone gets shocked. Chacha ji gets worried for Ponky. Veer looks at the balcony to see who has pushed him down. Bani tries to stop him. Veer goes to Mayuri’s room and acts to sleep on the bed as Mayuri. Veer asks what is she doing here? Mayuri/Jai tells that she was drunk and sleeping. Bani asks him what did he do with Mayuri? He says Mayuri is safe. She tells that Veer and his brother sensed his smell. Jai says he will change his plan and asks her to become his shield. Bani says until I am alive, I will be your shield.

Ponky is still unconscious. Veer says why he didn’t fly. Daksh says he is getting the same smell from him as he got from the snake. Jai hears them and thinks he has to do something big. Bani brings something for Ponky and gives to Tapish. Veer doubts Bani. Jai comes to room and becomes himself. He hides in the almari. Bani thinks what is happening, I don’t understand anything. She thinks I came to take revenge from this house, my enemies were limited, but why did Moorni come here. She thinks Jai is saved, but I killed an innocent guy Teer. She thinks she has done a big sin and thinks if I had killed him then Viranshu would have known that night itself that I am a naagin. She thinks if Teer is alive, thinks that she saw his dead body. She thinks if she didn’t kill him and thinks everything is so confusing….

Jai hears her and thinks she will never know that she has not killed Teer. He thinks how do the eagles get my smell? He thinks this might be because that I have killed innocent pujari. He thinks it is good that she didn’t think of this and thinks he will do something because of which Adinaagin will be defeated by Adinaag. Jai as Mayuri comes to Veer and says she is worried for Ponky. Veer gets snake smell. Jai/Mayuri tells that it is Bani’s saree, which she got from her. She asks why did Ponky jump off from balcony and tells that she is sure that his family members can’t do this with him, but don’t know who has done this. She says I will go and see Ponky. She goes. Veer thinks whoever is he, he is the enemy.

Precap: Veer says he will catch the naag/naagin using rudraksh. He sees Bani in her naagin avatar fighting with an eagle and a peacock.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    hi every one is i am the first commenter

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Episode was ok ok just over dramatic and for sure precap has trick…

  3. Nonsense season…
    Firstly, bani wants to kill veer? She already took revenge from aakesh in previous birth..thn y she wants to kill veer even when jai is alive..she wants to kill him in all his births or what?? Doesnt make any sense

    Secondly, jai was a good guy who loved bani..but now he is jealous of her coz of whatever happened in previous birth..what human can become so evil just coz of this stupid reason

    Thirdly, veer was always shown as a smart guy but not anymore..y he never thought that how teer came out of his room that too wearing similar clothes as veer? Y he never thought that how bani being a human can kill teer? How he dont know that his whole family is involved in girls trafficking, his wife is a naagin, his friend is a peacock, etc he dont know anything about his near nd dear ones..nd what type of revenge is he taking from bani? Till now he has not done anything..

    There was no need to bring this peacock in the show..stretching unnecessarily 😩😩

    1. Veer don’t want to believe that his sweetheart Bani is Naagin. But I also think same about this season. Makers wanted to show Veer and Bani love story just because viewers like the spark between them. And when the show was not even started all portals were saying that Shurbhi and Mohit are protagonist and Shrad is antagonist. But they changed it and made Jai bad showing Hriday was also like that but as it was Satyug he compromised and in Kalyug he will not do same

    2. No they give us the hint of Naageswari and Akesh as couple before itself..soo this is not a random’s already fixed

    3. It makes sense and anyway beer has not yet remember about his previous life as aakesh and also bani does not about Jai’s intentions as their previous life was short

    4. she misunderstand Veer as her did my but as he is gonna take revenge from Jay

    5. Couldn’t agree with you more.

    6. Nayana__Kerala

      If ths is a stupid season why do you watch this….Comparing to all other season the story is different from others and it is in high rating and big applause from audience😆#Vani #Sharadholics #Surabhiangels #Naagin5loVe

  4. In the last birth she assumed that her love is good and cheel is bad. Now in this birth, she want to take revenge for separating them and then she happily settle with Jay. But the twist is she did not see the real face of adi naag in last birth as journey with him was short. Now Jay is carrying his real character, which bani supposed to known in her last birth. She has to know that the love she believes is not real.

    1. And most a time the love we assumed is true is actually a deceit is always happening to us, except of course some few lucky one.andbif we can recall, even in the last birth they tried to show us some connections between veer and bani, even then, he didn’t attack her he allowed himself to be killed by her he didn’t retaliate cos he loves her. I Believe sometimes who we think is our enemy is actually ur friend

  5. Mona146

    pandit bechara insaan hoke itne saal zinda tha lekin ab mara das hazaar dvyavarsh ke baad

  6. Shesha485

    It’s a kind of episode which I didn’t like or dislike, something dramatic.
    I admit that Swarda is stunning in this look and so the Bani, Veer and Jai. I think only because of Swarda, the show is balanced and it makes sense. If she is not there, it would be boring to see the story around these three.
    Gladly, there is no jealousy for Veer among Mayuri and Bani.
    Story wise, the pace is too slow although there is no family scenes. I agree with Surabhi about Veer. He is not at all smart, HE IS JUST A TYPICAL HERO WHO USES HIS BRAIN ONLY TO HURT HEROINE.
    I am disappointed with Naagpandit. He knows everything about Satyug, God’s desire, etc. Still he don’t even know to protect himself. Yeah, Jai is powerful but he have to be aware. So, like in S2, they brought Gurumaa.😏 Also there is a EDITING MISTAKE, actually Jai was in room and Mayuri was in balcony and how come a peacock gets Snake Scales.😂😂😂

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