Naagin Season 5 13th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Bani witnesses Jai’s murder and kills Veer’s lookalike


Naagin Season 5 13th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chachi tells Veer that Meera is sparkling after having many uptans. Veer smiles. He then asks Bani what is her action of plan. Bani says I will tell you surely…Jai comes there and says she is talking about me. Veer goes. Bani sees Jai’s family and greets Dadi. She tells that she can make sugar less halwa for her and goes on talking telling she massages nicely etc…..Dadi asks if there is any medicine for headache. Bani’s Papa comes there and tells that she has only medicine, and that’s talk. Dadi tells that she couldn’t get good bride than her. Balwant greets Malhotras. Jai’s Chacha tells that they feel suffocated in the big Palace. Balwant smiles. Jai announces the dancing compettion between Sharma and singhanias. Gautam tells that even they shall participate. Veer asks him to ahead. Jai asks Bani what is her plan? Bani tells that once their family reach safely, then she will do her work. Jai’s cousins dances with Bani’s sisters. Next turn comes, Aarohi dances with Daksh, while Jai tries to stop her. Veer comes to Bani and tells that he had lost her heart to her. Aarohi wins from Daksh and calls him loser. Gautam tells that girls have won two rounds. Jai tells that Bani and he will dance, couple dance. Chachi sends Meera to dance with Veer. Veer signs his brother. He switches off the light. Bani dances with Jai. They change partners and Bani dances with Veer. Someone is seen going…Bani asks Veer to leave him.

Electricity comes back. Everyone is shocked to see Bani in Veer’s embrace. Jai comes back and looks shocked. Bani asks Veer to leave him. Jai says you are shameless guy, getting married for Meera and flirting with Bani. Veer tells that you are feeling bad for Meera, but I am feeling bad for Bani. He tells that Bani wants passion which he has and not compassion, she wants real man. Bani sees Jai’s eyes and asks him to control his emotions. Veer provokes Jai and pushes him. chachi tells her husband that two marriage will halt, what is happening. Balwant asks Veer to stop it. Veer tells that he is playing. Dadi tells that her son’s marriage will happen in her house and not here. Veer asks Dadi to chill and tells that marriage will happen here, Bani and me and also of Jai. Balwant says don’t know what happened to Veer, he is making fun of himself. Bani tries to clarify. Jai says I know.

Veer asks his brothers to kidnap Jai Mathur and tells that he will write his ‘the end”. His brothers goes. Cheel Cheel plays…Veer says what you will do Bani Sharma. Bani tells that Veeranshu Singhania, you likes mehendi function, will not after today and spits poison in the mehendi. Jai comes and keeps hand on her shoulder. Bani tells that she has mixed poison in it and tells that he will not die, but his hand will burn a bit. Veer asks Dadi and Chachi, where are Jai and Bani. He comes to them, but only Bani is standing. Bani gives him mehendi. Veer signs his brothers if they saw Jai. They nods no. Jai becomes a snake and crawls out.

The mehendi designer asks for the groom’s name initial. Veer says V…and tells that he thought that she asked Meera. Dadi coughs. Jai comes from outside. Veer asks Jai to get mehendi applied. Bani says Jai will apply mehendi with her cone. She applies him mehendi. Veer goes to Meera and asks her to apply mehendi. Bani thinks Meera will touch the poisonous mehendi and tries to stop Veer. She holds Meera’s hand and tries to apply mehendi on his hand, but Meera’s mehendi design gets applied on Bani’s hand and some on Veer’s hand. Veer likes how the things going on and tells that even V is applied to her hand. She tells that what is written in her heart is what just matters. Dadi tells Jai that if bani is yours or Jai’s bride, whispering to him. Jai goes out to get Dadi’s medicine from the car and says I will go. Dadi asks her not to say that. He waves bye to Bani and goes. Veer puts his hand in the mehendi. His Chacha asks why did he apply fully? He says whatever I do is fully. Bani thinks he will feel burning sensation, but he smiles. Veer’s brothers make Jai unconscious and kidnap him. Meera asks Bani about her plan. Dadi gets restless and worries for Jai. Meera asks Bani if she has any plan now. Bani says no. Meera doubts and tells that Jai, Veer and his brothers are all missing. Bani tells Meera that she has to go and see, and asks her not to take tension. She comes out and finds the car on the seat, and the door open. She thinks if he is in trouble. She tries to find Jai’s location and finds him in the jungle.

Veer comes to the jungle and says you will not come between us now. Bani comes there and witnesses everything. Veer pushes Jai from the cliff and laughs, becomes eagle and flies away. Bani comes down the valley and finds Jai’s kurta piece. She cries and says murderer, I will not leave you. She says she couldn’t save her love even now. She comes home and calls Veer. She finds the marriage havan kund off and no people there. She finds Veer standing and asks why did you kill Jai and calls him murderer. Veer says he was angry. Bani tells that she will kill him. Veer says will you kill me, an ordinary girl? He shows his feathers…Bani asks him to flap his wings and says I know that you are icchadhari cheel, and asks did you know who am I? She becomes snake. Veer is shocked. Bani takes her naagin avatar and comes in her costume. She tells that she is icchadhari naagin, sarvashrest Adi Naagin, with whose hand he will die today. Veer attacks Bani with his eagle claws. Bani smiles recalling Mahadev’s condition and tells Veer that he did a mistake by attacking a first and last attack on a naagin.

Bani attacks him and makes him fall down. She asks him to get up and attack her, like attacking Jai. Jai becomes eagle and attacks Bani, the snake. Both of them fall down and becomes half humans. Bani slaps him hard and he falls down again. She asks him to get up and says today is your last day, if I die while trying to kill you then I don’t feel bad. He comes flying towards Bani and holds her. She pushes him. He flies and climbs to the chandelier. She hits the chandelier with her tail and Veer falls down and the chandelier falls on him. He dies.

Bani sits and cries, tells that she couldn’t protect her Jai. She thinks she had returned 10000 years later, but she couldn’t change her bad luck even in this birth. She cries and tells that she has killed him and she is not repenting. Just then she sees Veer coming there from outside and gets shocked.

Precap: Veer asks what you have done. Bani says she has punished him. Veer ties the ghatbandhan to Bani and is about to marry her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Surbhi, run away from this serial… this Bani character is so aggravatingly annoying… I think Veer has set a trap for Bani… will be so stupid if she becomes his wife are they going to have flying naag babies…. Jai and Bani and their righteousness is just boring and makes both characters more and more unlikable, Jai looks like the poster child for Ethiopia and Bani’s character is so forced … Surbhi is a good actress but even her acting skills can’t fix a badly written character…

  2. ishqbaaz and shivika fan

    i cant understand this episode

  3. Shesha485

    Seriously the episode is very good. The Sangeet dance is choreographed well and song is awesome. Actually, it is confirmed that Jai is the negative and Veer is positive. I don’t know when Naagin stop going behind Ishq Mein Marjawan. But still now it is good. Only by yesterday they have shown Kabir as real negative one and next saturday Jai will be shown as the real negative one. So, whom has Bani killed? Next week is also Bani-Veer marriage. So, where is Jai? Is he really killed or by whom? I am confident that these questions get logical answers. For the very first time, I am watching Naagin in TV, I feel that Voot gives more video quality than in TV. The Colors Logo and the Timer hid the screen almost. Also, this episode has Naagin scenes too along with Cheel scenes. Sometimes I feel like I am in Zoo as the story is all about animals when I am watching it. But enjoyed a lot.
    Also please stop bashing the actors. SurbhiC is looking beautiful in these two episodes she also regained that charming spark that she had in initial four episode and her performance is very good. Jai is also good. Veer is fabulous. As Sharad promised, something new is happening every week in Naagin 5.

    1. thanks shesha for saying that about surbhi this week’s episodes she nailed it, i feel she is getting into the naagin franchise

    2. Shesha485

      @Cee 😍
      Yeah, agreeing to you. Audience hate the show if they didn’t get the expected cast. As they have huge expectation for N5, they aren’t satisfied eventhough story is better than N4. The actors are giving their best and no doubt in that.

  4. Today’s episode was fantabulous
    Excited for VAni’s Marriage next week.
    Excited for Veer’s emotional side too
    Funky Types Nature is too much now

  5. Yaar who is that veer one who dies….I’m confused…I cant sleep peacefully without knowing that…and also can’t wait for VANI wedding…should wait for next week…they shut this epi in suspence…

  6. I didn’t like the episode much. How can Jai be killed. We all loved Veer and Bani’s chemistry but still it’s not at all logical that a naagin is getting married to a cheel. I thought it to be a naag nagin love story not anything else.

    And just for GK Cheels are Eagle and they always show them as Vulture which is Giddh. So what is this confusion can anyone clear this out.

    1. Cheels are Hawks while Baaj are Eagles
      As far as the Love Story is concerned this time it’s a Cheel-Naagin Love Story
      All the hints are being given from Starting but you still didn’t get that?????

    2. Firstly, Hawks are Baaj and Cheeks are Giddh you can search it also.
      And secondly I know they are trying to show Cheel and Naagin’s love story but that is not at all logical it just like Mouse and Cat’s love story. And as a viewer I don’t feel it’s justified also. SC is great actor and trying to do justice to her role but…… This season I expected that finally they are showing a Naag and Nagin’s love story which are original pair but no this time instead of human they choose cheel next time they will bring Naagin and Nevla then Naagin and Frog and soo on 😂😂😂.

  7. I think the writer is confused and he is confusing us in return

  8. Wonderful Episode, I just can’t wait for Vani marriage!!! Yaah 🙂🙂

  9. Wonderful Episode, I just can’t wait for Vani marriage!!! Yaah

  10. The episode was fabulous can’t wait for veer and bani’s wedding

  11. i think that after marriage of bani and veer, baniwill be in love with veer and jai will become their enemy than. and also i think that veer will become a normal person,

  12. While the episode was interesting, its really disappointing that jai was ‘killed’ so easily and bani didn’t bother to search for him to check whether he could be alive. Instead she goes back and killed ‘someone’ who looked like Veer… It will become even more illogical if they show Veer Bani getting married all by themselves in a deserted mandap without a pandit and also despite Bani’s realization that she killed somebody else and her enemy is still alive.

  13. the marriage of Vir-Bani will be illogical in the present circumstances also because just after a death (rather murder), how can Veer ‘marry’ his brother’s murderer inn the same mandap where his brother’s body is lying. Also, how will the makers show acceptance of this marriage in Sighanias house, Bani’s family and Jai’s family. Veer is a good actor and he may be a lead character also but i don’t want their marriage to be shown under these present odd circumstances…. Baaki to Ekta ki ichha.. 🙂

  14. M not surprised at all… this is typical balaji telefilms🤣🤣 veer was touching her inappropriately in a public evnt aur bani wasnt evn tried to make herself free. bani ko lagta hai ki veer ne jai ko mara uske baad b woh veer se apni saadi nahi rokegi.. n bani will fall in luv with veer, jai will evntly appear as a main villain like season 3 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 m sooo genius naa 😂😂

    1. See i ws right… recntly seen a new promo where jai was seen holding a naag/naagin n saying “meri bichhai santranj k mohre ho tum, meri 1 chal pe dono khatm” i like baani n veer togethr bt i wnt a naag-naagin luv stry… if veer is hriday dn its nice… othrws ready to watch season 3 again… n hamesa dialogue hota hai naagin ka pyar dis n dat, bt ye kaisa pyar jaha apne pyaar ko bhulake kisi aur se pyaar karne lag jao. Bela bhi vikrant ko bhula ke maahir se pyar karne lagi thi, infct jab vikrant uske saamne jinda khada tha tab bhi she ws in shocked instead of being happy. N same season 5 me bhi hoga.. common makers kuchh naya dikhao yaar, bahot hi predictable plots hote hai balaji ke sare serials ke. Nothng new. Same plot diffrnt name ke saath dikhte rahete ho…

  15. Although I do like this season more than season 4 because the plot is somewhat different than the previous seasons, it’s also a bit predictable. We all figured out it was Bani and Veer (even though it doesn’t make sense). The rest of the season is probably going to be Jai’s family hating Bani, Veer’s family not liking Bani, figuring out that she is a Naagin, Veer remembering his past, Bani and Veer fall in love, Jai becomes the villain bc they fell in love or he might be after the naagmani (like all other villains) and Bani and Veer might lose their powers at the end 🙄. But I’m so ready for the drama😂

  16. Remove coolieka’s comments,how mean for her to say jai looks like poster for ethiopia.yes, the country people are poor but why sud u blame them, very sure coolieka na seerat bahut kharabh hai,with such sick mentality.pls is gutter ko nikaaliye is page se telly.

  17. People you should wait and see the whole episodes and make judgements.

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