Naagin Season 4 23rd February 2020 Written Episode Update: Vish plans to kill Dev

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Naagin Season 4 23rd February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Brinda is about to bite Dev and says you shall thank me that I will spit the little amount of poison which you can bear and forget last night thing. She says I am not killing you now. She is about to bite him, when baa comes there and asks her to apply lep to Dev. She says she is very worried for him. Brinda asks him not to worry and finds Dev aslept. Vish comes to the Maha Purohit baba and asks him to say how to contact her mother? Maha purohit says you said that you will communicate with her through the locket. She asks him to tell the solution and says she don’t have much time. She then acts and makes him emotional and she fake tears. Maha Purohit shows the tilismi book. Vish gets happy and thanks him, thinks there is all answers of the world in this book. She is about to go. Maha Purohit says you can’t take this book out. I can’t give you permission. She sits down and takes the pics in her phone. She asks him to keep it and runs away. Maha Purohit thinks she didn’t take prasad. Brinda becomes Vish and she thinks next time, she will snatch the book from him, but right now she has to handle Dev and take naagmani from him.

Sparsh, Rohan and Hardik get up from the sleep. They get scared shocking their mothers. Vrushali asks them if they saw snake. They refuse. They tell that they were drunk and fell down. Ketki says Vish was saying that you were fighting with each other to dance with her. They think they would have done this, it goes with their lose character. Their mothers leave. Ketki and Ira ask Vrushali to check Manyata.

Dev gains consciousness and looks at Brinda. Brinda thinks she had to bite him before he gained consciousness. She asks him if he remembered what happened last night. Dev says yes and tells that he has known her truth. She asks how dare you? Brinda says if you had known my truth then shouldn’t have asked this questions, she says whatever happened with me till now is because of you. Dev says your courage shall be appreciated and says you had invited your Ex Rajat. Brinda thinks he is talking about Rajat and not about my naagin. Vish goes from there. Brinda thinks Vish bit him. He asks from where did this smell coming? Brinda says you was drunk and fallen down. He says he don’t drink? Brinda says you was drunk and asks him to come with her. She takes him to washroom and washes the lep off his hair. She then wipes his hair with towel. Ranjhana plays………

She asks if he is feeling good. Dev asks how did I get drunk yesterday? Brinda says by drinking, ofcourse. Dev asks did I do something stupid? Brinda recalls and says I didn’t do. He says when I saw Rajat with you, I got angry. Brinda says I don’t remember anything and tells that she has many more things than him. He says he don’t know how to categorized woman. She says she don’t take crap. He says I shall say this as I am bearing your doings. He asks her to tell why she called Rajat. Brinda thinks I didn’t call him, but if you want to think this, then keep thinking, I will not clarify. She asks him to think what he wants to and comes out. Vish tells her that if she had not bitten him then he would have remembered anything. Brinda says she got sleepy. Vish says I don’t trust you, you are looking more as Dev’s wife than Manyata’s daughter. She asks if she changed her decision to take revenge.

Baa announces that today is Mahashivratri fast and asks all the ladies to keep fast. She asks Brinda if she had food. Brinda says no. Dev tells that she might have food in sometime. Brinda says Baa will always take her side. Just then her pendant sparkles. Brinda says I will bring breakfast for you. Vish looks at Brinda and tells her that she will make her life complicated. She shows her lal tekri temple and cave. Brinda thinks Maa is inside and thinks there are many secrets of lal tekri temple. Vish thinks I will make you roam and keep searching.

Vish then keeps the pendant and comes to brinda and tells her that she came to know from naags that Manyata is in the cave. Brinda says she knows. She gets Swara’s call and goes to open the door. Swara brings the shagun for her fast. Baa and others greet her. khyati taunts her. Swara tells that she has brought stuff for brinda for her fast. Dev says brinda didn’t fast. Brinda tells that she has kept fast and takes the plate from Swara. She tells Baa that she will do all the arrangement of puja. Dev gives his plate to Rohan hearing Brinda has kept the fast. Lily takes Dev to room and asks why he is confused, why he gave her plate to Rohan. Dev says even you didn’t eat or drink today and asks who is he? Lily says she will tell at the right time and asks if he has fallen in love. He tells that brinda is unpredictable. Lily says this is brinda’s edge and asks him to become somewhat unpredictable. She says you are mad in her love.

Vish comes to Brinda. Brinda tells that she had went, but there was no cave there. Vish says it is beneath the temple and asks her to go there. She says she will take her place when doing puja, till then she can search cave door as it will open that day only. She asks if she is really fast. Dev comes there. Vish becomes snake and leave, keeping the plate on the table. Brinda tells him that she was eating it. Dev tells that she is surprising him again and again. They go to temple. Pandit ji//Swara’s father asks her to do the puja. Dev and brinda do the aarti. Vish signs Brinda to come. Brinda says we are doing doing aarti. She goes to Vish. Vish shows her map and asks her to go to that side. Swara sees Brinda and asks where is she going? Brinda says she has no time now to explain and goes. Swara goes behind her. Vish creates fake Manyata with her other head and asks her to go and sit in the cave. She then becomes Brinda and thinks to make Dev so angry that Naagmani sparkles, then she will bite him and get the naagmani from him.

Pandit ji asks Dev and brinda to do aarti and asks where is Brinda? Vish comes there as brinda. Pandit ji asks where did you go? Brinda tells that she went to bring something and gives to her father. Dev asks where did you go? Brinda asks him not to pretend as if he was dying without her and says lets finish this aarti and go home. Ketki sees Manyata’s duplicate and gets shocked. Vish/Brinda also sees her and gets upset. Ketki tells Vrushali that she saw Manyata there. Vrushali asks her to come with her. Ketki says I didn’t see her face, but she was Manyata only. Vrushali says there is nobody here and asks her to come. Brinda thinks to reach the cave door before the moon light falls on it. Swara comes behind her and asks what you are searching? Brinda tells that she is searching her real mother. Swara is shocked. Brinda realizes what she had said and hugs her. She says I am sorry, I didn’t mean that. Swara asks did you know? Brinda says I know since many days, but didn’t question you. She says I know that there might be reason behind it. Swara says we were scared, we wanted to tell you but. Brinda says I know that. Swara tells her that someone came to temple and handover her to her baba/Pandit. He says he brought her home and gave to her. She says she was childless and that’s why loved her a lot and she became her life. Brinda says who was that guy? Swara says I don’t know, tells that she don’t want anyone to separate them and she loves her a lot. Brinda tells her that she is her mum and nobody can separate her. She tells that right now she has to go and rescue her real mum. Swara says even I will come with you to save her. She takes the map and goes.

Baa gives dandiya to everyone and asks DJ to play music. Dev tells that he will play dandiya after 12 years. Vish/Brinda sees Rajat and thinks he came at the right time.

Dev says sorry and says I shall compliment my wife, saying my wife is wonderful. Vish goes to Baa and asks her to dance with Dev. She says I will make everyone have the prasad. She gives dandiya to Dev. Baa dances with Dev and says she is so good, but you complains about her. Dev says you was always right. He sees brinda going to Rajat.

Brinda tells Swara that the cave door will open when the moon light falls on it. The cave door opens. Brinda and Swara get inside. Brinda sees fake Manyata and gets happy. Fake Manyata asks who is she? brinda says she is her Swara maa. Dev sees Brinda and Rajat having the prasad and smiling at each other. Dev gets shocked. Baa asks if he don’t like to dance with him.

Vish comes to Baa. Baa says now real jodis will dance. She asks brinda if she has broken her fast. Vish as Brinda says ok. Dev says I have seen with whose hands, you have broken the fast. He asks for music. Dev dances with Vish angrily, dhol baaje song. Rajat comes to dev and says their dance is not good. Brinda says I practiced with you since 10 years. Swara tries to tear the rope and asks her to bring something. Brinda touches the bel patr and gets shock. Fake manyata asks her not to touch it as it can harm her. Swara asks how it can harm her?

Precap: Vish/Brinda and Rajat dance with each other infront of all. Dev gets angry and hurt. He feels pain in his head and falls down. Vish comes infront of him holding a big sickle.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Verma4

    This Vish is such a bvitch. She will sleep even with a log is she gets a chance.

  2. there is a rumor naagrani bela will come to help brinda, is it true?

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