Naagin Season 4 22nd February 2020 Written Episode Update: Dev witnesses Brinda’s Naagin avatar

Naagin Season 4 22nd February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Brinda closing the locker and locks it with her eyes. She thinks I have so many powers, then asks herself to focus. Lily asks baa to taste the toast. They cheers. Prateik come there in the party. Baa asks what? Lily says Dev and brinda’s witness of love. She asks Dev to give her message to brinda and says she is going. Dev sees Lily bily with a guy. Lily asks what is he doing here and says if someone sees him. Prateik tells that he will tell that he is a waiter. Lily says nobody will believe him. he says I will tell that I am event management guy. Lily says nobody will believe. Prateik says he will say that he is her brother. Lily smiles and says no. Prateik tells that he really missed her and that’s why came. Dev sees Rajat and asks Rohan who called him. Rohan says I didn’t call him. Vish thinks she has called him to burn the party. Brinda comes there and collides with Dev, says she is getting late for the party. Dev tells that Baa had come to the party and left also. He says you have worn necklace given by Baa. She says yes. He asks if she knows who was in the guest list. She says she had made it herself and wrote only their names who are special to her. She asks him to move from her way. Dev gets upset. Brinda comes to the room and tries to talk to Manyata. She says how to make drakshira and gets an idea about how to do it. Dev goes to Rajat and asks who had invited him. Rajat says Brinda called him with so much love. He says she couldn’t be mine, but yours happened. I mean marriage.

Prateik comes to the lady and asks her not to have any drink, as it is spiked. The girl goes to Sparsh and asks if he spiked her drink. Lily comes and takes him from there. prateik asks her to stay away from those guys and tells that one of them spiked the girl’s drink. Lily tells him that they all are her brothers. Prateik asks if she don’t have any good humble brother. She tells that she has and he is Dev.

Vish becomes brinda and comes to the party. Dev hears Brinda calling Rajat. He asks why did she call him? He says Rajat was her ex and this is their reception party. Vish/brinda tells him that she wants to tell him that she is very happy and wants to show him. He gets angry and the naagmani sparkles in his forehead. Vish/ Brinda becomes snaky eyes and she thinks where is she? She comes to side and becomes Vish again. Brinda thinks to make the guys have drakshira. Dev comes there angrily and asks brinda what is she doing here, tells that her special guest is downstairs. Brinda asks who? Dev says Rajat. Brinda thinks why did Rajat come here? She says I don’t know why he came and asks why he became her typical husband? Dev says I am your husband and that’s why I am asking him. He asks why did she marry him and says I have right to ask as I am your….He pulls her towards the wall. She pulls him towards the wall and tells that she has no faith on violence. Dev asks why you are smashing my feet. Brinda moves her foot and says she has to make many have this drink. Dev snatches the jug from her hand and drinks it fully. Brinda thinks it is good that I have some more drakshira. She thinks now she can test Dev. She asks why you hate Rajat? Dev says as you are my wife. I hate him since he was your boyfriend. He asks her to prove that she is his wife and asks her to dance with him downstairs. Brinda says no. Dev says first we will dance and then kiss. Brinda says no and says lets go downstairs.

Dev comes to the party again and tells that this party is for his reception with his exfriend and now wife. He asks for music. Music is played. Meri rooh ka parinda phadparaye….plays….brinda and Dev dance in the party. Dev’s brothers look on. Vish thinks what did he drink, wine or drakshira. Prateik dances with Lily. Brinda brings the drakshira and gives to Dev’s brother. They all get drunk. Rajat forwards his hand towards Brinda. Brinda comes there and takes her to side. He asks her to kiss him. brinda says you are not in your senses? Dev says yes, I am not in my senses. They have an eye lock. He says you danced with me and that means you don’t have any objection with my touch, you don’t hate me. He is about to kiss her and closes his eyes.

Brinda also closes her eyes. Just then they hear everyone clapping. Brinda asks Dev to leave her hand and goes out. Rajat follows her. Vish becomes snake. Brinda comes to the guys and asks where is my mother? They say their mum is inside. Brinda says where is my mother, Manyata Maa. Sparsh asks if she is hot. Hardik asks her to tell about her figure? Rohan says full detail. Brinda becomes half naagin.

Rohan rubs his eyes and asks can you see, upar saree and neeche naagin. He dances while his brothers laugh. Brinda tries to suffocate Rohan. Hardik and Sparsh get shocked. They are about to run, but brinda holds their necks and says you are Nayantara’s murderer. She asks them to say where is her mother? Sparsh says he didn’t know? Rohan shouts for help and calls Dev. Vish comes behind Rajat and says you are going so soon. Rajat asks why did you call me here, wanted to show my poverty to your rich husband. Brinda asks why you are saying this and tells that she was helpless to marry, but she can’t forget him. She falls on him. Rajat holds her. Dev sees them together and shouts Rajat’s name. He asks how dare you? He says I will break your hand. brinda asks what is the way to talk to him like that. Dev says I don’t like this guy and asks her how she allowed him to touch her. he asks her to get out. The naagmani sparkles on his forehead.

Dev turns to brinda, but she is not there. Vish smiles and says naagmani is found. Rohan asks brinda to leave him and says I will die? Brinda says you deserves to die. She asks where is Manyata? They say that they don’t know. Rohan asks Brinda to leave him as she holds him high in the air. They ask her to leave them. Brinda takes Rohan down. Dev comes there and calls brinda. He says you are a naagin. Sparsh and Hardik tell that Brinda wants to kill them. Rohan asks him to save her. Dev asks brinda to leave his brothers and calls her naagin, liar. He gets angry. Brinda leaves them. Dev gets angry and the naagmani on his forehead sparkles. His brothers ask why you are sparkling. Vish thinks they couldn’t know brinda’s truth now, else my hardwork will be wasted. She hits rod on Dev’s head. Dev falls unconscious. They ask vish why did you hit our brother. Vish says even I am naagin, not even her. She bites them and they fall unconscious.

Brinda asks why did you kill them? Vish says nothing will happen to them as they drank drakshira. She says they will forget everything. Vrushali, Ketki, Ira and others come there and see their sons on ground. Vrushali asks what happened here. Vish says wrestling and tells that they were so drunk that they fought with themselves to dance with a hot girl. brinda says we shall take them inside. They take the boys inside. Vish asks Brinda to bite Dev on the forehead, just as he is about to get consciousness. Brinda says she will do and thanks Vish. Brinda gets worried for Dev seeing blood on his head, but then thinks he is murderer of Nayantara, and deserves this. She says I am doing this as I am not selfish like him. He is about to gain consciousness. Brinda is about to bite him.

Precap: Baa tells about Maha shivratri. Vish says you will talk to me brinda and I am trapping you. Brinda sees lal tekri temple. Vish tells her about its door. Brinda and Dev go there with their family members.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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