Naagin Season 3 6th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Is Bela, Vish, Vikrant and Mahir Dead?

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Naagin Season 3 6th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Is Bela, Vish, Vikrant and Mahir Dead?

Episode start with Mahir asking I owe you this much atleast??. Bela say you owe me for lot of things, starting from how to love❤, how to live.. Mahir say so let me live peacefully, tell me everything.. Bela I can but I can’t because of your health, but if you don’t want to believe me, don’t believe rather believe your instict.. She tell you named kuhu daughter name as Pinky, which we planned for our daughter and bunty for son. Sun le zara plays…???

Naagrani maa say that we need to find sumitra planning and save naagmani?.. Naagmani? powers are such, which every snake? want.. Vish say it is hidden by Bela and only she knows about naagmani? whereabouts.. Vikrant say we surely do that but first we need to provide safe place for naagrani maa that is even not known to Bela.. Naagrani get little tense but Vish assure that after we find you are safe, Bela will be the first one to meet you..they leave from temple

Bela ask Mahir did you recall anything?? Yuvi say yes, your cheat.. He abuse Bela, but Mahir take stand and say if we love❤ someone, we don’t humiliate that person like this. Yuvi say what magic did this girl did on you? Mahir say you are still same, I thought you would have changed after marrying Vish, and started to respect women, but you are same.. Yuvi say what magic did Bela done on you? Mahir say I thought you have changed but still you have no respect for women and brain. Yuvi don’t you talk about brain.. Yuvi try to walk toward Bela, but Mahir stop him and give warning.. He try again, and Mahir hold Yuvi and say now I feel all things what Bela is saying and doing is right.. He say you only know how to create mess and run from there.

Vikrant say lets leave this place soon, and say Bela is on the way.. Just then purple Naagin? aka sumitra come. Naagrani maa try to turn into naagin? but in vain. Sumitra tell her that her body was with belpattra?? for long, she will not transform in snake? soon..vikrant stop sumitra and ask Vish to take naagrani maa inside temple.. Sumitra try to behind, but vikrant say stop it, today I shall scarifice my life even for sake of good and helping naagrani maa.. Sumitra say you will go against me?? You know how dangerous I am.. Vikrant say you are selfish mother for whom i betrayed everyone, but not now.. Sumitra say what, even after you know how mother was humiliated? Vikrant that all was lie, you got what you deserved, we all naag? and naagin? are born to protect naagmani,? and you were caught for its theft.. Now I know truth, I shall protect my people Sumitra, from now ownwards you are not my mother(sumitra face turned pale???)… Sumitra say you will go against me? i knew since start you will do this someday, thats why I always preferred yuvi.. Vish is listening all this and smiling? (I hope he is not faking now).. Sumitra goes to attack vikrant but vish save him.. Sumitra uses belpatrra?? net and kept hold on both and walk towards temple saying save her today..

Yuvi say to Mahir I told you not hurt me and try to slap mahir.. Mahir slap?? Yuvi 4-5 times and jerk him… Yuvi get angry eyes and Bela notice that, and think to save Mahir.. Bela come infront for mahir, but yuvi slam her back, she is about to fall but Mahir hold her.. Yuvi hurt mahir and Bela fall down.. Yuvi beat Mahir badly, Bela goes and save him, but yuvi jerk her again.. Mahir faint.. Bela is about to turn into Naagin?, but sumitra hurt her.. Yuvi try to misbehave with her but Bela run away.. Sumitra make Mahir fall in jungle..

Yuvi catch Bela and try to misbehave with her, and she shout for help.. Vish and vikrant still struggle to get free when Naagrani maa help them.. Vikrant hit yuvi and Vish hold his hands… Naageshwaraye song plays??? and Bela is about to turn Naagin?, when sumitra come holding knife? on neck of Naagrani maa. She ask about Naagmani? and free Yuvi.. Bela obey even Naagrani maa deny.. Sumitra tell Yuvi to kill when I find naagmani?, but naagrani jerk them and vish and vikrant try to run with them, when some sumitra followers stop using dust? and sumitra hurt all.. Bela try to save but is held capative… Yuvi hurt vish which anger?? Vikrant and he hit yuvi badly, and ask about vish well being… Sumitra say I am such bad mother who doesn’t know that her son is in love❤. She hint Yuvi, who throw Vikrant and Vish from Clif (i hope they are not shown dead).. Bela try to save but yuvi hold her (don’t know why she is not using her naagin powers)..

Wrong Helper naag? hold Naagrani maa and sumitra shoot using gun?.. Bela shout Mahirji for Help… Mahir gain strength and try to wake up.. Sumitra say Naagrani is going to die while saving Naagmani?.. And shoot again and throw her from clif.. Bela shouts Maa whild Yuvi hold her from waist…

Mahir try to walk in jungle… Bela get angry and jerk yuvi, she bite wrong helper naag? naagin ki shakti shiv naagin ki bhakti shiv plays???? and is about to hurt Yuvi, when he uses his powers and make her helpless.. Sumitra hold her and say I never do anything incomplete and without profit. She throw bela as well.. Both Yuvi and Sumitra smile? (so all dead in one episode, i hope not)

Precap: Sumitra throw cloths on Andy and ask why didn’t you wash it than and don’t bite your teeth…
Mahir is somewhere shown on bed and someone was praying in temple only hands are shown

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  1. Ooshi

    Nice update SS. Just came to check what’s going on. But Ur updates r ???????????????????? ???

    1. Y r u guyzz not writing updates of daayan(&tv) and laal ishq(&tv)??
      Plzz write updates for these weekend serials too

  2. Mizhprith lal

    In naagin 3
    – whoever can die at anytime, and can return at anytime ?, (poor logic, lack of connection in script)
    – whoever can turn as naag/naagin???!!
    – whoever may turn as negative /positive character (without clear proper intension)

    expecting some good script, story.. Dnt repeat logic less scenes ?

  3. What’s gng on but who is the one doing tandav she is not surbhi than who ? I really hope they r not changing surbhi with other as bela

    1. No it’s bela ,I saw her practice for thandav Instagram ?? she is preparing her best ?. For shiv thandav…..
      If Bela is replaced then no one Will watch nagin 3,?????
      We cont imagine mahir with another character ?

  4. Astmasiddika

    Really confusing episode? all dead in just a day but I’m not going to believe it for sure now only Vikrant had used his brain hopefully he may not go against Bela again. & He realised his love for vish. sumi o my god? she go to any extent for the naagmani ?
    Precap – does Andy know she is Naagin why he is silent when Sumi is scolding ??? ? ,I think except naagrani ma all are alive , I think mahir also know the truth of Sumi

  5. ??????????
    *This is one another worst episode I have seen in season 3 ……
    *From starting onwards…the episode is boring
    and have no logic
    *Vish, Vikrant,bela and nagrani ma these four nag nagins are waste in powers when compared to sumi and uv?????
    *I don’t know how suddenly these uv use power against nag rani that to he is less in age as bela have 100 years power full nagin? complete no logic
    *I don’t know where is that bela’s 5 heads snake ???????????????????????
    This 5 heads ? only comes when no use of that power ?
    *Why this bela use her nagmani power and her 5 heads ? against sumi
    *Bela is like sumi and UV survent ??
    *Sumi always say one nagrani cont harm another but here sumi always harm bela but bela cont ??? whyyyy?????????
    *Mahir is not a hero he is look like side character ?
    *In precap mahir is in house but bela is fall from clip ??
    * I think the girl who is prying is bela she did thandav in temple in order to get more powers
    *And I think mahir is still memory loss petient or he got his memory back and blindly follow his mother that Bela is villean ?
    *not interested in new characters in this season it Will agin create a confusing and mesh ????
    *Not interested for next episode ???????????????????????
    I feel very pain to say this ?????????
    Good night nagin lover’s ?????

    1. Why belas mom is not powerful lik sumi. She was also a nagrani nd more than 100 years old. Yesterday fight was not like naagin it looks like how supernatural powers(sumi nd yuvi) fight with normal humans(bela.vish.vik). Nobody is turning into naag or naagins. All r in human form only. When vik nd vish fall frm clip why couldn’t thy turn into naags nd save themselves? And in this season Turning to naagin form or turning to someother person are missing. many logics are missing.

      1. My point are same

  6. Todays episode gives mixed feeling… But,total confusion ho gaya.. Is belpatra harmful for only one group.. Nidhok vansh have no effect.. How sumi,yuvi can have extra power while bela being a nagrani not having any power to attack..? wat a faltu concept..even vish/vik seems to be more powerful in human form than bela/mahir.. Also,naag fight se jyadha insaan villain ki behavior hai,like knife,goons,gun.. Then,wat the need of being nagin with vish.. Aree bakwas script writer, Kya aap bhool gaye ki Mahir supporting actor nahi,main lead hai.. Saala..sab confuse karne ke bagar kuch nahi jantha.. Isliye TRP chala gaya.. Ab jo bhi dekh rahe ho,sirf or sirf behir ke vaste dekh raha hoon.. Woh bhi qarab math karo… Yeah,woh tandav bela ka dha.. But,it seems to be mahir is somewhere else.. I hope bela,vish,vik vaapas aayega.. Where’s juhi/vyom’s mother..?Sab gaayab.. Aur aage 5new entries..wat rubbish…Bus kar dho yaar.. Aur confuse mat karo,instead aaj tak ki raaz khulo..
    Is paulomi returning? I saw her in latest offscreen pics..

    1. Kamalanayani

      It is like big boss house.. Someone enters in the mid way and someone is evicted.. but even there evicted don’t become participant overnight..
      Befkoof serial..

  7. Sheer nonsense… is Bela or her mother real Naagrani ??? Doesn’t look like.. they don’t have powers, they are slow in their moves… by the time they pray to shapelift them Sumitra bites them with her poisonous ☠️ ?… they just speak without doing anything.. mahir is always ill ? unlike the beginning of show when he was shown as an active entrepreneur.. now who’s running their businesses ??? Polumi’s children have forgotten her and her sudden disappearance from party…
    Completely illogical script running without any direction. Ekta is giving more time to ? than ? ?.

  8. Pavan542002

    That prayer was from bela in shiv mandir but who is that lady walking and coming her face wasnt shown

  9. Pavan542002

    Shradha Sharma ur update is so nice with full of emojiiis and emotio s ???

  10. Episode tho bahut bakwas hai. Sumitra killed everyone in the serial. Precap is very confusing. Mahir is left alone and all new characters are shown. By seeing yesterday’s episode, i think this is the end of Behir’s love story. If it will really happen, no one will see the serial.

  11. ShraddhaSharma392

    Thank You ooshi and pavan

  12. Lokesh

    Aaj to maut ka tandav hua , sab ke sab maar Gye wo bhi without any logic, MATLAB kaun kehta hai Bela naagrani hai mujhe to wo servant lagti hai, so much helpless, that Yuvi pata nahi kya kya kar leta hai par ye Bela kuch bhi nahi .
    Sab wapas aayenge bas naagrani maa mar jayengi.
    And Bela Ko kyu maara , now as if they don’t want nagmani. Dumb script.

  13. Nice episode

  14. Fenil

    Same divorce papers all the time….why can’t Bela and Mahir destroyed divorce papers lolz stupid writers with same papers always they use it for separation

  15. Fenil

    vish and Bela also use their swapna lok magic for talk !!

  16. This episode should have titled “Falling down the hill” or “Rolling humans gather no moss”

  17. Kamalanayani

    Samay aagaya hai.. Naagin 4 ka..

  18. mtlb kuch bhi dikha do… writers ne to viewers ko fuddu samjh rakha haii.. are yr kuch to logic lao… koi kbhi bhi mar rha hai…. i think writers ko khud ko nhi pta ki next episode me kya dikhana h.. jo man me aaya dikha diya…. es trike to trp doob jayegi…. poor script….

  19. What is Happening with Naagin 3 serial. Naagin 1 and 2 are just over 60 episodes. This is too much of dragging and FB of lead pair shows in almost all episodes. No logic and sense in script with 64 episodes story is at beginning only and nothing moved. What kind of twists provided by director? irritating to see without proper script. Hope god only save this kind of series.

    1. Saniya fathima

      Yes 100% correct only seeing for PvP my love

  20. Coming about precap, I read somewhere that Bela’s face will be changed. Please don’t change Bela’s face.She can come in new dressing style,no problem but this Bela pairs good with Mahir. Please don’t change Bela’s face and please don’t separate Behir Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.

  21. The serial is showing only negetive sided victory from 2 weeks …. It’s really becoming boring day by day.. n now it’s not a suspence instead it’s a big shit.. good ones all dies n there is no hope … Rubbish.

  22. My favorite show

  23. I read that new family is going to entry in sehgal house and shivli(Aditi Sharma ) one of them is forced to marry mahir because of her property.i don’t know it’s true or not but I have a doubt is bela gng to come like that by changing her face ? or again they r gng to show this marriage crap with mahir to fool viewers.some r saying bela changes her face but in Instagram we have seen surbhi practice for tandav I am so confused.but in precap the one in mandir doesn’t look like surbhi her figure,height doesn’t match yaar what the hell is gng on

  24. If sumitra is a naagin then when anu had planned with ajitabh to play the beam then bela and vish turned a naagin..but why not sumitra..there is a big problem in the script

    1. My point same

      1. There is no logic but writer tries to give some silly justification towards end of the serial. However, Naagin serial means excitement , suspense , romance, revenge and crisp story is required. This serial living only on lead pair romance and it is showing as FB in every episode. Really fed up of watching this serial. Don’t ask for logic
        Any body can return live or facial change or new character or someone can become nag.
        writer wants belpatra will work, Can become 5 head snake or single head snake. Some kind of animals can be introduced all the time.
        Better idea is stop watching then TRP will come down. Next day onwards they will concentrate on story and meaningful script.

  25. Neha kalakoti

    Kuch khaass Ni h ye episode??uff
    But precap OMG ?
    Maine PDA tha I mean Instagram pe dekha tha Bela ka roop badlega meri SaaS ruk gyi nhi ye Ni hoo skta ??
    Surbhi Ni to ye serial dekhna bandd??

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