Naagin Season 3 4th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela tries to distance herself from Mahir, Adi tries to alert Boltu

Naagin Season 3 4th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bela thinks that chudail was right, I thought so much about humans, how will I kill them, especially that Mahir, he has snatched my happiness. She reminisces about their moments. Maana Ke Hum plays….She asks herself to stop it and says that Mahir had killed Vikrant. Arvind meets Vish. Vish says you have scared me. Arvind tells him that Jamini moved from our way, but Anu is still after Naagrani and trying to make everyone believe that whatever she said is right. Vish asks what she is going to do? Arvind says Anu is meeting Raavi with ACP. Vish says if Raavi identifies me then she will alert all guys and Naagrani’s revenge can’t be fulfilled. She says we won’t let this happen. Bela is still in thoughts.

Mahir comes there and asks if she is feeling drowsy. He asks shall I bring haldi milk or something for you. He asks her to come to Doctor with him and asks if Jamini hurt you seeing the mark on her forehead. Bela says I am fine. She says nobody did anything to me, She says she doesn’t want any help and asks him to stop being nice to her. She asks him to stop caring for her and says she doesn’t like it.

Vish comes to the hospital and looks at Raavi who is in the coma. She says I don’t leave any proofs, but don’t know why I left you alive. She says I will not remove your oxygen mask but will cut the tube so that people think that you are still alive. She looks at the blade.

Mahir tells Bela that he knows that she is upset as whatever he told her about Rehaan and her. he keeps his clothes in her bag. Bela asks what are you doing? Mahir says saying sorry. She asks why you are packing your stuff in my bag? Mahir says we are going together. Bela asks him to pack his clothes separately and says we will live separately. Mahir signs her. Bela asks what do you need? Mahir says my shirt. She gives his shirt. Mahir says I am sorry Bela, I did stupidity to think wrong about you and Rehaan. Bela says I owe nothing to you and vice-versa. She says even you know our marriage truth, our relation is just coincidental. Mahir says our relation happened coincidentally when I asked you to break it, you didn’t break and is fulfilling this namesake marriage. Bela says because…Mahir says it is ok and says I am not telling that we have something, but that doesn’t mean that we have nothing between us. Bela looks at him as he leaves. A FB is shown. Maana Ke Hum yaar nahin…..plays. Bela tells herself why she is hearing him and thinking about him, says Mahir is a killer.

Vish is about to cit oxygen pipe when Nurse comes with Anu and ACP. The nurse thinks Vish is Doctor and says she will check the oxygen pipe. Vish asks her to be on time and goes. Anu asks her to make Raavi get up. The nurse says she is in the coma due to severe head injury. ACP tells Anu that he knew it, and that’s why he brought her here. Anu says she is tensed and promises that she will get the proofs against Bela. Vish thinks they don’t have any danger with Raavi but have to see Anu.

Sumitra, Andy, Mahir, and Bela come to Nani’s house. Sumitra tells Bela that this is her mother’s house and she had promised her that her grandchildren will be born here. She tells Mahir and Bela that they have pressure on them. Adi gains consciousness and thinks everything is done by bela. He comes back to normal size. Mahir asks Bela if she needs anything. Bela asks him not to do anything out of way. Someone comes to Adi and hits on his head.

Mahir tells Bela about his childhood incident to convince Nani. Bela smiles. Mahir says Nani told that nobody can get upset with me for more time, but it is not true. Bela hears nightingale’s sound and tells Mahir. Mahir says nightingale have returned.

Vish comes to Anu’s room while she is sleeping. She thinks people shall not sleep, but shall see the dream. She says you shall know that death is on your head. She is about to bite her, but she senses something, becomes a snake and crawls out.

Bela wakes up from sleep and comes to Mahir. Mahir gets up and asks if she is staring at him. Bela says she heard a sound. Mahir says it might be nightingale sound and says she came as you are angry with me. Bela says I am upset and not angry. Mahir asks why? Bela says why shall I tell you. I told many times that I don’t want to share with you, I don’t feel close to you, I want to stay far from you. She says I don’t stare at you, and gets irritated seeing you. Mahir gets teary eyes. Bela asks him to go and says she doesn’t want to spoil her day by talking to him. Mahir is hurt and speechless. Arvind and the other snakes in human avatar hear some sound. Arvind asks them to come fast. They become snakes and crawl.

Kuhu gets scared seeing RJ’s film and shouts. Sumitra asks what happened? Kuhu says there are many ghosts in his film. Sumitra asks how will you go to watch the premiere. Andy says we shall leave her at home. Kuhu says I will come. Sumitra tells RJ that she will remind Bela and Mahir for RJ’s premiere. Mahir reminds Bela of RJ’s premiere and is going with his bag. Bela asks where is he going? Mahir says he is different, stubborn for his family’s happiness, but here I am feeling I am doing this for my happiness. He says I was staying in this room as I was trying to walk with you, but you don’t want. He says as she doesn’t want, he is going to stay in the Study room. Sumitra comes there and reminds of the premiere. Mahir is about to tell Sumitra, but Bela stops him and tells that he is confused about keeping his stuff in the cupboard. Sumitra asks her to help him and goes. Mahir asks what is it? Bela says she doesn’t want Sumitra to get hurt. Mahir says Maa is strong. Bela says we have something between us, I agree and says she thought to give a chance to their relation. Song plays….Maana Ke Mujhe…….Bela thinks why only I am hearing the drum sound and not Mahir.

Adi gains consciousness and knocks on the door calling Sumitra, Mahir, and Andy. He breaks the door and gets outside. He calls everyone, but nobody is at home. He thinks where did everyone go? He searches for his phone and finally gets it. Adi calls Mahir and Andy, but their phones are off. He calls Boltu and asks where is everyone? Boltu says they went to RJ’s premiere. The phone gets disconnected. Adi says Bela is a naagin and asks him to tell everyone, but he finds the phone battery dead. He thinks I will tell everyone.

Mahir and Bela come to the car. The driver says you shall give an answer to the call. He becomes a snake. Bela thinks what he was saying. Mahir drives the car. RJ comes to his movie premiere and gives an interview.

Mahir and Bela come to the premiere. A photographer comes to Bela and says you should have given an answer to the call. He becomes a snake. Bela thinks what is happening. Andy comes to her and asks with whom she was talking to. Bela says nothing. Andy asks her not to do anything. Vish collides with Mahir. He says sorry. She says sorry. Vish comes to her and asks why did she not come to the haveli. Bela asks which call. Vish asks didn’t you hear bell sound. Bela says yes, but Mahir didn’t hear when I asked him. She asks her to go to Haveli. Bela says she can’t go. Vish asks her to go making an excuse. Mahir comes to her thinking about whom she is talking to. Vish turns to go. Bela thanks her. Mahir doesn’t see Vish’s face. Vish goes. Bela tells Mahir that Anita saved her from embarrassment as her saree opened up, she helps her to fix it. Mahir says he will call her. Bela says it is already fixed.

RJ introduces his family to the media and presents his film Gumnaam raasta….Electricity is off. Bela tries to go, but she collides with Poulomi. Electricity is switched on. Poulomi asks if media took photos. Bela says yes and tells that Andy asked about you. Poulomi goes to him. Mahir asks Bela to come and watch the film. Bela says she is scared of a horror film. Sumitra asks her to hold Mahir’s hand and sit. Bela says ok. Vish signs a man (actually a snake) to check the projector. He checks it. RJ says it started. Adi comes there. Bela is about to go. Three men come in front of her and take out their snake tongue, Bela asks them to take her. They became a snake. Bela walks on and comes to the haveli. Adi is about to keep a hand on Boltu, when a woman wearing a black jacket with hood come and pulls him and keeps her hand on his neck. Adi says you and gets tensed.

Bela gets special powers. Pandit tells her that the poison in her is bad for her health and if any humans touch her then he/she will die immediately. Mahir asks Bela to decide what she wants to do and not to change talks. Sumitra congrats Mahir and says you are going to be a father. Mahir is shocked. Bela is also shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Hello guys… Nice episode as usual but want to know who the masked woman is? I think it is sumithra as the most innocent character is the villain in naagin series or it may be polo aunty as she is also funny like yamini
    Mahir sharing his childhood experiences to make Bela smile that was very cute?
    Love BeHir ??..but Bela is shouting at him bechara maahir
    Hope she’ll get to know that he is innocent and he is saviour of her in between those enemies
    Waiting for complete update and tomorrow’s update
    Guys do anyone know who is that masked person?

    1. I am feeling it’s Poulomi. See the hoodie woman’s long nails and ring. How can Sumitra think Bela is pregnant? It must be for fun or misunderstanding.

  2. Hi Friends ?
    It could be Sumitra,,, I think she is reincarnation of Yamini or kinda her who is after Nagmani,,, She might be knowing Bela is Nagrani and intentionally made Mahir to marry Bela so that she can easily track her,,, Will see how it goes…
    I read in spoiler that Vish will fall for Mahir and go against Bela,,, I really don’t want Vish to turn negative and go against Bela,,, in the Nagin 1 itself I don’t like Sesha changing negative,,, why can’t two girls be friends till end and help each other,,, Maybe they can bring another lead for Vish…

  3. I can’t wait for tommarow episode
    I like the precap specially bela and mahir get shocked?

  4. Panditji said that so much poison will be harmful for Bela’s health so maybe she will vomit because of that and Sumitra will think her to be pregnant

  5. im 100 percent sure that masked person is sumitra. when was it revealed that jhamini is yamini’s daughter. can someone tell me why vish wants to kill ravee even though shes innocent

  6. Thanks for the update h hasan… Hloo pranav vish wants to kill ravee as she knows that Vish is a naagin.. In the episode vish said I never left any proof don’t know how I spared u no problem I’ll finish u now
    Jamini is not yamini’s daughter
    I too think Bela vomits bcoz of poison and Sumithra thinks she is pregnant
    I think it’s sumithra as adi said u and was tensed if it was polo aunty then he would said mom
    Waiting for today’s episode

  7. I really love Behir. There are very cute moments between them. I wish that Bela should stop misunderstanding Mahir and come to know real truth and start liking Mahir and please don’t create misunderstandings between Behir.

  8. Dis bella s such a arrogant idiot
    Y she s hurting mahir by her words
    I wish mahir should give a tightslap reply nd ignores her den she wl come to her sense
    She herself thinks so high dat she s hurting his feelings
    If she dont like him den better leave him instead of showing off to others as if ur perfect looser bela

  9. Rishi s room n house aswell

  10. I Thingh she sahani or mihirs sister. And she has some connection with that black snake .

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