Naagin Season 3 3rd June 2018 Written Episode Update: After 6 months, Ruhi as Vish kills Karan and attempts to kill Yuvi

Naagin Season 3 3rd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ruhi swears that she will return to take her revenge and have the boon of Mahakaal and will become a reason of their deaths.

After 6 months, Reporter tells that Andy Sehgal’s marriage is happening in hotel green emerald Palace. Shekhar calls Sehgal and asks why did you go to that temple and haveli and asks didn’t you get any other place for your son’s marriage. Andy tells him that he couldn’t get better than this and asks him not to worry. He says we will see our land and start construction soon. Shekhar says there are snakes there. Andy asks him not to give him tension as his two wives will come and his two sons are getting married. Reporter welcomes Sehgal family.

Adi, Yuvi, Pratham, Rehaan, and others come to the venue. Reporter asks Yuvi how is the feeling and says you are going to share marriage altar with your half-brother. Yuvi says Pratham is his brother. Hotel staff welcomes them with tilak. Pratham tells Adi that he will not drink as he has promised Suhani. Daksh asks him to drink. They laugh at him. Bultu tells them that he asked them not to go near haveli or temple. Daksh says your parents came. The reporter says Andy Sehgal’s daughter Kuhu have reached here with her RJ boyfriend. She tells Pratham’s mother Pilaomi Roy comes there. Sumitra Sehgal comes there with Andy.

Reporters say both wives don’t talk to each other. Pulaomi tells that she is walking with slipper on one foot as her mannat is half fulfilled as Andy came with Sumitra. Reporter asks him why he didn’t marry Pulaomi. He tells that he got married to her when she was in distress and he don’t want to tell anything. He leaves her hand and walks inside. He tells Shekhar that why media is asking him same question everytime. He says he wants to keep both women happy. He had married Sumitra to become rich and married Pulaomi as he liked her. Sumitra asks Andy if he is coming with her. Andy says yes. Pulaomi comes and asks him to take her to her room. Sumitra tells her that when bride’s parents arrive, you have to be there. Andy refuses to go with her and tells Pulaomi that he will not give his property to her sons as the business which he has is from because of Sumitra’s money. He says only his legal kids Yuvi and Mahir and says I can’t give anything to your kids. Pulaomi tries to stop him. Andy goes. Her friend comes and asks why did you bear Andy’s tantrums? She says if your sons don’t get anything and says everything belongs to Sumitra. Pulaomi says I have two sons with Andy. Her friend says even Sumitra has two sons and daughters also, and she will give her property to her kids. Pulaomi gets angry on her dog and asks her friend to hold it. Friend comes and says your samdhi came.

Pulaomi meets Munshi ji and says now you have become my samdhi. First you came with Sumitra with dowry, and now your daughter is coming here for free. Munshi ji tells her that he is letting his daughter marry her son Pratham because of Sumitra’s daughter in law. Sumitra sees snake in her room and shouts, tells Andy and Yuvi, that he will not stay in this room. Yuvi says it is not a snake and tells that it is a stole. Sumitra gets worried about 6 months old incident. He tells her that he bought the stole for Bela. Bela is shown in her room and picking the bangles which has fallen down. Her father comes and says it is a dirt beneath the bed, and says hotel truth came out. Her father tells that it is OCD. He asks her to buy something good for herself. He says you have to get dressed well as you are marrying in a big family. She asks him to sit and says who loves, trust and care for me. Father says yes, and says you are marrying because of my helplessness. Bela recalls and a FB is shown, she agrees to marry Yuvi as Sehgal give them offer to relieve all the loan which her father has taken. Fb ends. She tells her father that she will be happy as Yuvi has selected her.

While she is getting ready for the function, Yuvi comes there and says he can’t wait anymore. He asks her not to wear the dupatta and gives her stole which he bought for her. He tells her that they will go from here after marriage. Bela says are you hiding something from me. Just then Suhani come there. Yuvi asks what the hell you are doing here. Bela says we are sharing the room as the other bride room is booked by Vish Khanna. Yuvi gets angry and asks who is this Vish Khanna. He goes to the reception along with his brothers and asks who is she? Receptionist tells him that she is a big investor. Receptionist gets a call and says Vish Khanna is here. Yuvi gets angry and says let that Vish come. Vish comes in a car with many cars behind her car. They think Vish is a man. Sky gets blue as Vish gets down from the car. She is accompanied by many men. Yuvi, and all his brothers and friends look at her She throws her jacket on Yuvi and asks her to send it to her room. Yuvi says I am not hotel staff and asks did you book all the hotel. Vish tells him that she has booked the hotel for her staff and says she lives very far and came here for a purpose. Yuvi invites for party and smiles. She says she will think. Others also smiles.

Munshi ji comes and asks both brides if they are ready. Suhani thanks him for the dress and says Pratham likes this color. Munshi ji gets sad. Bela reminds him of his promise and a FB is shown Munshi ji convinces her father for her marriage with Yuvi. Bela says she will marry and asks him to get Suhani married Pratham. Munshi ji tells that Pratham is Pulaomi’s son. She convinces him and asks him to promise that he will never go against Suhani and Pratham’s relation. Fb ends. Munshi ji says I remember and goes. Bela says I genuinely feel Pratham is a nice guy.

Vish comes to the window and says 6 months had past, and says it is now the time for the decision, last decision. In the marriage function, Yuvi and Pratham come and greet Sumitra and Andy respectively. Pulaomi comes and says hi Jaan. She hugs Andy. Sumitra gets sad. Pratham asks Suhani to come and meet Maa. Daksh tells Suhani that her friend is looking different now. Suhani says don’t know what she is doing. Daksh says she is doing right. Yuvi embarrasses Bela and she excuses herself. Bela repairs Sumitra’s sandal. Sumitra gets impressed with her and tells her that she wants her daughter to do whatever she wants. She says she addresses her as her beti and wants her to be independent. Bela tells her that she wants to marry just for her and calls her Maa. She says she don’t have a mother and now have a mother. Sumitra tells him about Mahir and tells that he follows his values and is a workaholic. Mahir comes to the function and sees manager scolding asking old woman to go. Mahir makes her sit and gives her water. Manager says she is waiter’s dadi. Mahir scolds him and asks him not to weigh relations with money. Sumitra calls him and tells him that she don’t want anything wrong happen as Bela agreed due to helplessness. Vish goes passes Mahir and her hairs are about to touch his hairs. Mahir looks at her.

He goes to meet Bela. Sumitra introduces them. Yuvi flirts with Vish. Vish says you are not married till now. He asks her for dance. Sumitra and Bela are shocked. Pulaomi tells her friend that she will blacken herself if Andy doesn’t dance with Sumitra. Andy comes and asks her friend to dance. Pulaomi is shocked. Friend asks her to get ready to blacken her face. Mahir sees Yuvi dancing with Vish and asks Bela for dance. He dances with Bela and then asks Yuvi to dance with her. He gives Bela’s hand in Yuvi’s hand. He takes Vish to side and asks who are you? Vish says she is Vish. He says you are wishing too much. She says I need a drink and orders it. Yuvi’s friend asks if her name is short form for something. She says yes, and says if she comes in full form them she will not leave anyone. Adi asks if she is going somewhere? She says she is going for a walk. Yuvi tells Bela that he is feeling hot and will go out to have a fresh air. Bela’s father asks if everything is fine. Bela says yes and asks him not to worry. Yuvi comes out following her and asks if she is staring at stars. She says stars are looking at her. She asks about the place. Yuvi tells her that the place belongs to them. She asks what we are doing here and walks near the haveli. He realizes that it is the same place, where Adi shot Vikrant. He asks where is she going? Vish says she is searching a place where no third person will be there. She signs him to come.

Karan follows Yuvi and thinks there is something wrong with this girl. Yuvi asks where are you Vish? Come out. He sees a giant red snake and runs.. Snake crawls towards him. Yuvi runs. Mahir comes there and keeps hand on his shoulder. Yuvi hugs him and tells that he saw a snake there. Mahi scolds him and says you have killed snake, and tells that there is no snake here. Vish comes and asks why did he leave her in jungle. Mahir tells her that she is good with good people and bad with bad people. Vish says I am good with good people and bad with bad people, and do that work which someone tells that I can’t do this. He says I will see what you can do and says there are just 6 days left and asks her to stay away from Yuvi. She says she has no interest in his marriage and says if she gets interest in anything then it won’t go. Mahi asks her to be thankful as she is spared because she is a girl. She asks him to be thankful as her sight didn’t fall on him at first.

Karan comes to Vish and tells that he saw everything which happened in jungle. Vish asks him not to tell anyone. Karan asks her to spend a night with him. They come to the room. He tries to get closer to her. Vish’s eyes turn red. She says engagement is going on there. He says suhaag raat here. He is about to kiss her and sees snake tongue coming out of Vish’s mouth. She changes into a snake. He shouts. Snake bites him and throws him in the pool. Engagement ring falls down. Mahir and Bela try to take it, when she sees Karan’s dead body and shouts. Everyone is shocked. Vish as half snake tells that one is gone and 9 is remaining. Everyone will die.

Mahir asks Vish to stay away from his brother. Vish says she has many lovers and one is his brother. Arvind takes someone in the haveli and tells about Icchadhari Naagin. He sees Vish’s pic as naagin. Sehgal shots his gun. Bela happens to see Vish’s pic as Naagin in haveli and tells everyone that Vish is a naagin. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Very very exciting episode…?????????

    2. I think?? vish is ruhi as she said finally waqt aa gya hai, and sab culprits ke face?? uski eyes? me dekhe

    3. Kya entry thi vish ki uffffffff maar hi dala…

    4. Though its second episode only, but bela ka character dumb hai, like normal serial jisme heroin dumb hoti hai…

    5. Rishta bela or yuvi ka hua hai, but shadi bela or mahi ki hogi, i think…

    6. Anita was looking killer in pink saree??, and bela was looking dumb in this lehenga, as vo bilkul accha nhi tha..

    7. Mahi ka and Vish ka dialagoue: Acche ke sath accha hun, or bure ke sath bura.. Nailed it..??????????????

    8. Chetan hansraj ke character ne 2 marriage and 1 bina marriage, yani kud bhi wahiyat or bacche bhi????…expect mahi, as i think??? mahi is not his real child..

    9. Naag? naagin? ke body colors acche nhi hai, i mean graphics… But they are not small like previous seasons, sab ke sab double ???size ke hain…

    10. One down 9 to go…????

    11. Bus ek kami reh gayi, anita aka vish ne jab half naagin ? half human ? liya tha tab naagin ka theme song bajna chiye tha…

  2. Very good episode

  3. Good efforts by Anita, she looked better than Surabh.

  4. Ooshi

    Episode was good
    Looking forward

  5. TaniaFairy

    What an episode?? Mind blowing performance by Anita.She slays it by her performance.
    She was like “I m here to take the life of those culprits. ” The passion of acting is amaizing in todays epi.Her Revengeful Look was awesome.
    Finally they showed Bella.Her Character is something, very charming and also emotionalal one.She will look perfect with Mahir.
    I wonder why they didn’t give her heel as she looked shorter than her friend Suhani.
    After everything the epi was superb.And karishma wasn’t shows in this epi may be we will see her in next epi.

  6. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update H.Hasan

  7. TaniaFairy

    I think may be later Vish will fall in love with Mahir. And then there will be a love triangle like Shivany Rithik And Shesha.Vish Mahir and Bela.
    It look same as previous season like killing culprit by counting and blah blah but bit different as they killed her love and thooe season they killed the nags and naggins because of naagmani.Now Vish will take revenge one one by one just like shehsa and shivanya but in different way.
    Wish to see something more creative and fantastic scene.I like pearl V puri a lpt.I liked hin in Badtamiz dil.that was awesome.

    1. is bela also a naagin do you know taniafairy. it is so confusing for me to understand the storyline.

    2. TaniaFairy

      Yes Ananya.Bela later will be discovered as a naggin as we saw in the promo.So I thing she will turn naggin later just like shivangi in naggin 2.

    3. Means bela will also turn in a naagin . Wow so excited to watch her in nagin form.

  8. Naman pandey

    I think so nagin 3 will beat nagin 1 i am very exited about that

  9. Anitas acting was awesome she showed all the shades of a revengeful naagin and hope this season make its place in our hearts.taniafairy dhi i agree with u the triangle love story may start in a few days waiting for belas naagin avatar and i think bela is shivangis reincarnation. How r u shraddha dhi? Missed all our naagin family from 11 months.

    1. TaniaFairy

      Yeah shivangi. About the triangle, Ekta is superb making it.As we saw in two last seasons like Shivanya-Rithik-Shesha.Radhika-Rocky -Shivangi.This time how can she miss it.

    2. There are more chances for Bela to turn into Shivangi’s reincarnated Naagin version. Because in all the posters, Surbhi was seen as a Naagin and in white (related to Shivangi’s whitish yellow avatar). She may not be her daughter as she was killed before boring a child.

  10. Nice episode

  11. How to get registered

    1. The leftside three lined menu will show you register text in the bottom. Go there and you can register. Or else visit ‘”

    2. Thank u arjit

  12. I think Bella is a reincarnation of Shivangi . And after marriage with Mahir . when vish will try to kill Mahir , then Bella will get her powers as we seen the exact same in season 2 when shivangi got her power after getting dead . In the same way this time also happens


    Who knows she already have her powers . I mean they can show us that it is all her drama to come in this house . May be Mahir and family somehow related to part of Rocky or Ritik .

    Thats all my guess .

    1. I think there is more than what meets the eye. Bela can’t be Shivangi’s reincarnation as she died just 6 months back and Bela looks about 25. I have this feeling that Vish is not Ruhi, they just showed that she is here to take revenge but didn’t clear if it was Ruhi or not. Maybe Bela will turn out to be the naagin. They did the same thing in season 1 they showed Shivanya as a simple girl and gave us the impression that Shesha was the naagin with revenge motives but later it was revealed to be shivanya. The show is about naagin so the main lead has to be a naagin and maybe she is but who knows Ekta and her logics

  13. Riana

    Hey Naaginians ??? …….Mindblowing episode….Just loved Vish (Anita)…She played awesome…Omg ! Mahir & Bela (BeHir) ??…Actually they looks so good with each other…I just loved loved them a lot and especially bela’s character…Poulumi is damm funny (Yhm’s nidhi right) ???…I didnt thought that she is so funny…”Andy agaya” ???…Sumitra and bela scene was actually good…I just wish they dont make sumitra negative as like what they did with yamini in s-1…My favourite characters are now Vish, Bela, Mahir ! ???…Karan got killed thats what he deserved…Some people are complaining about vfx on youtube…Although i am happy as its really looks more realistic in some cases !…Plus this show has a good story and a very high budget…waiting for next week…precap looks mystetious !

  14. i think u r right nav…. i also think same as u think mahir somehow connected with rocy or ritik and bella is shivangi.. because she said while dying that she will come back………btw friends I’m new here… as i am a silent reader but i can’t control after reading your comments so i also comment what I thought…

    1. TaniaFairy

      That’s good Neeti.Welcome here.

  15. Anita just nailed it… I will watch naagin 3 only for her…hope 2 evn see scences of vish wid mahir

  16. is bella also a nagin ?and who would be negative nagin if bella and mahir r married and vish also started liking mahir then.bella or vish who would be posotive and who would be negative.

  17. Shrutipandey123456

    Do anyone knows what will be going to happen next week? Spoilers, of next week.
    Please if anyone knows. I cannot wait fir the next episode. Just loved nagin 3. Though I miss Shivangi but still Vish us amazing. Please can anybody tell if vish is rooh or her helper.

    1. Shrutipandey123456

      Will mahi marry Vish Or Bela? And what about Yuvi. Whom will he marry?

    2. TaniaFairy

      Everything will be reveal one by one.and Mahir will marry Bela as the two are main lead.Vish is Ruhi she came here to take revange from those culprit.

  18. what an ep but nice

  19. Taniafairy how r u hope u like the episode

    1. Hey shivangi… are u?

    2. TaniaFairy

      Hi shivangi.I m fine.How are you?
      I really liked the was amaizing.the full epi’s main focus was Vish. but Bela was also awesome.In the upcoming story there will be more.Hoping for the best.what about you?

  20. Episode was nice

  21. It was a awesome episode

  22. Hello guys,
    sorry for the late comment I dont get enough time as my studies started.
    epi was nice.I really like anita’s performance.She is awsum.Good to see that her revenge started

  23. Yes are absolutely correct.anita rocked it.she remind me shesha in season 1

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