Naagin Season 3 2nd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela gets shocked to see Juhi’s betrayal

Naagin Season 3 2nd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahir holds Bela tightly and asking her what she wants to tell. Bela says that whatever I want to tell you is doesn’t matter at all. She says she is feeling light and tells that she will renovate their room, and tells about her idea. She tells what she wants and says I want to live with you, and wants to forget my past. She gets teary eyes. Mahir tries to wipe her tears. Bela says I stopped myself much and asks him not to stop her tears. Mahir says I know. Bela says that’s why I….Mahir says I know everything and that’s why I will not stop it, but will not let it flow. He kisses on her cheeks. Song plays…….Maujad Hai….tere bin….Mahir hugs her and tells that everything will happen according to her wish. He tells that he will make everything fine and says I love you.

Vyom meets Juhi and asks what did she ask you, when you asked for Naagrani crown. Juhi says she said what you had told that she will say. A fb is shown, Bela agrees to give crown of naagrani and says who could be the better naagrani than you. Fb ends. Juhi says she said that she is now ready to become naagrani now. Vyom says you have done wonder and asks how she can be so foolish being a naagrani. Juhi says she is a naagrani for few days and says I will become Naagrani soon. Vyom says you have come out of Bela’s clutches. Juhi says you have given me second life and showed me my mother’s and sister’s real face. A fb is shown, Vyom makes Juhi fine and says you will think all my lies are truth. He tells her that Bela tried to kill her for Naagrani crown and now showing fake emotions. She says when I asked her to give me crown, she agreed and don’t have any problem. Vyom says she is acting. He hugs Juhi and says she won’t let her go if her life is in danger. He thinks you can’t fight with your sister, it was easy for you to fight with old love Vikrant.

Vish is eating apple in night and switches on lights. Vikrant asks her to let him sleep. Vish says baby is hungry. Vikrant gets up from bed. Vish reminds him that he is Yuvi and asks him to act like him. Vikrant asks him not to act infront of him, in their room. Vish says I am really going to be mother of your baby. Vikrant asks what? Vish says you got lost in my news and then made me mother. Vikrant laughs and says you have become mischievous. He says I will sleep. Vish takes another apple and then says she will eat orange. She then shouts and says it is very khatta. She asks him to bring sweet oranges from fridge. Vikrant goes out. Vish laughs. He thinks to do something to get rid of Vish, and take Bela from there. Bela hears him and thinks I won’t let you succeed. She says I will make Juhi as the new Naagrani, and you will not know this. She says then Naagrani and Naagmani will reach a safe place. I won’t let you harm them.

Juhi plays with Vyom and says you can’t catch me. She laughs. Vyom says I have to talk about our planning, and says we will go together. Juhi becomes half snake and says you will not catch me, but I will catch you. She lifts him with her tail. She says she will rule on the king of vultures and all Naagvansh. She laughs. Vyom looks on.

Bela asks Juhi if she is ready. Juhi says she is ready. Bela says this shall be a secret and you shall not tell anyone. Juhi promises her. Bela and Juhi are leaving. She tells that they shall reach there in 1 hour. Sumitra comes and asks where are they going? She says what do you think that I will not know about your planning. She then scolds Bela for taking her sister to temple without having breakfast. Bela says they will come and have food. Juhi asks Sumitra to make paratha. Kuhu asks for breakfast and asks them to come. Vish comes and says she has kept fast for Yuvi. She tells about special puja in the temple. Sumitra says ok. They are about to leave. Bela tells Vish that she wants to tell her something. Vish looks at Vikrant standing outside. Bela says we will go to my room and then we can leave from there in window. Vish says ok. Bela tells Vish that she wants to make Juhi as the new Naagrani and will make her wear the crown. Vish asks why? Bela says Juhi wants to become Naagrani and she wants to have a family life. Vish asks where is Mahir? Bela says he is with Papa. Vyom comes and looks at them. Vikrant comes inside and asks Vish when did Juhi come?

Just then Andy come and asks Yuvi to come with him. Vish asks him to go. They are about to leave. Mahir stops them and says he will drop them. Bela and Vish refuse, but Mahir insists. Juhi sees Vyom following them as a vulture. She thinks haveli is left behind. Mahir asks why they are going to temple? Vish says she has kept fast. Juhi throws her ring in the car and tells that it fell down. Mahir asks shall I stop the car. Bela says no. Juhi becomes snake. Vish and Bela get tensed. Bela ties Goddess chunari on the car’s mirror. Mahir says how I will see. Juhi punctures his car tyre. Mahir says what happened? Juhi becomes human and says your car is punctured. Mahir thinks how did this happen, road is smooth. Juhi says when we don’t think then bad happens. She says they will go by walk and asks him to call mechanic. Bela says Vish is fasting so we shouldn’t delay further. Mahir says how to leave you alone. Vish says we will take a cab. Mahir says I will drop you. Juhi says we are asking you to leave us and asks why is he over protective? Bela asks her not to misbehave. Mahir says its ok, I was over protective. Juhi asks Vish to see where the cab is? She pretends to call and tells that cab driver is on that lane. Bela apologizes to Mahir. Mahir tells that she is her saali and asks her not to be jealous. Bela smiles and hugs him.

They start walking. They reach haveli. Ring falls down from Juhi’s hand. Mahir calls Bela and asks if she reached temple. Bela says they are on the way. Juhi asks her to come. Mahir asks what? Bela says nothing. Juhi asks Bela to make her wear the crown fast. Vish says we have to wait for Naagrani Maa. Juhi asks if they are making excuse as she don’t want to give crown to her. She misbehaves with Vish. Bela scolds her. Vyom thinks why Juhi is showing eagerness. Bela comes to the Naagmani and says something keeping her hand on Naagmani. Vish asks if she has decided. Bela says she wants her to become naagrani always. Vish tells her that Vikrant betrayed her for Naagmani and shows doubt on Juhi.. Bela asks her not to compare her with Vikrant and says betrayal is not in your blood. Vish says ok.

Vyom comes to Juhi and asks her why she is showing eagerness. Juhi says they are making her angry. Vyom looks at her hand and asks where is the ring? They search for the ring. Vyom sees bela and Vish coming and become a vulture, hides. Bela asks Juhi to sit on singhasan.

Mahir calls Pandit ji to talk to Bela, but he tells that Bela didn’t come here. Vikrant is coming near the haveli, when he hears vultures sound. He falls down and finds Juhi’s ring outside the haveli. He wonders whose ring it is. Juhi sits on the singhasan. Vish tells Juhi that she made Bela wear the crown as Naagrani Maa was not present, and says this time everything will happen according to rituals. She says you are very lucky as Naagrani Bela will make you wear the crown and hopes she will become good naagrani like her. She plays Shank. Juhi smiles. Bela also smiles. Snakes come and sit beside the singhasan on both sides.

Bela asks Naagin Juhi if she is ready to become Naagrani of Naagvansh. Juhi says yes. Bela asks her to promise that she will see everyone with same view and will not discriminate anyone. Bela says Naagrani don’t forget her enemies etc. Juhi says I understood and looks at Vyom who is vulture now. Bela takes out crown from the box. Juhi recalls asking Vyom to kill Bela once she makes her wear the crown. Bela says I hope you will be a good Naagrani and is about to keep crown on her head, when Vikrant comes and shouts asking Bela to stop. Bela asks what are you doing here? Vish asks Vikrant to stop right there. Vikrant says this girl can’t become Naagrani as her intentions are not right. Bela says your intentions are right? She says you wanted me to kill an innocent guy so that you get naagmani. Juhi asks what is the proof he has? Vikrant says I have proof and shows the ring. Juhi is shocked. Vikrant says I got this vultures ring infront of the haveli. Vish says this ring might have fallen here. Bela says Juhi is not betrayal like you. Vikrant asks her to ask Juhi why she is not wearing ring on her finger. Juhi says she is having ring of naagvansh. Vish asks her to show the ring. Juhi asks Bela not to come in their talks and make her wear crown. Vikrant asks her not to do this mistake. He falls down. Vish and Bela are shocked. Vish sees wound on his neck. Vyom comes infront of Bela and asks her to make Juhi wear the crown. Bela says he won’t succeed. Juhi runs to Vyom. Bela is shocked with her betrayal. Juhi smiles.

Bela announces that she is announcing Juhi to be a new Naagrani with her wish and happiness. Vish and Vikrant are injured and tied by Vyom and Juhi. Bela makes Juhi wear the crown. Juhi says we got everything what we wished. Vyom takes Juhi with him. Mahir comes there calling Bela. He sees Vikrant, Vish and Bela standing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. The episode is really very boring. Only Behir scene is nice . I got so much of anger when juhi spoke to Mahir in a rude manner. The precap is very confusing. How can Bela make juhi naagrani after knowing that she joined her hands with vyom?

    1. Bhai that juhi and vyom may tie up and block vish and vikranth together and forced bela to do so. But don’t worry as long as mahir is there he would make all tings right and save bela…

  2. The episode is very boring. Only Behir scene is nice. I got so much anger when juhi talked to Mahir in a rude manner.The precap is very confusing. How can Bela make juhi naagrani after knowing that she joined her hands with vyom? May be i think that vyom blackmailed juhi.

  3. The episode is very boring. Only Behir scene is nice. I got so much anger when juhi talked to Mahir in a rude manner.The precap is very confusing. How can Bela make juhi naagrani after knowing that she joined her hands with vyom? May be i think that vyom blackmailed Bela.

  4. Precap is quite boring how can bela wear that crown to juhi

  5. don’t be a fool watching this crap show !!! pearl can never be as good as arjun was and surbhi its full of overacting dear just a total bore show

  6. I don’t understand this, if Vikrant hadn’t interfere then Juhi would have become naagrani and she would have killed Bela, after getting that crown.. then the guard of naagmani would have been weakened as Bela is innocent..then Vikrant or his mother could have easily taken the naagmani, what they basically wants.. right????

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