Naagin Season 3 27th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela seeks Mahir’s help to fight against Vikrant

Naagin Season 3 27th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi telling everyone that they shall go and do Ravan dahan. Sumitra says she made all special arrangements and asks Pandit ji to come. They all come out of temple and go towards the Ravan statue. Pandit ji lights the lamp in the aarti plate. RJ says this is huge Ravan. Bela looks at Ravan’s statue. Sumitra asks Pandit ji if he remembers what she made him understand. Pandit ji says yes. Yuvi asks Bela what she said to him. Bela says she will kill the Ravan who made everyone guilty in his life, who has attacked her hiding in love and says she will kill him. Pandit asks Mahir and Bela to do the puja. Yuvi says what? Andy asks them to just finish it off fast. Sumitra asks them to come forward. Mahir and Bela come forward. Sumitra asks Mahir to keep woods on Ravan’s feet. RJ says we won’t stay here till all Dahan ends. Kuhu says yes. Sumitra says we will do it all. She asks bela to help him and pour ghee on it. Yuvi comes and tells Mahir that he came to help Bela. Bela lifts the wood log and asks Mahir to tell the truth infront of God atleast. Mahir says God? Bela says Ravan is god for people like you. Mahir looks on.

While Mahir keeps wood log on the Ravan’s feet, Bela takes out her poisonous tongue to bite him, but she couldn’t. Pandit ji asks them to come. Yuvi thinks it seems Bela have done her work, now Mahir’s dead body will come. Just then he gets shocked seeing Mahir and Bela coming. Pandit ji asks bela to put the ghee on the firearrow with which Ravan will be killed by her husband. Bela lights it with ghee and gives to Mahir. Mahir aims arrow at Ravan and releases the bow. The arrow hits Ravan and it gets burnt. Everyone cheers for God Ram.

Bela gives sweets to everyone. Kuhu refuses to eat. RJ takes the sweets. Adi eats too. Yuvi congratulates Bela. Bela says real Ravan is still alive. Yuvi says I will help you. Bela distributes sweets to the people standing there. Yuvi/Vikrant thinks it seems I have to make Ruhi’s work easy and calls Mahir. He signs Bela to come. Mahir sees statue burning and looks at it. Bela takes out her snake tongue, when a boy comes running near Mahir. Mahir gives him sweets smilingly. Vikrant thinks I shall help Bela and thinks just as bela kills mahir, he will get Naagmani and become Naagraj. He opens the rope of the Ravan statue to make statue falls down on Mahir. Bela sees the statue falling on Mahir and shouts his name. Mahir runs to save Bela and gets hurt. Mahir’s hand gets hurnt. Sumitra and everyone panic. She asks them to come. Bela tells Yuvi that she will kill her enemy today.

Sumitra comes to room and tells Andy that she doesn’t know what is happening in the house and there is tension between Mahir, Bela and Yuvi. Andy says it is like a tennis match, Bela is sometimes with Mahir and sometimes with Yuvi. Sumitra asks really and says Bela is suffering the most. Andy says she should have tell whom she wants. Sumitra says like you said 25 years ago and says Mahir is not like you, he will take out solution. She finds divorce papers of Mahir and Bela and tells Andy. Andy is shocked and says divorce. Sumitra asks are you getting their divorce? Andy says they are adults and says he has signed. Sumitra says Mahir signed it. Andy says he kept these papers with divorce papers as he wants divorce. Sumitra feels bad and says why is he doing this.

Mahir comes to room and tries to put ointment on his hand. Bela comes to Vikrant’s room and says she doesn’t know how everything goes wrong in temple. Vikrant says we shall not discuss if he shot me or not, but he will make you have sympathy for him. Bela says not now. Vikrant says he killed naagrani Maa brutally and asks her not to leave him, and says he had planned everything how to act to loved you, betrayed you, played with you etc and says he wants to end our Naag vansh. He says Mahir is like Ravan and do conspiracy with his 10 head. Bela nods her head. Vikrant asks her to say. Bela says I will kill Mahir alone and says you are with me and that is the biggest thing. She says my aim to kill him got stronger.

Andy and Sumitra come out of their room to go to Mahir’s room, but just then they see Bela and Yuvi coming together. Yuvi holds her hand and says come on baby. Sumitra says this is not the right time to talk to them. Andy says she is going to Mahir, and two timing my son. He gets angry. Sumitra takes him, Andy gets angry. Vikrant thinks Mahir…your last time came. Mahir tries to talk to Bela. Bela says you will not get any chance and asks what wrong did I do then you punished me big. She asks until when he will betray her and play games with her. She says you are playing games with me since…Mahir asks when and asks her to let him speak and give him a chance. Bela says I know what you do when I give you a chance and calls him liar Mahir Sehgal. She says I am done. Mahir says you do this always and asks if I am so bad. Bela says you did a crime and will get punished. She says you can’t suffocate my voice as I am a woman. Vikrant hears them fighting and laugh in his room.

Mahir says I can’t hurt you even by mistake and asks her to trust him. Bela says trust you, you want me to trust you and says I hate you right now, and says you are betrayal man and acted to be good. She says you fool people and throws things on him. Mahir asks if she has gone mad? Bela says yes and asks if he wants to see. She throws vase on Mahir. Mahir bends down. Sumitra wakes up and asks Andy to wake up, says they are fighting. Bela says she wants justice. Sumitra says we should do something. Andy says they must be talking as they are taking divorce, and says let them talk. Vikrant says Bela will kill Mahir today and lose her throne, then I will get naagmani and become naagraj. Bela says you will be punished for your crime.

Mahir asks her to stop it and says lets sit and talk, don’t get angry. Bela says you haven’t seen my anger till now. She slips and falls in his embrace. Song plays…ke tere bin na laage jiya…..They have an eye lock. Bela says I won’t be quiet today and says if I become quiet today then Yuvi will be doubtful. She whispers in his ears. Mahir smiles….and whispers in her ears that Yuvi is not here. Bela says he might be eavesdropping near our door. Mahir says he will not do this as he knows that he don’t have any thing to say if get caught. Bela says we have to continue our fight. Vikrant thinks why their fight sound is not coming. Bela says you can’t make me quiet. Mahir says if this is the way to talk to husband like this. Bela picks a vase and throws near him.

Mahir smiles and says even I can throw vase on you. He whispers that they shall go to bathroom and talk, so that Yuvi can’t hear them. He says my throat is paining badly. Bela shouts at him and asks him to tell truth. Mahir holds her closer and asks her to calm down. He shouts and says he is going to bathroom for peace. Bela picks the vase and throws down, says you don’t know what I can do. Vikrant says you both are my mohra and both will die. He then says only Mahir will be killed. Mahir and Bela go to bathroom. He says literally I thought you will kill me . Bela hugs him. Saans me saans teri…..plays. They hug each other closely. Bela asks him to think before saying. Mahir says this will be our first fight, in which I am benefitted. He asks what happened, if she will not shout. He asks if she is hurt. Bela thanks him for helping her and says I didn’t tell you complete matter in the morning. Mahir says I trust you fully and knows you will never lie to me.

He says when you came to me in the morning scared, I was scared for a moment. A fb is shown, Bela comes to Mahir and tells him that she doesn’t know if this is good news or not. Mahir asks her to tell and says I will understand. Bela says my mum is alive and tells that she doesn’t know that she was alive. Mahir asks if her father called him. Bela asks if he trust her and don’t question her. Mahir asks her to say. Bela says Yuvi is after my mum’s life and says the guy is not Yuvi, but is fake and imposter. He wants to harm me, my mum and don’t know whom. She says I need your help and asks where is he? Mahir says I am with you and asks what to do. He says he went to guest room. Bela says he carries gun always and says she needs his duplicate car keys and fake bullet. She gets in Yuvi’s car and keeps fake bullet in the gun. Yuvi comes and sits in car and leaves. Mahir tells Bela that he saw Yuvi going? Bela shows the real bullet. Mahir says why is he going towards jungle. Bela says he might have come to know that I am going to meet Maa. She says we have to go separate ways and asks him to come from the other way. She asks him to keep eye on Yuvi. Fb ends. Mahir says we should have gone together else your mum wouldn’t have got hurt. Bela says certain things are not in our hand, it is written in destiny. She says whether it is accident or heart feelings.

Vikrant messages Bela why, what happened and why there is so much silence, if the work is done. Her phone beeps. Mahir says I will bring the phone. Bela sees his burnt hand and gets concerned. She says she will bring medicine for him and goes to get it. Bela comes to room and messages Vikrant that she will attack Mahir just as he comes out of bathroom. She thinks although Mahir is supporting her, but he doesn’t know full truth. A fb is shown, Mahir asks Bela how she will go to jungle? Bela says she will manage and asks him to go. Hne asks her to come in other car. Bela says fine and feels apologetic. She thinks to come in her real avatar and thinks all secrets will be revealed today. She becomes snake and crawls to reach jungle. Fb ends. Bela thinks I filled fake bullets in the gun and doesn’t know Vikrant had gun with real bullets and Mahir will pick gun with fake bullets. She says Maa got shot by Vikrant and says I never thought I will see that in reality. I saw my mum in that condition.

A fb is shown, Bela rushes to her mum and says I had changed Vikrant’s gun bullets, but…..Naagrani maa tells her that Vikrant is not alone, but Vishaka is helping him and planning conspiracy against her. Bela is shocked. Naagrani Maa tells her that Mahir is a good man and is not like them. She asks Bela if she told her truth to Mahir and asks if he accepted her. Bela says not yet. She says Mahir is coming here and takes her mum to side. She says I will heal your wound and keeps her hand on her chest. She says why can’t I treat you. Naagrani Maa says you can’t treat me as you are stressed. She says I will be fine once I come in Naagin avatar and asks Bela to go. Bela messages Mahir that she is going to hospital as she found her maa and asks him to go home. Mahir reads the message. Naagrani Maa becomes snake. Bela prays to God to save her mum. She becomes snake.

Bela thinks she has to find out what is Vikrant and Vishaka’s conspiracy and says she wants to go to the bottom of the secret. She thinks to take care of Mahir and says nothing shall happen to him because of me. She comes to bathroom. Mahir asks where were you till now? Bela says why shall I tell you, just because I am a woman. Mahir says you are my woman, my wife and asks her to say, he says I am joking, I can’t force you even jokingly. Bela says as you are a real good person. Mahir says your maa got hurt because of me. Bela says Papa is with her. Mahir says hospital bill will be much and asks her to give the address.

Vikrant thinks this silence means Ruhi has killed Mahir, and thinks now I can go to Naagmani and get it, now I can have both Naagmani and Naagrani. He thinks he has won and Mahir lost.

Bela and Mahir fall in the bathroom tub. Vikrant comes there and sees them together. He tells Bela that he came to know the truth and assures her that he will not kill Mahir, but will make his life miserable. Yuvi shows the divorce papers to Andy. Adi showers flower petals on Poulomi. Vikrant asks his mum to tell when to kill whom. Mahir gets angry and says that man is clever to make me signed divorce papers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Lokesh

    Naagrani maa, I love u, u nailed it.loved behir, but that divorce, in btw I saw paulomi, kal jo bhi ho , Maaza aayega paulomi Ko dekh ke.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    So finally Bela used her brain and doubted Vikrant and trusted Mahir… Is vish really dead as she is not shown since she had poison for naagrani???

  3. Lokesh

    Thanx h Hasan for such a prompt update. U wrote all the emotions.

  4. Omg… So,excited to read today’s episode… Behir rocked again… I knew behir can’t be separated…I really love you guys… Picture abhi baki hai mere bhaiiii.. Ektaji you didn’t disappoint us… Kal ki episode keliye indazar karthi hum.. Har hafte ka indezar mushkil hai yar.. Wishing for daily episodes.. Really excited… Naagin is back.. Vish&ACP ke baad kuch boring lagi.. Ab back to form.. Perbhi you are the best… I wish ektaji kaal ke pass se vish,acp ko vaapas liya tho jyada twist/dramatic hogi..

  5. I think vish is alive and now she will support bela against vikrant and tell her all truth of vikrant

  6. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Only love ♥️? will win ?
    * from two weeks I am not watching behir ?
    Due to their missunderstandings …….
    *But today I completely satisfied with behir
    Throughout the season Behir not much closer like this
    Some time mahir is anger and some time bela is anger but today both in deep ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    *The way of talking mahir with Bela is soooo
    Romantic and natural I really excited to see the romances b/w Bela today
    *my upset due to last week’s was vanished today ??????
    *I don’t expect this twist ?? Bela is toooo intelligent and
    she has got power full character in this season she will find what is wrong and what not Very easily ????
    *(Bela and mahir )sorry Behir Will nailed today episode their alliance will be ? hit pair in this season ????
    *Feeling funny on Vikrant situation ,,,,he underestimate Bela’s love ?
    Now he Will get punishment to all his misdeeds
    * I have one doubt.
    how Bela knows that Vikranth going to kill her mom

    1. Hi..i doubt that too.i think the Baba told her .just not shown ..

  7. It’s really nice episode, behir nailed it, thanku ekta mam ji

  8. Precap main vikrant behir ka sach janeka..? Oh,no.. Don’t do so..Uska kehna
    ka mathlab kya hai.. Happy for paulomi.. At last she’s back..

  9. Loved today’s episode a lot. Till now I did not see Mahir being very romantic to Bela. Its so cute I hope their relationship should be like this. Please further don’t create misunderstandings between Behir Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee. Behir should always be like this. Love Behir a lot.

  10. Such a nice breeze of behir frangnance today ?

  11. Bela you r the Best Nagrani..! I was so disappointed at the beginning of the episode.. The doubt araised from SumimaSumima made me so sad… But the scenescene, the cute n lovely conflict b/w Behir… I just clapped ma hands.. Now that Raavan Vikranth want never to know the fact. Let’s play in front of him. Till yesterday you played a lot Vikranth. Now its our turn.

  12. Athira prahladan

    I loved this episode….. Love u behir…… ???

  13. Hi..i doubt that too.i think the Baba told her .just not shown ..

  14. I love today episode my behir is in love again behir plan against vikrant mza aa gya bela hug love it I hope vish ajitabh waapis aa jaye love today episode behir rock vikrant shocked

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